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Against the Stream — or ATS for short — is an awesome place to learn how to meditate especially if you are a young adult looking for an accessible introduction to Buddhist concepts and practices. No stuffiness here! ATS knows how to create a hip and inviting environment for the beginner or experienced meditator alike. They offer two Los Angeles locations (Hollywood and Santa Monica,) as well as centers in San Francisco, Boston and Nashville. ATS was established by Noah Levine, son of famed Stephen Levine, and has a multitude of offerings from programs, to meditation classes, to retreats, to an innovative approach to addiction treatment — called Refuge Recovery — which utilizes Buddhist psychology concepts as opposed to the Judeo-Christian approaches that most AA or 12-step programs are founded on. For more information, check out my article about resources for addiction recovery.

My Grandfather used to say, “No matter who you are, No matter what you are, You Must Start where you are.” I would like to encourage you to Start. (Turn off the cruise control.) Decide where your destination will be, put your life on drive, focus on the road in front of you, know your goal and make it to your destination. Even though it sometimes feels like you are on the road alone, you are not. Some of us occasionally travel in a four wheel drive and are only a phone call away to give you a push. 

Forgiveness means many things to many people. There are different ways to bring forgiveness into your own life. You may choose a religious, spiritual, scientific, or agnostic process. There is no right or wrong way to forgive. It’s only important that you do so and to practice it frequently. However you choose to go through the process, there are 3 definite benefits to forgiving.

Wear comfortable clothes. One of the major goals of meditation is to calm the mind and block out external distractions. This can be difficult if you feel physically uncomfortable due to tight or restrictive clothing. Try to wear loose clothing during meditation practice and make sure to remove your shoes.

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Also consider where you and your partner view things very differently, especially if one person’s score is a “0” while the other’s is a “2.” In these cases, you might agree to rate the question on a daily or weekly basis, both to come together on how you rate things as well as to have things go better from now on.

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