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Your task in meditation is to remain in the awareness of mind rather than going off on a date with a beautiful thought or destructive emotion.  When you notice a thought or emotion, you return your mind to the object of your meditation:  the breath, a form, sounds, or sensation without further ado.

If you would like to know more about posture and the mechanics of meditation, watch this series of very short videos:  Dare to Meditate.  You’ll also find many excellent videos on what meditation really is there.

For people who want to deepen their experience, there are places that teach traditional vedic meditation, where practitioners are given a specific mantra to use wherever they are in a session. At both Ziva Meditation and Ben Turshen Meditation, you can take a free introductory class, and then sign up for the eight-hour course, given over four days, which costs $400 to $1,200.

Enter into a state by relaxing and taking some deep breaths and then bring the image into your awareness. Associate yourself into the picture by stepping inside it and feeling as if it has already happened.

It’s the state where the attention is not focused on anything in particular, but reposes on itself – quiet, empty, steady, and introverted. We can also call it “Choiceless Awareness” or “Pure Being”. Most of the meditation quotes you find speak of this state.

Thinking is the natural activity of the mind.  Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts.  Meditation is simply a process of resting the mind in its natural sate, which is open to and naturally aware of thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they occur. – Mingyur Rinpoche

But for me, it started simply. Twenty years ago, I started looking for deeper meaning and purpose in my life. I found it in meditation. Through rigorous practice, I discovered a powerful antidote to my anxiety and a source of confidence and wellbeing that changed my basic orientation to life.

Take me there: Two-night single cabin room accommodation packages, which include three meals a day, start at $662 per person. Depending on the program, workshops and specialty services have additional tuition and fees.

I’d suggest you do footsoaking = soaking your feet into salt water (any salt will do) for about 15 mins everyday. Try also luke warm water to start with and see what work best, if you need colder put colder water if you need warmer water, do so. This is a treatment we all do everyday, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day.

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  1. We feel our lungs fill and release. As we focus on the smallest details of our respiration, other thoughts–of work, of family, of money–begin to recede, leaving us alone with the rise and fall of our chests.
    Learn the meditation techniques that Sri Chinmoy taught and his life-affirming and transformative philosophy that gave rise to his multifarious activities. These free, on-going courses are taught by his students.
    In response to the person who mentioned Meditation and Education in the same breath…………bravo, bravo! I am absolutely certain this is the key to internalizing ideas, facts, concepts and theory to mention a little.

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