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Bring a camera to events (again, family ones in particular!) and give yourself a journalistic assignment. Photograph the food before eating! Taking photos of the food creates an opportunity for you to pause and consider the food and your actions. Any time you can create a ‘moment to pause and reflect,’ you are practicing mindful eating. A good thing to do!

  • Reaching Your Potential: We all need solid reasons why we want to reach our goals. People give up when they don’t have an understanding of what it is they want to do it all for….PURPOSE. Write down your goals, have a purpose. Mine is to inspire people to become their and profit while doing so. If everyone was living their dreams how different would we all be?
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    How To Follow Your Soul’s Path and Understand The Soul Guidance Getting Your Call and Answering it… Understanding the messages and guidance from your Soul via your Higher Self Michele was born psychic and a channel. She has been on a conscious spiritual path since her teens and in her mid 20’s started working with The Over Souls, Spiritual Hier ……

    featurefollowheart He noted that industry initially fought results of various studies that suggested there were only inconsequential links between lead-based paint and children’s behaviour and that pattern appears to be repeating itself for companies producing plastics using bisphenol A. The study, published Tuesday in the journal “Environmental Health Perspectives,” measured the BPA levels in urine samples taken from 249 pregnant women in Cincinnati at 16 and 26 weeks pregnancy and again when they gave birth. Negotiations on a successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol, whose first commitment period ends in 2012, are expected to wrap up at a UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, this December. Louise started what would become her life’s work in New York City in 1970. She attended meetings at the Church of Religious Science and began training in the ministerial program. She became a popular speaker at the church, and soon found herself counseling clients. This work quickly blossomed into a full-time career. After several years, Louise compiled a reference guide detailing the mental causes of physical ailments, and developed positive thought patterns for reversing illness and creating health. This compilation was the basis for Heal Your Body, also known affectionately as “the little blue book.” She began traveling throughout the United States, lecturing and facilitating workshops on loving ourselves and healing our lives. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”590″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”400″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:23:”height=’86’ width=’128′”;s:4:”file”;s:36:”2009/10/featuregrowthlisanichols.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:2:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:36:”featuregrowthlisanichols-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}s:6:”medium”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:36:”featuregrowthlisanichols-300×203.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”300″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”203″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} It was a painful process to get myself to leave that situation (after all, I did love him and we had been living together for four years), but I know without a shadow of a doubt that meditation gave me the strength to not only survive, but to thrive in these times. This next tactic for taking inventory is a drastic and potentially dangerous step, which can sometimes call up guilt or pain for some of us compassionate types. But it’s a good reminder; when all else fails, think of what others don’t have. And then count your blessings for the abundance you have in your own life.

    “An open mind creates the avenue to learn and not to judge, to listen so that you can hear something that you haven’t heard before. Each of us has choices to make in this adventure called life…it is only yours to make.” – Cheryl Millett
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Viewers who grasp these notions should be able to see the debilitating difficulty involved in a condition like this, and that, in turn, should help increase awareness of the need for compassion for those so affected. Recall what I noted previously about trying to imagine what it might be like if the shoe were on the other foot: If you were to find yourself in the thick of such circumstances, wouldn’t you want compassionate souls in your life to help show you the way out of your dilemma rather than to simply label you as demented, maladjusted or pathologically narcissistic? (I sure would.) As a meditation junkie I’m a huge fan of Headspace. I love this app because it makes meditation very easy for folks who are new to the practice. The app contains easy tools to help you focus more, sleep better and experience more Zen. I recommend this app to anyone who’s new to meditation or just feeling stressed out. The beautiful thing with meditation is that it is not about reading about other people’s experiences.  It is not about trying to figure something out.  It is simply about experiencing life fully right now, experiencing the peace and silence within.  All of the peace, joy and happiness that you’ve ever been searching for are already within you.  None of it is found on the outside.   Meditation can be a simple, effortless way to experience the saying “nothing on the outside can affect my peace.” There’s another important topic here that is good for women to know. When we live with certain types of men, our own being starts become like them – due to a simple principle that women receive and men give. This goes much deeper though. One of the re-occurring topics of relationships is women’s emotionality. It is as if men don’t have any emotions at all, they are peaceful and stable, while women have a constant storm of emotions. Both partners play an important role in all relationship situations. Women are by nature more sensitive and also more receptive. Many women have surely noticed how they are calm and balanced when living alone. Then they meet a man, spend some time together and suddenly it’s as if she’s another woman. How so? There is of course personal development in relationships and we push each other’s buttons, but there is more to this. Gabrielle Bernstein’s mantra meditation. This meditation is perfect for tough times. Gabrielle Bernstein combines mudras and a mantra of peace to help focus the mind and restore us to our happy places. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”180″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”275″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’96’ width=’62′”;s:4:”file”;s:25:”2010/03/ireneanderson.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:1:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:25:”ireneanderson-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} [caption id="attachment_2898" align="aligncenter" width="531" caption="As an epic confrontation looms between humans and Na’vi, the Avatar team plans its strategy, led (from left) by Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez), Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) and Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore). Photo by Mark Fellman, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation."]AVATAR[/caption] re: Charles (and lots of other folks, including me) and waiting for the other “self” to do something or be something different. This is all very true but I think you may be pulling your punches a little here. It’s not just hoping or wishing that something will happen or that this lazy, apathetic “self” will suddenly wake up and be all better. It is having a real contempt, a real disgust, and a real hatred for this other “self”. In my case, it’s why I have always had so much trouble with Vipissana, or mindfulness or Insight Meditation. I hate this stuff (probably like Charles and lots of others) precisely because looking at or thinking about or being mindful of this “self” brings me nothing but anger and “self”-hatred. I asked Wilson whether MNDFL was really unusual within this larger mindfulness-and-meditation scene. He pointed out that there are already quite a few nonprofit meditation centers in the area—the Village Zendo is 10 blocks away, and The Interdependence Project, a secular meditation center, is close by. But Wilson does see MNDFL as something new. “What’s unique about this,” he told me, “is simply the branding. That’s what this is about.” a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”125″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”125″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’96’ width=’96′”;s:4:”file”;s:23:”2010/01/thumbgreece.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} [redirect url='http://meditationmadeeasy.info/breatheeasymeditation /bump' sec='3']

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    Good info here. Thanks for the reminder of how eating close to bed makes it harder to get to sleep. Another thing I’ve heard a lot lately – from my husband and others – is that eating sweet things before bed make for an restless night.

    Because of this, I have to trust my Mum to feed me the healthiest diet possible. Believe me, she has thought a lot about the food I eat. And she has learned a lot about dog food, doing all that research she’s done over my five young years of life.

    Below is a short u-tube clip of Danielle and Carrie discussing the book the “Style Statement.” Here’s to the beauty of moving your life in the direction you want it to go; by communicating who you are in all that do.

    It’s quite remarkable how something so seemingly unremarkable as a concert could have such tremendous influence. But Woodstock helped galvanize the mindset and worldview of a new generation, one that preached love, peace, individuality and social justice, values sometimes scarce in prior generations. And all it took was everyone who attended contributing a little of their own energy and consciousness to the creative mix. Such modest offerings, from ordinary, everyday folks, might not have amounted to much individually, but, collectively, they combined to produce a powerful, synergistic groundswell, the effect of which, as one concertgoer (Paul Dano) put it, was “like ants making thunder.” It was a massive co-creation, illustrating the law of attraction writ large. And what a marvel it was!

    Finally, Jack Kornfield and I have put together a 40-day online course called Mindfulness Daily, that will help you establish a daily practice that is rich and transformative.  It’s only 15 minutes a day and we recommend that you find a few friends and do it together. It’s a wonderful way to bring more awareness and heart into your life!”

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    Albert Einstein once observed that “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” Today’s growing legions of quantum activists, like Amit Goswami, are building upon Einstein’s insight to show us the veracity of that wisdom in the hope that ultimately we may create better lives – and a better world – for us all.

    You don’t need to pull your attention right back to the breath. Instead, let go of whatever it was you were thinking about, reopen your attention, then gently return your awareness to the breath, being present for each inhalation and exhalation.


    In life everything happens for a reason. In my life I was given a dog named Rocky to get me through some very difficult days. On December 3, 2001 at 9:40 am in our home, Rocky died peacefully in my arms. We will all miss Rocky so much, but I thank God for all the time I have had with my magnificent friend. I feel that my friend knows that I will be okay without him. Just before he passed on, a wonderful new man came into my life to take his place. Rocky’s memory will live with me eternally.

    In order to gain ultimate knowledge you have to give up, for a time, the labels and concepts of conventional knowledge. Some call this “beginner’s mind.” That means that in order to reach a high level of vipassana insight you must temporarily let go of the names for things, because naming is actually a very subtle form of remembering, a tiny reflex back to the past. But you don’t have to worry that anything will be lost— the memories and names will return as soon as you need them or as soon as you stop the period of intensive practice.

    You can practice mindfulness meditation anywhere regardless of what you’re actually doing. If you don’t have time to dedicate towards a sitting practice, you can pay extra special attention to any activity you’re engaged in such as driving, walking or even taking care of others. In any activity you’re engaged in, become as present as possible. Pay attention to your breathing and being in the moment by drawing all of your focus and awareness in the here and now.

    Recorded on day three of this past Winter Retreat in Central California, George explains how as your practice develops you can learn how to recognize and regulate your mind states, and how that is an essential aspect of spiritual development.

    Having said that, though, I must add that, despite its many laudable thematic qualities, the picture’s story isn’t especially original. Its narrative is rather predictable, its characters are often one-dimensional, and its dialogue is at times a little trite and uninspired. But, given the mythic quality of the tale and the value of its attendant themes, it’s easier to overlook such shortcomings here than they would be in a lesser movie.

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    I know it was difficult for Bill Harris to make a specific suggestion to Charles to put drinking out of his life but it’s not difficult for me. Charles give it up! There is nothing that drains your energy and wallet faster than alcohol. One drink always leads to the next, one dollar to twenty.

    gratitude2.    Make a Gratitude List

    As we grow we are instructed as to how to live, how to be. We are told what to do and what not to do. We are handed beliefs by the bucket load. We watch and observe others. Sometimes we choose to create certain behaviours to get our needs met. Perhaps our parents don’t give us enough loving and nurturing attention so we learn how to attract it.

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    Thank you, all parents, from the bottom of my heart, for showing up in whatever ways you can. It means the world to your children.

    Packing for any trip can be a chore, but we’ve made it especially easy for you; Beautorium.com is offering 20% off travel kits this week, so you can score all of your favorite organic products in convenient travel sizes. Bon voyage!

    Codex, on the other hand, is based on Napoleonic law and is much more restrictive. In 1994, the same year DSHEA was signed, Codex had nutrients declared to be toxic and poisonous. And as poisons, they claimed people must be protected from them through the use of toxicology and risk assessment, under which scientists test small doses on animals until they are able to discern an impact. They then take the first sign of the most minimal impact and divide this amount by 100 to establish a safety margin required from these poisons. This means that the largest dose of any nutrient allowed under Codex is 1/100th of the amount shown to produce the first discernable impact.

    Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you”

    But I digress. One of the main things I SUSPECT (again, an educated intuitive guess here) is that, like most people, you are wanting a different result but without actually changing what you are doing. For instance, to get a different result financially… Soledad O’Brien, a well-known broadcast journalist and former CNN anchor of “Starting Point,” serves as chair of Starfish Media Group, a media production company. She produces CNN and HBO documentaries and serves on the board of the Foundation for the National Archives.www.starfishmediagroup.com


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    416-413-0345  or 1-866-724-4747

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    ‘The qualities that we find in world-class performers are those that develop with the Transcendental Meditation andTranscendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, both individually and collectively,’ said Dr Harung, referring to the profound implications of the study for cultivating organizational excellence, and developing the collective consciousness of society.

    If your kids are ready for the experience, they may want to participate in the delivery of items, too. My older daughter who’s 12 asked me to bring her with on the most recent drop-off that we did. It was a great chance for her to learn a lot, and to feel good about her contribution in the process.

  • Endocrine disruptors – these substances imitate hormone function in the body and confuse the body with false signals. Exposure can lead to numerous health issues including developmental, reproductive, growth and behavioural problems including infertility, miscarriage, ADHD, challenged immune systems and certain cancers.
  • I met a man over the internet. I felt an instant resonance with him and over the next two months and talked almost every night on the phone for hours.  We are so compatible it seems beyond belief. We met in person for three days. We are totally in love in a way I have never felt before. I have two children. My ex husband is not paying child support. Is it in everyone’s highest good for my new love to move in with me and pay rent?

    Inspiration arises from many sources, sometimes taking the most unlikely forms. And when it comes to lessons for living, I’ve found the best insights often come from one of my greatest passions—the movies.

    I feel the best part for me with Bill’s approach in this money chatter is to THINK DIFFERENTLY. I feel action focus is not effective for many that are more aligned with the Yin aspect~ the thinking will create the action but it’ll happen with a graceful power which is great too. I watch my financially successful friends, men and women that are doing this in a way that is aligned with Tao, a more feminine approach. What I’m noticing now is that my old paradigm of money getting is falling away with my Holosync use and being replaced with an allowing paradigm. Here’s the temporary glitch for me, I’m attracting huge success all around me, this is fun to be around. I just haven’t EMBODIED it! It’s soooo close, in my immediate field of experience that it’s starting to rub off me. I think this is at least a little of what Bill was saying.

    As soon as I heard of the possibility that this dog would be put to sleep for not having a home, there was no question in my heart that I had to adopt him. It was love at first sight between us. When I first laid eyes on him, I immediately picked him up. He put his head on my shoulder, and placed his paws around my neck as if he was giving me a hug. He was dirty and badly in need of a haircut, but his eyes told it all. It was meant to be for him to be with me, during that period of my life and beyond. At the time, I had no idea how much he would mean to me.

    How on earth can you squeeze meditation into the accelerating pace of a 21st century lifestyle? On OneMind we explore the art of meditation and mindfulness and interview meditation teachers and every day practitioners. We share tips and find stories that illuminate why this ancient practice matters now more than ever. You’ll learn the latest science and how to bring the benefits of meditation into your work, your health, your play, your relationships, and your life. OneMind is brought to you …

    What if we gave ourselves the permission to dream and desire in a big and profound way? What if we knew that whether or not we achieved, experienced, or manifested something that we really, really wanted – we would be okay either way (because we actually would and we have always been). The fact that we currently exist in life without many of the things we desire is evidence that we don’t need many of the specific things we want.

    The balance of work and personal life has been harder to achieve than ever before. People are tethered to work as Black Berry’s and laptops make sure we are never secluded enough to not receive an email.  That is why people have to search out a career and environment that matches their goals and what they are passionate about.  When work encroaches on your personal life, it becomes that much more important to find your work rewarding.

    My husband is once again looking for a job. the day we found out, i began it in chaos, foggy, was able to ‘clear'(and they say so many of the physical things i have going on can cause brain fog). later i found out about his employment change and was not doing as well as i had been all the other times as i wasn’t as present as i’d been the past ……I’b been listening to the Master’s of the Secret Series that day……I did the Sedona sample (Bill, Thank you SO much for this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!)…………..to help with the stress on a body level (I know it is all fear based)……….and I actually was happier than i’d ever been that night, in a way I’d never experienced!!!!!!!!!……………even with my special needs for a physical condition not being met for a very long time………..so, what i’m trying to say, is anything is possible!!! And I had the best Xmas ever, as I was okay with everything as it was, no longer attached to dreams or the past.

    3. You learn how other people have accomplished their goals and realize that anyone can accomplish their goals and that change for the better is possible. It gives you hope to never give up on something that you believe in.

    In business there are distinct roles that people can play in any given company. Some of us thrive on developing the business, keeping the company organized, and having everything running smoothly and ensuring projects are kept on track. Then there are others who thrive on dealing with the customers, love being in the limelight and where the action is. Get them in this environment and they excel. Of course we can’t forget the personality type that would rather just sit and look at numbers, charts, analysis and loves the workings of a good financial report.

    He may look like a corrections officer, but aspiring actor Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) would much rather be doing his Brando imitation than inmate roll calls in the new slice-of-life comedy, “City Island.” Photo by Phil Caruso, courtesy of City Island, Inc.

    Step 4: Practice Awareness/Mindful Eating. Although many of us are intellectually aware of what ‘consciousness’ refers to, we have not yet made the leap that integrates this type of awareness into our own mouths! In order for ‘consciousness’ to permeate our lives, we need to experience it (as opposed to intellectualizing it).

    9. The light changed at the crosswalk and aren’t left behind, lost in thought—Now this happens to anyone, regardless of age. Getting caught up in worry reminds me a dog gnawing on a bone, only they seem to have more fun.

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    As a society today I feel that we lack a basic human characteristic and that is the power of “togetherness”. We forgot somewhere along our journey that we are all one. All cut from the same mold, or created from the same source. are not separate from each other, we are not in competition with each other and we all have individual strengths that if nurtured and used to work together as a team could accomplish the world, our dreams and maybe actually fulfill that thing that we all seem to be searching for called Happiness!

    This course is rooted in the Buddhist style of vipassana, or insight meditation, but these fundamental techniques for sharpening your awareness and releasing painful mental habits are useful no matter what your religious or spiritual orientation.


    In each moment, you make decisions about what to think, what to focus on, what to pay attention to, and how to act. For most people, these decisions about thinking, focusing, and acting happen largely unconsciously and without clear intention. This is what I mean in the online courses (especially the first and third courses) when I talk about the difference between running on autopilot and living consciously and intentionally. When you watch this stuff operate unconsciously it does seem like some other part of you is acting while the “real you” watches (and feels bad). Each animal has their own unique personality, and they don’t try to change or be something different. Ask any cat. They will tell you; they are purrrrrfect just the way they are. And cats, well, they are the masters of relaxation and being present. Our buddy Moe the cat meditated with us everyday. In fact, he did it for hours and hours on end, and he made it look so effortless. featuregrounded [redirect url='http://meditationmadeeasy.info/breatheeasymeditation /bump' sec='3']

    “meditation apps +see through yoga pants”

    Making the effort to manage your own vital force will make you aware of all the things that draw on it all day. Once you regain your awareness of the constant energetic play between beings in this world, you’ll be able to teach your children how to manage theirs.

    Many of us who work for ourselves choose isolation over conversation, going days without actually speaking to someone else. Voice-mail, e-mail, text and instant messaging allow us to connect with people around the world instantly, but sadly they also allow us to disconnect from each other emotionally. We’ve all participated in or witnessed e-mail conversations that have left one or both parties feeling bruised, because rapidly written responses don’t convey the subtle nuances expressed though real conversation.

    Spiritual Cinema Circle

    Imagine lying on your back, putting a coin or some other object on your stomach and, with your eyes closed, mentally “watching” the coin move up and down as you breathe. Or think of a buoy on the water, moving up and down with the waves. The coin and the buoy are like the spot on the abdomen, and the meditator just follows the up and down movement.

    No matter what time, no matter what is happening on the surface, true leaders identify the problems …look at society as it is and how it should be and then they bridge the gap to facilitate that change. They are solution providers and stand strong in the resolution of change.

    Now, to the point of this column. My school has been under construction with several new buildings that took over two parking lots. The school did not create any new parking spaces elsewhere on campus to make up for the lack of parking. This has created parking chaos. People are actually parking on the grass and getting ticketed by the school for doing so even though there is nowhere to put their cars.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you have difficulty meditating sometimes. The Transcendental Meditation technique is not, actually, just any mantra meditation. It is a very specific technique taught throughout the world by certified teachers in a systematic way. It is the most scientifically verified program of meditation, with more than 380 peer reviewed published studies backing up the benefits. The beautiful thing is that it is also effortless–to the point where it is learned by even children with severe symptoms of ADHD and veterans with PTSD. It is easy to learn and to do and the results are both immediate and cumulative.


    Line a 12-inch colander with a large piece of clean, damp cloth. Crumble the tofu well, then pack it into the colander. Cover tofu with overlapping cloth, and place a dessert plate on top, then put a heavy object on the plate and let it rest for about 1 hour. Meanwhile, make the stuffing. Sauté onions, garlic, celery and mushrooms in 1 Tbsp sesame oil for one minute then add the herbs and half the soy sauce, cover, and cook 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add bread crumbs and mix well. Remove weight and plate from tofu. Scoop out tofu with a large spoon leaving 1 inch thickness around the sides of the colander. Press the stuffing into the hollow and cover it with the remaining tofu. Press down firmly, then place an oiled baking sheet on top and turn the whole thing over, leaving the “turkey” with the flat side face down on the baking sheet. Combine the remaining soy sauce and sesame oil and brush it over the “turkey”. Cover with foil or a metal bowl and bake for one hour at 400°F. Transfer to a serving plate, baste with any remaining liquid and serve with gravy and cranberry sauce. “Bob fires off a lot of questions rapidly to his guides. He asks about his ability to walk. He wants to be reassured that his body will still be able to function as he expects. They assure him that it will. Then he asks: a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:2:”70″;s:6:”height”;s:2:”70″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’70’ width=’70′”;s:4:”file”;s:30:”2010/01/thumbcollaboration.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} An interesting component of the study shows that anyone can increase brain integration, and develop the characteristics of peak performance, through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) Technique. In fact, the research showed that short-term TM meditators (those who have been practising for seven years or less) have approximately the same level of brain integration as peak performers, while the control group of long-term TM meditators (those practising for at least 20 years) had significantly higher measures than the world-class performers and leaders. And lastly, I would like to say that my shameless plug for Holosynch Solution and Millionaire Mind, is exactly that – with out shame. Because in my opinion, that without your health (physical AND mental) you got nothing. Money doesn’t buy health and you can’t put a price on health. BrentBrent Marchant a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”180″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”275″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’96’ width=’62′”;s:4:”file”;s:20:”2010/04/cayococo.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:1:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:20:”cayococo-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has been shown to be at least as as antidepressants at preventing relapse and, in a two-year trial by Willem Kuyken’s team, 44% of the MBCT cohort relapsed compared with 47% on pills. In one trial of 173 people, it was also found to reduce the severity of current depression, with an average 37% reduction in symptoms. It is being taught widely in the private sector with qualified MBCT teachers delivering courses in parish halls, workplaces and beyond. “The Last Station” (2009). Cast: Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer, James McAvoy, Paul Giamatti, Kerry Condon, John Sessions, Anne-Marie Duff, Patrick Kennedy. Director: Michael Hoffman. Screenplay: Michael Hoffman. Book: Jay Parini. www.sonyclassics.com/thelaststation/. What could possibly be more romantic? Nearly everyone is familiar with the idea of carving a lover’s name on a tree. Why just scratch the surface when you can memorialize your love by planting a tree in his or her name. The tree will grow and flourish even as your love does. Entering into the womb of Pachamama proved to be a very moving and emotional experience for many in the group as they felt either an extreme reconnection to the earth or also a rebirthing process being in the sacred location. Life is all about celebration. And we carry that energy of celebration with us wherever we are and wherever we go. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”180″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”275″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’96’ width=’62′”;s:4:”file”;s:21:”2009/12/lisaberry.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:1:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:21:”lisaberry-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}}

    what meditation really is is about integrating meditation into daily life and making its benefits available to everybody. what meditation really is has been developed by the world-renowned meditation teacher sogyal rinpoche after many years of teaching in the west, and with the support of some of his most experienced students.

    Have you read the service menu at your favorite spa lately? If so, you may have noticed a new and intriguing addition: cosmetic acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture – also known as acupuncture facial rejuvenation or acupuncture facelift – is finding its way into an increasing number of full-service spas, and for good reason. This new modality can enhance not only your physical appearance but also your overall health, giving you a glow that radiates from deep within. While cosmetic acupuncture as a spa feature is a somewhat new phenomenon, there are nevertheless centuries-old records of it being used in the service of beauty. What’s more, acupuncture’s ability to improve a variety of skin conditions has now been documented in legitimate clinical studies. Its effectiveness is no longer a question of hearsay or testimonials. Before signing up for a course of facial acupuncture treatments, however, there are a few things you should consider.

    “meditation for anxiety music unplug meditation _how to meditate”

    The first rule of mindfulness might be to switch your smartphone off. From checking emails at bedtime to constant, needy push notifications from mobile games, our phones can often feel like they amplify our daily stress.

    In his new book, Dr. Leo Galland tells of his son Christopher’s death at the age of 22, and the direct visual evidence Christopher showed him that our souls do go on. In life, Christopher was a brain-damaged special needs child who challenged everyone he knew with his unpredictable behavior and uncanny insights. After his death, Christopher’s wisdom was revealed to Leo over the course of a year, coalescing into three themes, which Leo calls the Gift of the Opposite, the Gift of Presence, and the Gift of Timelessness. This book offers a unique dialogue in which an analytical, scientific mind tries to comprehend truths from another plane of existence — one that, nonetheless, is inseparable from our own.

    The Sarah Ferguson Foundation marks a new chapter in the Duchess of York’s long history of philanthropic work dedicated to making a difference in the lives of suffering children and families throughout the world. She is a popular children’s author. Among her titles is a four-book series about “The Adventures of Little Red”.

    This might not make any sense to you at this moment, but simply become aware of the negative thoughts beliefs and feelings you have about your body and yourself. Whenever you find yourself caught in a negative dialogue with your body, remind yourself that what you are is already perfect.

    Ultimately, all of the articles, expert insights and advice about meditation are a great thing. But since it can feel overwhelming for beginners — and everyone has a different learning style — here are five options on how to get started.

    Not many of us consciously “call in” the “negative” stuff in our lives, but as part of the Divine we are co-creators of all of it and the Divine unfailingly supports us and what we’ve created together, regardless of how we feel about it.]]>

    Many people are searching for that quick fix, magic pill or solution to losing extra weight for good. People go through numerous YoYo diets to lose the weight at first but slowly gain it back with a little extra.  It’s time to learn why this doesn’t work and what your body is actually telling you. It’s time to learn about Metabolic individuality.

    EDUN 468X60E This might sound familiar to you. I did not want my child to have any vaccines but my husband was scared and grew up entrenched in believing doctors were god. It was a divorce or vaccines…so I prayed and conceded. As time passed, my husband learned and grew to trust my judgment in areas of health, so he gave the decision to me. My second child has had no vaccines and she gets sick rarely. Of course, all children are different and I cannot say for sure that the vaccines affected my first child. But, through my studies on vaccines, it likely that she has been according to Dr. Len Horowitz.

    The purpose of this article is to explore the meaning of a spiritual path and to share some of the experiences of the writer. It is not the intention of the article to make any practice right or wrong. It is an exploration based on my personal knowledge, learning and experience.

    Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga) — focusing on sound. Starts with meditation on “external sounds”, such as calming ambient music (like Native American flute music), whereby the student focuses all his attention on just hearing, as a help to quieten and collect the mind. By time the practice evolves to hearing the “internal sounds” of the body and mind. The ultimate goal is to hear the “Ultimate Sound” (para nada), which is a sound without vibration, and that manifests as “OM”.

    1. Only one entry per person. No purchase necessary. Eligible persons may enter by completing and submitting an original entry form available online at www.vividlife.me. Any person entering more than once will be automatically disqualified.  To participate, fully complete the Official Entry Form.


    How? How do you find the way of thinking and acting that will make you more money? There are two ways, one long (but sure), and the other faster (and also sure). The first is to figure out EXACTLY what you want, very specifically. Once you do that, the next thing you do is take stock of where you are, what your situation is, what your assets are, and what your liablilities are, both external/tangible and internal/intangible. It’s hard to go somewhere else unless you know where you are now.

    Reiki, translated “universal life energy” is a holistic healing modality that has changed millions of lives. Reiki helps one heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritually. There are different levels to Reiki. Level 1 Reiki the student learns to do hands on healing and send healing to a short distance. Level 2 Reiki the student learns symbols so they can send healing energy at a distant.  That distance is in the past, present, or future. At that level the healing energy you send is stronger than level 1 Reiki. Level 3 & Master Level are often combined in the same training. At the Master Level the student not only learns new symbols that are stronger but is also opened up to become a teacher. It is only at the Master Level where one can open up others to the healing ability.

    Therefore, without a doubt, the Hare Krishna mantra is the most potent mantra one can utilize for spiritual upliftment. The Caitanya-caritamrta (Madhya-lila, 15.107) also points out that one is freed of all sinful reactions simply by chanting Krishna’s names. And all the nine types of devotional service are completed by this process. Thus, in Kali-yuga only the chanting of the holy names is necessary for worshiping the Lord. However, if one is not able to chant purely or follow the regulations for chanting, it is recommended that one get further guidance from a bona fide spiritual master.

    7. The last step Chakra meditation is to visualize all the chakras time now cultivate this energy from the breath and from the earth. Be sure to see the aura and chakras become brighter, clearer and super-charged this vital energy.

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    Amanda believes we all have a vision of the woman we would like to become and her goal is to inspire you to make that vision a reality. With a desire to redefine the meaning of beauty, Amanda teaches women how to reveal their inner diva. Her workshops propel women to uncover and express their authentic selves, giving them the confidence to put their best self forward. As an image professional, Amanda provides services for individuals and corporations through coaching, personalized consultations, presentations, seminars and workshops. www.bdimageservices.com

    Light velocity is a mathematical standard or constant not because there is an absolute value in 1,86,300 miles a second, but because no material body, whose mass increases with its velocity, can ever attain the velocity of light. Stated another way: only a material body whose mass is infinite could equal the velocity of light…

    Erin Olivo, PhD, MPH, a licensed clinical psychologist and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center, has a private practice in NYC and is the author of: Wise Mind Living: Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life. www.erinolivo.com

    a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:2:”70″;s:6:”height”;s:2:”70″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’70’ width=’70′”;s:4:”file”;s:31:”2009/11/thumbbusinessspirit.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}}

    Contrary to popular belief, not all dietary fats cause obesity in your pet. Just as in humans, the “good” fats (omega-3 fats) enhance energy production in your dog or cat, so they actually create less fat.

    “Three- to 5-year-olds are the most fun teach,” she said. “It’s fun to see them discover what they can do. Sometimes I get them in crazy poses and they say, ‘I can’t do it,’ and they realize they can, which gives them such a sense of achievement.”

    For me, retreat means finding my way to bliss. When I think of somewhere I would want to retreat to, I envision a place full of sunshine and warmth, surrounded by love and friendship, with offerings of delicious and healthy food. I think of a place where I am able to sit still in quiet serenity, to relax, meditate, contemplate, and reflect. I think of journeying within and reconnecting with my self to reawaken my dreams, and re-ignite my passion and inspiration, as well as extending outwards to connect with others of like mind and spirit.

    Heart Yoga puts emphasis on energy forces called vayus or inner winds, which fashion the thoughts of a person, and are affected by the breath. The inner winds flow all throughout the body, especially through the two channels called ida and pangala, which represent the female and male side, respectively.

    a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:2:”70″;s:6:”height”;s:2:”70″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’70’ width=’70′”;s:4:”file”;s:24:”2010/02/thumbjumping.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}}

    “Amreeka” is a charming independent film, full of warmth, heart tugs and gentle humor. And others apparently agree; the film captured the FIPRESCI Prize of the International Federation of Film Critics at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival…

    Now keep your awareness in your heart and just for one minute, experience gratitude. You experience gratitude by thinking of all the things you’re already grateful for. The more you experience gratitude, the more you’ll attract things in your life that will make you feel even more grateful. Do that for a second, a few seconds, relax into your body, and open your eyes. This is a healing meditation.

    However, the one most in need of getting a handle on the nature of love was Tolstoy himself. As he neared the end of his life, beset by the anguish of so many conflicting forces, Tolstoy desperately sought to make peace with himself and his beliefs. But the question for him was, would he do so in time?

    “clases de meditación cerca de mí meditación vipassana |estera de yoga”

    Así que todo el mundo en el curso de la historia ha hecho la pregunta proverbial: Maestro, ¿qué es el amor incondicional? El amor incondicional es aquello que siempre es. Y cuando se quita el apego, se ve mucho más brillante. No es algo que tengas que ser; es lo que tú ya eres. Y en su lugar hay ilusiones mantenidas y mentiras, y cuando nos deshacemos de ellas, el amor esta ahí. No requiere trabajo; esa es la naturaleza de nuestros seres, mi amada gente. Fuimos concebidos en él y, por lo tanto, estamos en él. Punto Cero lo es, y todo el poder que formó todas las dimensiones y todos los y todos los cielos es ese mismo poder. Y así, si estamos concebidos en el seno de tal amor, entonces ese debe ser el aspecto de nuestra verdadera naturaleza. Ser cualquier otra cosa es ser artificial a esa naturaleza. Y por eso tenemos aquello que llamamos la rueda de la reencarnación.

    Tan repentinamente como había dejado de hablar, Bhagwan empezó nuevamente a hablar en octubre de 1984.  Habló acerca del amor, de la meditación y de los problemas humanos en un mundo insano y fuertemente condicionado.  Acusó a los curas y políticos de corruptores del alma humana de destructores de la libertad humana y proclamó a Dos, la primera y más grande de las mentiras.

    Por lo tanto, recuerda, la meditación debería ser por placer, no debería ser como una tarea. No deberías desarrollarla como un hombre religioso, sino más bien como un jugador. Juega, hazlo por placer ¡como un deportista, no como un hombre de negocios! Debería ser alegre, y entonces podrás desplegar toda la técnica, entonces florecerá por sí misma. Tú no serás necesario. Ningún esfuerzo es necesario.

    El hombre religioso no se acercó a la cerradura, porque ¿qué podía hacer? No sabía nada de matemáticas, no sabía nada de ciencia experimental. ¿Qué podía hacer? Se limitó a sentarse en un rincón. Cantó un poco, rezó a Dios, cerró los ojos. Los otros dos pensaron que no era un competidor. «De alguna manera está bien, porque el asunto se ha de decidir en­tre nosotros dos». Entonces, de pronto, se dieron cuenta de que el hombre religioso había abandonado la habitación, ya no estaba allí. La puerta estaba abierta.

    No en vano las festividades más importantes del calendario pagano se sitúan alrededor de los equinoccios y solsticios, así como la navidad que es cuando celebran a sus dioses reptilianos y que es cuando la oscuridad se superpone a la luz, así como la fiesta importante que es la del 1 de enero, fiesta de María por órdenes del concilio II Vaticano… y volvemos de nuevo a las movidas del ecumenismo que curiosamente se ha empeñado en hacer “coincidir” esas fiestas con las celebraciones paganas

    La mente se mueve en el futuro, el ser vive aquí y ahora. Y la perfecta sinceridad pertenece al ser, no a la mente. El amor, la verdad, la meditación, la sinceridad, la simplicidad, la inocencia, todo ello pertenece al ser. Lo opuesto pertenece a la mente y pa­ra ocultar lo opuesto, la mente crea monedas falsas: falsa sinceri­dad, la cual, garantiza, promete; falso amor, que es tan sólo otro nombre para el deber; falsa belleza, que es una fachada para la fealdad interior. La mente crea falsas monedas, y nadie es enga­ñado, recuérdalo, excepto tú mismo.

    Esta es la única manera: reemplazar a los políticos por la intelectualidad.  Pero tal como está la intelectualidad en este momento, no será de mucha ayuda, porque todavía está bajo el dominio del poder político.

    La vida es un asunto largo, setenta, ochenta, cien años. La muerte es un instante. Es un fenómeno atómico, concentrado. Es más vital que la vida porque la vida está diseminada. La vida nun­ca puede ser tan intensa como lo puede ser la muerte, y la vida nunca puede ser tan hermosa como puede serlo la muerte, porque es algo diseminado. Siempre es algo así.

    Un día Meher Baba preguntó a sus mandalies lo siguiente: – ¿Por qué la gente se grita cuando están enojados? Los hombres pensaron unos momentos: Porque perdemos la calma – dijo uno – por eso gritamos.  Pero ¿por qué gritar cuando la otra persona está a tu lado? – preguntó Baba

    Quiero decir, ¿qué tan noble es el motivo ulterior de alguien que quiere matar? La gente que se quita la vida lo hace para vengarse de otra gente. Esa es la manera de desquitarse con alguien —lo es— y hacer que se arrepienta. ¿Cuál es la mayor odisea que le podéis hacer pasar a alguien? Esa es la mayor odisea. Ahora, eso es una exageración, pero un ataque al corazón es el fracaso de vivir; es el fracaso de la expresión; es mantener intactas cosas que deberían soltarse. Es, a su manera, un suicidio.

    Entre los musulmanes está sumamente difundido el uso de la Hamsa, particularmente en el Maghreb (norte de África), incluyendo Egipto, Marruecos, Argelia y Túnez, países donde se encuentra en todos los mercados árabes. En dichos lugares se ven frecuentemente Hamsas pintadas en rojo o negro sobre las fachadas de las casas. En Argelia y entre los judíos de Túnez, si alguien alquila un animal o un objeto y no pronuncia las palabras adecuadas contra el mal de ojo, inmediatamente se dirigen sobre él los cinco dedos de la mano derecha. En Argelia no existe casa en la que no se encuentre, en el interior o exterior, sobre la puerta de entrada, el dibujo de una Hamsa burdamente trazado. En Egipto se le pinta frecuentemente en las fachadas de casas, o se encuentran placas de Hamsa elaboradas generalmente con cerámica color turquesa. También está presente en el Medio Oriente, la India y Pakistán.

    “No puede bailar en la armadura, mantenga sus defensas / estoy aquí junto a ti hasta que vienen a sus sentidos,” ella dulzura, soulfully asegura caliente a través de pulsaciones de luz y de disparo beats, recordando Solange, Londres Gramática y Jessie Ware.

    Entonces, ¿qué estás escuchando en el otro lado? Sí, ¿qué estás escuchando? ¿Qué te estoy diciendo? ¿Qué estás pensando? Bueno, lo estás viendo ahora mismo; ha sido revelado; está en tu flujo de tiempo. ¿Qué te estoy diciendo? ¿Qué estás escuchando? Está pasando en este momento. Estás observando esto y ya te has ido. Todo lo que estás haciendo es recordar esta participación. ¿Podría ser eso? ¿Podría ser? Ahora espera un minuto. ¿Es ésta la única realidad en la que estás viviendo o eres un ser con múltiples realidades? Si lo eres, ya estás ahí y estás viviendo lo que estás viendo ahora. Recuerda: siendo Dios somos eternos. Somos el pasado, el presente y el futuro simultáneamente. Cuando somos seres humanos sólo somos el pasado luchando por un futuro, pero en Dios, ya ha sucedido.

    Y también tenemos que hacer algo más que es doloroso: tenemos que sacar la espada y cortarle la cabeza a nuestro pasado; tenemos que destruirlo hasta sus cimientos. ¿Por qué? Porque tienes que hacerlo de tal manera que nunca lo visites otra vez; nunca, jamás. Destruyelo, destruye todo lo que tenga que ver con él. Destruyelo, porque no quieres tener que volver a visitarlo nunca. Yo sé que te ha sido útil. Sé que tu victimismo, tu tiranía, tu dolor, tu sufrimiento, todo eso te ha sido útil. Yo sé que lo usas en contra de la gente para hacerlos sentirse culpables, avergonzados, que sientan lástima por ti; se trata todo de manipulación. Es manipulación. ¿Eres tan desgraciado que necesitas ser tan miserable para manipular a la gente? ¿Eres realmente tan desgraciado? Yo te veo a ti —y también te ve tu Dios— como un debilucho, un debilucho pernicioso. ¿Eres realmente tan desgraciado que tienes que jugar con la gente? No; córtalo por lo sano. No hay más que hablar. Acabas de nacer hace dos minutos; renaciste hace dos minutos. Eso es lo que estoy tratando de decirte: esto es una revisión de la luz; vas a renacer otra vez. ¿Quieres regresar a tu pasado? ¿Quieres regresar a tu vida anterior? Bueno, regresar a tu pasado es regresar a una vida anterior. ¿Lo entiendes?

    En aquel momento sucedió este milagro, se abrió el miste­rio de Buda. Éste se abre siempre en silencio, como se abre una flor a medianoche. Nadie lo sabe: se abre en silencio. Si hay alguien allí que pueda esperar pacientemente, entonces la flor puede impartir, compartir su ser. Buda entró en aquel mo­mento.

    Si todos se vuelven bramacharis, célibes, lo que es impo­sible, entonces habrá paz mundial, paz verdadera, porque no quedará nadie. Será un suicidio global. Pero puedes existir sin sexo, no es un problema muy grave.

    Eso es lo que han hecho con vosotros. Vuestros padres lo han hecho, vuestra educación lo ha hecho, y lo han hecho vuestra so­ciedad y vuestros estados. El zen dice: ya está bien, salta de ahí, abandona todo ese sin sentido, empieza a ser tú mismo. No sig­nifica que el zen te deje sumido en el caos, sino todo lo contrario. El zen, en vez de darte un carácter y una conciencia que pueda manipular ese carácter, te ofrece un estado consciente.

    Observa sin más y no hagas nada. Y cuando digo, observa, no intentes observar, de lo contrario estarás tenso y empezarás a concentrarte en la respiración. Relájate y nada más, sigue relaja­do, suelto, y observa… porque ¿qué más puedes hacer? Estás ahí, no hay nada que hacer, nada que aceptar, nada que negar o re­chazar, no hay lucha ni pelea, no hay conflicto, la respiración se va haciendo profunda, ¿qué puedes hacer? Simplemente observar. Recuerda, observa sin más. No hagas un esfuerzo para obser­var. Esto es lo que Buda ha llamado vipassana: la observación de la respiración, atención a la respiración o satipatthana: recordar, estar alerta de la energía vital que se mueve con la respiración. No intentes respirar profundamente, no intentes inhalar o exha­lar, no hagas nada. Relájate simplemente dejando que la respira­ción fluya naturalmente —entrando y saliendo por su cuenta—, y tendrás muchas cosas al alcance de la mano.

    La vida espiritual verdadera es aquella en la que nacemos para entender el Yo, sanarlo y dedicar toda una vida al arte de su sanación. Lo que sucede entonces y que es tan diferente a lo que le sucede al grupo que está inventando computadoras al otro lado del río, es que la vida espiritual es eterna, así que cuando sanamos el Yo, pertenecemos a las eras, pertenecemos a la eternidad. Cuando nos enfocamos en lo que nos ha dado la vida, lo que realmente somos, y nos esforzamos por convertirnos en ello y por entender su metodología y su ciencia, la mecánica de cómo funciona, cuando dedicamos una vida a hacer esto, entonces ese Espíritu será nuestra recompensa en una existencia sin fin. ¿Cuántos de vosotros entendéis? Que así sea.

    Algunas emociones son positivas: como sentirte feliz, cariñoso, seguro de ti mismo, inspirado, alegre, interesado, agradecido, o incluido. Otras emociones pueden parecer más negativas: como sentirte enojado, resentido, asustado, avergonzado, culpable, triste o preocupado. Tanto las emociones positivas y negativas son normales.

    “meditación de yoga _oasis de meditación”

    Lleva un estilo de vida saludable. Un estilo de vida saludable puede contribuir a que realices sesiones de meditación más efectivas y con mayores beneficios. Así que intenta comer sano, hacer ejercicio y dormir mejor. Además debes evitar ver mucha televisión, beber o fumar antes de meditar, ya que estas actividades pueden nublar tu mente y no permitirán que logres el nivel de concentración necesario para una buena meditación.[9]

    de luzesperanzaiberoamerica • Publicado en 03 ) KABBALAH, A) CABALA, INTERES GENERAL, VARIOS • Etiquetado Alquimia, AlternativasNaturales, ArmonizacionEnergetica, AsesoramientoEmpresarial, AsesorVibracional, Autoconocimientopersonal, Bioenergética, BuenosAiresArgentina, Campeche, Complementariasholisticas, cursosadistancia, DistritoFederalMexico, educaciónEspiritual, eswordpress, ExitoAbundancia, facebook, google, internet, Kabbalah, Latinoamerica, LinkedIn, LuzEsperanzadelIberoamerica, MéridaYucatan, Meditación, Metafísica, Microemprendimientos, msnhotmail, nacional, online, opinion, Pensamientolateral, PensamientoPositivo, Prosperidad, reflexiones, SanaciónPránica, SonidosMusicales, TerapiaFloral, TratamientosNaturales, twitter, VidaSana, VisualizaciónCreativa, VivirMejor

    Cuando eres benévolo, y no lo sabes, cuando eres sencillo y no te das cuenta de ello, se ha convertido en tu misma naturaleza. Cuando algo es realmente natural no te das cuenta de ello, pero cuando algo es impuesto eres consciente de ello. Cuando alguien se vuelve rico, un nuevo rico, es consciente de su casa, de su piscina, de sus riquezas, y puedes ver que él no es un aristócrata por­que está tan preocupado con el ostentar.

    Cuando alguien dice «¡Sé como Jesús!», está rechazando tu forma de ser. Siempre que alguien te dice que seas como otra per­sona, no te está aceptando a ti. No eres bienvenido, eres como un intruso. No serás amado a menos que te conviertas en otra per­sona. ¿Qué clase de amor es ese que te destruye y solo se da cuan­do te conviertes en algo falso y no auténtico?

    Ambos programas que hemos mencionado, llibro azul y pájaro azul, tienen directa relación con múltiples experimentos nazis para control de la mente y el fenómeno OVNI y de los cuales se apoderaron los americanos, los rusos, los judíos, después de “derrocar a los nazis” entre ellos el proyecto Monarca, donde uno de los personajes más importantes era no solo el Dr Mengele del cual hablé en el post de la muerte de Rockefeller con quien tiene mucho en común (ver el post aquí: katecon2006.org/2017/03/20/david-rockefeller-muerte-cabalistica-a-los-101-anos-un-illuminati-luciferino-menos/) ….y quien era conocido bajo el código DR GREEN, doctor VERDE, Dr Ewin Cameron conocido bajo el código DR WhITE osea doctor BLANCO, siendo los más importantes el que tenía el código DR BLACK osea doctor NEGRO y un personaje conocido bajo el código de “DR BLUE“… doctor AZUL, quien era uno de los illuminati programadores más importantes, poniendo todos ellos a disposición de estos programas secretos, las diversas técnicas provenientes de la antigua mitología Sumeria y el antiguo Egipto para controlar y manipular la mente…basadas en conocimientos ocultistas basados especialmente en RITUALES que no solo contienen el uso de drogas para doblegar la voluntad sino el uso de psicosis e hipnosis así como invocaciones a seres que hoy conocemos como demonios pero que antiguamente eran conocidos como “dioses. Otro conocimiento milenario aplicado al control mental es la traumatización de la víctima usando diversos métodos que hemos descrito en el post de Kanye West incluído el miedo extremo y que es uno de los principales elementos que encontramos en el juego de la ballena azul… traumatizando a las víctimas al exponerlas a ver mutilaciones, películas de terror, sangre y amenazas de muerte contra ellos y sus seres queridos

    Ahora que usted está experimentando latidos de su corazón como un sonido o una sensación, lleve su conciencia al alcance de las manos. Vea dónde tiene las manos. Puede abrir los ojos y mirar por un segundo y luego volver cerrarlos. Sienta los latidos del corazón en su mano. ¿Sientes eso? Usted acaba de desviar el flujo sanguíneo a las manos.

    En caso que en el medio de la meditación te distraigas una forma de volver nuevamente a concentrarte es prestando atención a la respiración con lo que no lo pierdas de vista y utiliza este método como tu forma de salvación en los primeros tiempos en que vas a aprender a meditar. Poco a poco verás que este paso se te vuelve mucho más natural y puedes seguir con los siguientes puntos importantes de la meditación.

    Qué es la presión arterial? La presión arterial es la presión de los vasos sanguíneos del cuerpo. Es la fuerza con la que la sangre se mueve por los vasos sanguíneos. Para medir la presión arterial, los

    de luzesperanzaiberoamerica • Publicado en 04 ) SALUD Y BIENESTAR, 05 ) REFLEXIONES & PENSAMIENTOS, 06 ) ARGENTINA, 07 ) MEXICO, 10 ) SIN CATEGORIA, B) HOY, TERAPIA DE LUZ ALQUIMICA, TERAPIA FLORAL ESENCIAS NATURALES • Etiquetado Alquimia, AlternativasNaturales, ArmonizacionEnergetica, AsesoramientoEmpresarial, AsesorVibracional, Autoconocimientopersonal, Bioenergética, BuenosAiresArgentina, Campeche, Complementariasholisticas, cursosadistancia, DistritoFederalMexico, educaciónEspiritual, EstéticaBelleza, ExitoAbundancia, facebook, google, Kabbalah, Latinoamerica, LeyAtraccion, LinkedIn, LuzEsperanzadelIberoamerica, MéridaYucatan, Meditación, Metafísica, Microemprendimientos, nacional, opinion, Pensamientolateral, PensamientoPositivo, Prosperidad, reflexiones, SanaciónPránica, SonidosMusicales, TerapiaFloral, TratamientosNaturales, twitter, VidaSana, VisualizaciónCreativa, VivirMejor, yahoo

    Así que pregúntate a ti mismo: “¿Qué es lo que quiero?” Escuche las respuestas en tu corazón. Preste atención a lo que viene de allí. “¿Qué es lo que realmente quiero en mi vida?” Entrégate a lo desconocido, la entrega al misterio del espíritu.

    Una de las coartadas usadas por los defensores de sir Edward argumentaban que él no podría haber cometido los crímenes de los cuales es acusado, ya que las versiones hacen mención a la utilización de un coche envuelto en uno de los asaltos sexuales, y que sir Edward “nunca condujo un coche” ya que “siempre” había tenido un conductor de la policía con él, nunca había conducido un auto porque no sabía manejar y nunca lo había necesitado. A pesar de las alegaciones de los defensores de sir Eduard Heath, hay pruebas de que él se compró un rover 2000 cuandó trabajó con la dama de hierro, Margareth Thatcher, otra encubridora de pedófilos y super amiga de Jimmy Savile.

    El conflicto del ser humano se expresa en función del olvido, la amnesia y la ignorancia de sus orígenes y de su destino. El viajero, o la conciencia de reflejo, se identificó tanto con el plano de existencia más denso y más lento, que olvidó su propia inmortalidad y divinidad. El ser humano se ha convertido en un extraño para sí mismo —para el Dios que vive dentro de nosotros y que es nosotros— y ha buscado ayuda, sentido y redención en una causa externa. Al hacer esto, la humanidad niega su propia divinidad y excluye cualquier posibilidad de liberarse de su condición actual.

    Por  lo tanto la respuesta más practica a la pregunta ¿Qué es la meditación? es: La técnica que te permite darle estabilidad y espacio a la mente, y traerte a un momento presente, porque esta se dispersa constantemente entre el pasado y el futuro y en algunos momentos parece tomar decisiones por sí sola (aunque es apenas tu decisión de seguir las sensaciones que surgen). Nuestras interpretaciones nos llevan a ver la vida de acuerdo a lo que nuestra mente está condicionada, absorbiendo toda la información bajo un filtro de las creencias, habitos, que muchas veces nos lastiman y nos privan  de disfrutar la paz mental y una vida plena. Aunque la mejor respuesta sobre lo que es la meditación la vas a tener tu, cuando la uses.

    La explicación de por qué te duelen los pies tal vez esté en una apatía profunda. Como si nuestro cuerpo se negara a seguir adelante. Nos da miedo vivir y no ningún sentido en ir adelante. Cuando pensamos subconscientemente que todo está mal y que nuestras vidas han fracasado, nos duelen los pies.

    Dice el Talmud: “Preocúpate de lo que puedes saber y deja de lado las cosas misteriosas”. Sólo la Conciencia divina sabe cuál es la finalidad de su sagrada obra: a nosotros nos incumbe entregarnos a la danza vital.

    Y si sigues mirando hacia dentro, – y lleva tiempo ­gradualmente, lentamente, empiezas a percibir una hermosa luz interior. No es una luz agresiva, no es como el sol, es más como la luna. No es cegadora, no es deslumbrante, es muy suave; no es tórrida, es muy amable, es muy suave, es un bálsamó.

    Y la tercera parte es una ciencia creativa. El arte puede crear belleza, la ciencia puede descubrir la verdad objetiva y la consciencia puede descubrir la realidad subjetiva.  Las tres juntas pueden hacer cualquier sistema de educación, completo.  Todo lo demás es secundario; quizá útil para propósitos mundanos, pero no es útil para el crecimiento espiritual ni para llevarte a las fuentes del gozo, amor, paz y silencio. Y un hombre que no haya experimentado el éxtasis interior, ha vivido en vano, innecesariamente.  Ha vegetado, se ha arrastrado desde el útero hasta la tumba, sin haber podido danzar ni cantar ni haber podido contribuir con algo al mundo.

    No pensaba comentar al respecto porque veo que el famoso documental pretende atrapar a ese público que aún no se ha enterado de los reptilianos tal como en lo referente al nuevo orden mundial, así como moldear la opinión de los que ya están en el mundo de las conspiraciones… me explico… es que a pesar de tocar muchas temáticas ligadas a este tema como control de la mente, contaminación ambiental, torturas, experimentos brutales para el control total sobre los humanos, es claro que acá lo que pretenden es inyectar un nuevo aire para desviar la atención y agotar el tema. De hecho los productores dicen estar apostando a nuevos formatos a nivel online, del internet, y por ahora la distribución del corto es sencillamente a través de la red, pero ni ellos saben si tendrá un desarrollo con más capítulos o lograrán captar la atención de los inversores y saquen finalmente una película Este docu nos recuerda la famosa serie V2009, donde después de desnudar el verdadero interés de estos seres reptilianos metamórficos, la serie finalmente nunca pudo ser terminada por problemas de veto que fué disfrazado de “poca audiencia”. Una serie remake que aunque exitosa, buscaron una manera de quitarla para evitar sacar la verdad a la luz y es que aunque era una “serie de ficción”, no cabe duda que todo, casi todo está basado en la realidad, incluso las maneras como abducían a las personas para EXTRAER SU FUERZA o ENERGÌA proveniente de ese soplo vital con que fuimos creados, el ALMA y que es por lo que realmente vinieron a la tierra los dioses antiguos, los dioses reptilianos. Aún recuerdo una de las escenas de esos capítulos donde abiertamente mediante tortura se extraía esa energía, así mismo se exponían sus disfraces haciéndose pasar como humanos que luchaban por obtener híbridos… lo que a diario viven mujeres abducidas que sirven de incubadora de esos bichos. El capítulo final fué aplastante porque nos mostraban cómo “LUCIFER” bajo la apariencia de Ana, cegaba a todos mediante una energía que enviaba, una falsa luz y calma que permitía que desde monjes tibetanos, gente que meditaba hasta la gente común, se conectara con ella y para nada buscaran defenderse o luchar contra lo que se avecinaba que era precisamente una mega invasión de millones de reptilianos… ahí terminó la inconclusa serie evitando mostrar mucho más de lo que está ocurriendo en realidad.

    “meditation technique buddhist meditation |kundalini yoga”

    Take yourself out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant, preferably one with huge baskets of chips as appetizers. Take a good book along and relax and eat and read and eat and read…..what fun! Have a large margarita with extra salt on the rim. May as well go for the full experience!

    The path to a higher level of awareness is very personal and unique to all of us. Bill offers us a smorgasboard of options through the endorsement . I have taken up some of them (like Paraliminals, Sedona method, etc), but left many out. There is a core of common background in any course on personal development, ie you need to find the motivation and discipline to set obtainable goals and pursue a logical strategy to achieve them. As you evolve, new and unpredictable opportunities will arise. Bill is perfectly correct when he says that we are continuously exposed to an endless number of opportunities. Most pass by unrecognised and discarded for whatever reason. There is a mine of information on the net, and lots of it is free. Use it!

    The power of our thoughts and how it relates to what we can achieve is astounding. Let’s  briefly touch on the things that will help you take a thought of owning a business to creating a successful company. For me it all started with a dream, a dream of leaving my job at the time to move into something exciting and new. As one never to sit still for very long, I was ready to see if I could make it in the business world. I had worked in many great companies and management roles, and knew people really well so I thought why the heck not!

    close your eyes and notice the fuzz and notice the extent of it – it’s mostly a big oval and lots of fuzzy, dots, match exactly where those 2 rings are over the fuzz, in your vision – dont think two hard about this, just think where your nose is in your visual field and stick it there – this helps focus very accurately – make everything else ‘detachment from the first part and ignore it or say / i dont care / my body will handle this’ except those 2 rings or discs.

    But I am no longer “going through a divorce.” I am on the other side. I am embracing a new phase. And so is Cainan—he’s beside himself with joy that his new brother is finally in the same city. Like so many children (consciously or not) he wants to bring everyone together—and he does! When I stay focused on appreciating everyone, including myself, in this new phase, life looks pretty darn bright. It took a lot to get here, and I embrace that, too.  Today, anyway.

    a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”125″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”125″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’96’ width=’96′”;s:4:”file”;s:26:”2010/02/donmiguelthumb.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}}

    It’s not a new dilemma: How not to feel like an outsider when you’re bucking the mainstream? Swimming upstream is always a challenge. And taking the parenting road less traveled with all the emotions and lifelong patterns involved, can get extra touchy.

    “I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow-creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again” Stephen Grellet

    a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”590″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”400″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:23:”height=’86’ width=’128′”;s:4:”file”;s:33:”2009/11/featureartsmenstare01.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:2:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:33:”featureartsmenstare01-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}s:6:”medium”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:33:”featureartsmenstare01-300×203.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”300″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”203″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}}

    So back now to my story! As my reading expanded and my search intensified, I met many people. I did self development courses and searched the internet. Some of the courses left me feeling fantastic for several days, but then things gradually drifted back to the way they were.

    Based largely on incomplete information and preconceived notions a decision to “put a guilty dog down” is made and society’s intolerance towards the breed increases.  A true culprit, the human, gets off with a fine, sometimes not even that, and goes out to buy and eventually destroy yet another innocent life.

    But, now the difficulty I’m facing is, after meeting soooo many incredible souls… how does one say yes and accept ALL THESE OFFERS of time & energy and Love and effectively combine them all together towards a specific goal to collectively create something really big and healthy for the world? Especially when people are scattered all around the globe? a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:2:”70″;s:6:”height”;s:2:”70″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’70’ width=’70′”;s:4:”file”;s:21:”2010/03/lionthumb.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} Every so often, as a society, we choose a target, which becomes focus of all our negative attention.  Amongst most favored reoccurring targets seem to be dogs, usually specific large breeds, that are perceived as “vicious” or dangerous.  In the past it was German Sheppard, Doberman, Bull Terrier and most recently Pit Bull and Rottweiler.  Someone uncovers an incident related to that breed and suddenly everywhere you turn, you hear a horror story involving that particular dog-type. If you find information about social networking that you feel would be of interest to others, please feel free to share it in the following group! How To: Your Guide to Social Networking & Social Media! http://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-YOUR-Guide-to-Social-Networking-Social-Media/108708187410?ref=ts (If you find this group helpful… I would be very grateful if you were to invite your friends & share…as this group is powered by US together!) Truth. Every one of us owes it to ourselves to be honest about what we really want and need during the holidays. For me, it’s different every year. This year it’s space, my home, joy, and good food. I’ll spend my holidays nestled into home with my partner, my dog, and the Christmas music and white lights that make my heart all warm and fuzzy.

    The second area of goals is your business and career goals. These are the “how” goals, the means by which you achieve your personal, “why” goals. How can you achieve the level of income that will enable you to fulfill your family goals? How can you develop the skills and abilities to stay ahead of the curve in your career? Business and career goals are absolutely essential, especially when balanced with family and personal goals.

    Everyone has an image, but is your self-image perceived as a positive one? Do you look, feel and act confident? Once you realize how others perceive you, you can modify the way you look, act and sound to ensure you achieve the results you desire.

    This is all very logical, but unfortunately the very large oversight is that tight or hypertonic pelvic floor muscle will register as “weak” because it is unable to generate force due to the fact that this muscle is already in its tightest (and shortest) position.

    All you have to do is read the “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD to know that the food industry, particularly the food industry lobbyists have a strong hold on the food promoted via food guides and marketing in general.  They rally the government and the World Health Organization.

    Sadly, this experience sort of led me to drop meditating after awhile. I never knew that kind of state was possible, then I never had it again. I had the same experiences I had before that, but I grew dissatisfied. I wanted to have that again after getting a taste of it. I became attached to it. I also realized that it was likely tied to my severe asceticism at the time, something I could not maintain (fasting, lots of prayer, celibacy). Yes, I understand that was desire and counterproductive but I was also inexperienced in such spiritual matters. I should point out that I had no teacher to ask at the time and none of my friends had experienced it.

    This is brilliant Gabby! Thank you! Last week I decided it was time to do Vispassana soon, so to lead up to it, I’m doing a 12 hour silent retreat at home. 3 hours dedicated to reading a book on mindfulness, 3 hours of soulful journaling and 6 hours of meditation (several guided meditations, including your Kundalini videos I purchased, and 2 hours of totally silent meditation). Thanks for your loving guidance to raise our frequency. I can’t wait for your global meditation ??

    For instance, if a sound pulls your attention away from the abdominal movements, switch your attention to the sound and note “hearing” for a moment or two. For those few seconds ignore everything else, including the rising-falling motions. (While doing this you might still be aware of other phenomena in the background or on the periphery of consciousness. That’s all right. The point is you are not intentionally focusing on them). After one or two moments of noting “hearing,” return your attention to the primary meditation object and forget about the sound. The same procedure applies to anything else you might observe—thoughts, emotions, itches, smells, feelings, and so on.

    3. Most importantly, you let go of your need to feel like a victim and you take responsibility for creating your own happiness and achievements. You no longer hold on to excuses that stop you from working towards your goals. You focus on the possibilities and on getting the results you want.

    By disecting nature to focus on small pieces of it, science, in response to our society´s relentless pursuit of progress, has pushed intensive farming to develop in the direction of operating independantly of  the bigger picture of nature. Again, depending on your view, you may applaud this progress.  You might say, wow, what a phenomenal achievement,  as humans, we´ve used our intelligence to distance ourselves from nature.  You might think that somehow humans are now superior to nature.  The problem with this view, is that nature is constantly at work to restore balance to everything.  Vast monoculture farming operations have to rely on ever increasing sophisticated approaches like GM crops, to deliver the necessary yield because new viruses, pests, soil exhaustion and  other conditions have to be contended with.  These so called ´adverse´ conditions are nature at work to restore balance. Until we can begin to view and connect with this bigger picture of nature,  our intensive farming will have to continue to develop more and more complex approaches to counter the ´adverse´ conditions of nature restoring balance.

    Ed D’Urso is the founder of and main at The Fire Mountain School of Centered Martial Arts in Nyack, NY, which offers traditional Chinese martial arts and Resilience Training, including t’ai chi, kung fu and “conscious fighting” methods. thefiremountainschool.com/

    As soon as you’re aware of an emotion during meditation practice, label it with a mental note. For example, if you realize you’re angry, label the emotion “anger, anger,” for one or two moments. If you’re depressed, note “depression”; if anxious, note “anxiety.” Do the same with pleasant emotions: if you feel joyful, note “joy”; if peaceful, note “peace.” You get the picture.


    “yoga nidra _meditation technique transcendental meditation”

    2.    Break it down.  Start by working backwards working from the end result to where you are now.  One of the biggest problems is that the goals we set are sometimes too drastic or too big to bite off.  We make efforts towards that goal and when we see little to no progress, we give up.  So, by breaking it down, backwards, you get an idea of what stage you would like to be in towards that development.  Then, start taking action towards the smaller, incremental goal.  In time, that goal will lead you to the next incremental goal and then the final goal.

    But if you choose silence, that is the end of ideas. You are willing to have no idea, to see what is present when there is no idea, past, present, future. No idea of love, no idea of truth, no idea of you, no idea of me. Love is apparent.

    At the end of a meditation retreat it is customary to share “merit” and loving-kindness (metta) with all beings so everyone may benefit from your meditation practice. You can do this after your regular morning or evening meditation, too. Say whatever words seem suitable to you, such as: “May I share the benefit of my vipassana practice with all beings, so they may be free of mental and physical suffering. May all beings be well and happy.” Or, with your hands in the “respect” position, you can repeat the traditional Pali sequence, given below.

    2. It gives you back your power instead of letting the wrongdoer keep having power over you. When you can let go of the negative emotions associated with the wrongdoing and decide to focus on how it made you stronger and what you learned, you empower yourself.

    Our group on Facebook,Lets start a conscious parenting movement:

    Here are what I see as some of the keys of Conscious Parenting, things we keep in mind when we wonder if we’re on the right track:

    I also have 2 children that are very young (they are definitely future little yogi’s!) and while I always try to meditate when they are in bed or being quiet, sometimes I just NEED to meditate for a few minutes while they are awake and running around. Do you have any advice for getting “in the zone” with lots of interruptions and distractions?

    I now have a great career as a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Radio Host and Editor. My experiences with Rocky have also inspired me to become a Pet Therapist helping both the owners of the pets and the pets to heal emotionally and physically. Pets have the power to comfort through unconditional love, the power to ease pain, and the power to give people courage and strength.

    …Yesterday, I bought a peace basket that was made by the hands of a victim as well as the one who killed her family. Together, they weaved the fibers of love, compassion and forgiveness and what became was a beautiful basket of peace.


    As I reflect on the challenges I have encountered throughout my lifetime I can say without a doubt I am grateful for the experiences that have cracked this heart open.  Mind you, at the time it’s occurring, we can all say ‘this doesn’t feel that great,’ and that is also true, but as we allow the heart to crack open it reveals the peace that is always there for us. We have been conditioned not to let the heart break at all costs, but have you ever noticed when you have been through a very emotional experience in your life what tends to follow after the release of the heart cracking open is a sense of peace or stillness?  Have you ever begun your day and for no reasons at all you feel an amazing sense of joy, peace or love and there is absolutely nothing to attribute it to? You didn’t win the lottery, you’re not on vacation, your challenges haven’t disappeared, yet you feel free or at ease with life.  This is what is calling for our attention, this is what is available to all of us in any given moment and, this is what helps to keep our life simple.  This is what I am so deeply grateful for.  And it’s that, which we can’t seem to name, but we know it intimately without a doubt when it arises. See, what I don’t get is how you can “act as if what you want has already happened” when your bank account clearly indicates otherwise. How does one, as James Ray suggests, take action as if it’s already happened, when actual reality dictates that you cannot. For instance, if what I choose/want is to be a multi-millionaire, and then try to take action as if I already were one, one of the first things I would go out and do might be to buy a new BMW or a great new home. However, the reality of what’s ACTUALLY in my bank account would preclude me from doing so (without getting into tremendous debt, assuming I could even qualify for such a loan at this point). So how do you rectify this situation? I know that I don’t want to focus on what I DON’T want, so in this case I would not want to focus on lack and scarcity. At the same time, I find it difficult to responsibly budget and plan without being faced with the reality that my funds are finite — incredibly MORE finite, that is, that what I would prefer. a:5:{s:5:”width”;s:2:”70″;s:6:”height”;s:2:”70″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’70’ width=’70′”;s:4:”file”;s:29:”2010/01/thumbnaturesvoice.jpg”;s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} To begin meditating sit comfortably and quietly, and close your eyes. Start by relaxing your muscles, first in your feet, calves, and thighs, then by shrugging your shoulders and rolling your head and neck around. Then just sit quietly with your eyes closed for about a minute. During that time thoughts will come and notice that those thoughts come simply and without any effort. Then after a minute or so silently inside start thinking your mantra in the same simple, effortless way as thoughts came during that first minute.
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