“meditation pillow _meditation for beginners”

Writing in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, scientists from the Netherlands, Austria, and the U.S. report that low blood levels of the sunshine vitamin are associated with increased risk of all-cause mortality, and mortality from heart disease, in the elderly.

Many of the chemicals found in everyday household cleaners are bioaccumulative, meaning that these chemicals do not purge easily from the body and over time, even small amounts of exposure can lead toxic level build ups in the body. They can be absorbed through the skin from bathtub surfaces, leach into food left on a countertop and residue fumes can be inhaled through the airways, especially when heat or steam are present.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad, for turning me on to such a groovy profession. Oh, my dad and my mom, they loved show biz so much. … I feel an extension of them. You know, this … is honoring them as much as it is me.” – Jeff Bridges, best actor.

Part of the appeal of urban green tours is a growing desire among travelers to “reduce their footprint,” which requires knowing where a city’s sustainable restaurants are, and which hotels and green spaces are most eco-friendly. According to McBride, “these tours are often the best sources for such information.”

Cheryl Millett BSc RNCP CCIr has a degree in Holistic Nutrition and a diploma in Iridology with a specialty interest in digestion. For over 19 years, Cheryl worked for one of Canada’s largest grocery retailers in finance & risk management with experience in agricultural commodities and therefore the food processing area, so she has seen first hand the sugar refinery process, flour milling, and oil refining. For the past two years, Cheryl has practiced nutritional consulting with a belief in raw foods, omega 3s, enzymes, nutritional cleansing and minerals for optimum health. Her goals are to give her clients and others the education and tools to create a better quality of life. Recommendations are personalize based on the person’s level of motivation and current lifestyle in order to achieve optimum results. Cheryl has successfully coached hundreds to improve their health.

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