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  1. I was a young 43 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told I needed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It was devastating news. As a healthcare professional I understood the importance of… traditional medicine, but I also researched non-traditional treatment that could be an add-on. I read the research regarding the use of IV vitamin C for cancer treatment and skeptically decided to move forward (I informed my oncologist of my plan). It was a great decision. The vitamin C infusions helped me to maintain my quality of life – I wasn’t fatigued, achy or nauseous; I felt normal and chemo seemed “easy”. I initially didn’t attribute this to the vitamin C and stopped the infusion after my 4th round of chemo. The change wasn’t immediately noticeable, but I started to have more intense side effects, especially fatigue. I decided to restart treatment and continued it through radiation and the end of my chemo/immunotherapy. No regrets. Dr. Lebowitz and team his team are knowledgeable and have been compassionate throughout my journey. See More
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    There are umpteen number of options for weight loss, body toning , sculpted body and like wise. From hot water with honey and lemon to green tea , weight loss capsules, protein shakes -skip your meal types , or just simple veggies everything is on a roll now. Your neighbourhood is teaming with stores which stock them . There are slimming centers, gyms, Zumba and aerobic classes which can complement these stores. But still you are  unsatisfied with your body. You are unable to  get rid of the back rolls, bulge on your lower tummy, love handles on your flanks or the banana rolls on your buttocks with all your efforts . That is when you should consult a Plastic surgeon.

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