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Meditation is often associated with Eastern cultures and religions, like Buddhism, because it probably originated from there, or at least became popular first in that region. That is why many people have mistakenly equated meditation with a particular religion when in essence, it is not. This is a common myth.

Great article with the great guide to follow. I like how you simplify everything, so everyone can understand that in an easy way. When I was thinking about to start meditation, I didn’t know how simple it is! More people should be aware of it as it can help to release the pain, their mind and body, too many benefits to write them down now 😉

Hey Daniel, thanks for writing. I find that the best way to deal with random thoughts during meditation is simply to not do anything to them. There will always be random thoughts in our mind and there’s no way we can stop them from coming. So I no longer try to suppress them or deny their presence. I just stay with them and be conscious of their presence. It’s important not to get sucked into your thoughts and stories. Simply be aware of them is enough. Sooner or later, without me doing a thing, you will observe that your thoughts will evolve into other thoughts, and gradually lose their momentum and dissipate.

13. Get to know your mind.  Meditation isn’t just about calming the mind or reducing stress.  It’s an opportunity to get to know the patterns of your mind and heart.  By creating more space in your life and in your heart, you can more easily observe the patterns of thoughts and emotions that bring you unease.

Another term that comes up a lot when talking about meditation is mantra, which I mentioned above. What is a mantra? Simply put, a mantra is a word or sound that you repeat throughout a meditation to help focus the mind. “Mantra” comes from Sanskrit. Man is the root of the word for “mind,” and tra is the root of the word for “instrument.” Mantras help us disconnect from that stream of thoughts constantly flowing (sometimes rushing) through our minds. Keep in mind, not all forms of meditation use mantras.

Flute Music for Meditation: These solo flute compositions were played by Sri Chinmoy during a high state of meditation. Herein lies the love, power, wisdom, peace and freedom that can be discovered by listening to his music. This is the perfect ambient music for meditation.

Hi Gabby! I’m new to meditation and adding a spiritual practice to my life. I can’t believe I made it this long without it! I’ve learned so much about myself and have come leaps and bounds. I struggle a lot with “worry” and have had a really difficult time with stress due to finances and I find this IS slowly improving, and I FEEL my ~ING taking over so much of that “worry” for me, I’m just hoping you have an affirmation you can share that I can repeat when I have a really big “worry moment” (ie, after I look at my bank account and panic?)?

Then, for each reason that you’ve written, ask yourself: “Are they real or imaginary?” Write your response down in the next column. A lot of our worries are purely imagination, so don’t be surprised. For those that are marked imaginary, tell yourself that you’ve things that are more stressful to worry about, and carry on to the next step.

As well as free meditation classes, our members run several enterprises that bring the principles of meditation into daily life, and are continually organising projects to serve the public, and to help each human being find the best within themselves.

If you’re not yet sold on the oh-so-many benefits folks claim meditation can bring to your life, then this place will get you all the way there. Moment Meditation in Vancouver (Canada) features unique technology that measures your brain activity, heart rate, muscle tension, and more while you’re meditating. You’ll then get immediate feedback reflecting the level of chill your body achieved with a measure they call your Mindfulness Quotient (MQ). Over time, you can see how your MQ improves, but we’re pretty sure you’ll already feel it.

It really depends on the person. For some people, listening to peaceful and spiritually inclined music calms their mind. For others, it tends to be a distraction. Try both ways, then do what feels most natural.

Finding time to meditate at work can be a powerful boon to both your inner peace and outer satisfaction during the day. The poise, patience and intuition in handling both negative and positive situations that comes from a practice of meditating is rewarding in many…

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