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Imagine if Awareness had this light quality and that it beams out into the universe, through each of us. Perhaps we are like a slide. The beliefs we hold create the graphic that the light shines through. The resultant image that beams out in front of us is the reality we know as our life.

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This will be a complicated month for most Taureans. There will be a need for anger management. The way to succeed will be to keep your expectations at a minimum and your efforts strong. Your priorities will be confused and difficult to sort out. If you want something too much, it is a sure sign that stressful consequences will soon follow.

When you experience a moment of love, a hug from a friend, an embrace with your lover, a smile on a child’s face, let that remind you of the love that is always there, always available, all the time.  Use that experience to remind you that life is love happening, and you are an intrinsic, indispensable, an exquisitely beautiful part of the cosmic love affair.

According to the New York Times, Robyn O’Brien is “food’s Erin Brockovich”. As the founder of AllergyKids, an organization designed to protect the 1 in 3 American children with autism, allergies, ADHD and asthma, Robyn has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and CNNhighlighting the role that chemicals in our food supply are having on our health. Born and raised in a conservative Texas family on supply side economics and the Wall Street Journal, Robyn earned a Fulbright Fellowship, an MBA and served as an equity analyst on a multibillion dollar fund prior to moving to Boulder, Colorado with her husband and four children. Additional articles can be found on her blog, FOOD POLITICS, at www.allergykids.com

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