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This seems like the first Jhana. Pleasure and joy are hallmarks of this meditative absorption. You should not become attached to it, though. You don’t have to kick yourself. There will be plenty of opportunities to dwell in this absorption. You can enter this Jhana by concentrating on a pleasant physical sensation in the body, and you will stay in it so long as you do not become distracted from the resulting pleasure and joy. But let me emphasize that if your intentions are to make spiritual progress, then it is not about experiences. There will be many supermundane experiences along the way, but you must be disenchanted with them, otherwise you will stagnate.

Part 3 – Joy – Present Heart: The Universal Expressions of Love (2018-02-21) – Joy blossoms in the moments our hearts open boundlessly to reality, to the 10,000 joys and sorrows. This series reflects on four primary expressions of an awake, wise heart: lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. In each talk we explore the habitual patterni ……

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Personal interaction is diminishing. Apartment dwellers don’t acknowledge each other on elevators and suburbanites haven’t a clue who their neighbours are anymore. We don’t know the bank teller, because we always use the ATM. In many large retail stores, cashiers have been replaced by Self-Check-Out counters. When we call for service we rarely get an actual human being on the line. After lengthy PRIORITY SEQUENCE cues listening to spa music and despite an automated operator endlessly repeating how VERY IMPORTANT we are, when a real person actually picks up the line, we don’t know who the heck they are and really don’t care, which provides a ridiculous excuse to treat them in the rudest way possible.

From thousands of years ago, it has been known that there are only two causes of disease. In my presentation “Nutrition in the 21st Century”, I describe the 7 stages to disease, all diseases have these stages and one stage is inflammation.

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Circuit-train at home. Who needs a fancy home gym when you’ve got stairs, living room furniture and canned goods? Using everyday items as exercise tools makes for creative fun. Wert suggests establishing workout stations throughout the house for specific exercises. Do as much as you can at one spot in two or three minutes, then move on to the next station.

The Spirit Whisperer: Chronicles of a Medium

ROBIN ARMSTRONG, one of Canada’s foremost astrologers is well known for his radio and television appearances across Canada and the USA. He runs the Robin Armstrong School of Astrology. Learn astrology at home or in your car with Robin’s audio cd classes.

Take me there: Two-night single cabin room accommodation packages, which include three meals a day, start at $662 per person. Depending on the program, workshops and specialty services have additional tuition and fees.

The Codex proponents now have several bills before Congress designed to overturn and get rid of DSHEA. Once this is accomplished, the U.S. will have been harmonized with the vitamin and mineral guidelines of codex. High potency, therapeutically effective, significant nutrients will then be illegal in the way that heroin is illegal. They will not even be available by prescription.

Experience Reiki for your pet for FREE! Send me an email  sue@asksuelondon.com with your pet’s name and I will give your pet a FREE 10 minute healing session. After the healing has been sent I will send you an email with details about your pet’s emotional and physical health.

With many film and stage roles to his credit Nicholas Franklin Bray has recently finished the lead role in the film “Alter”, which was accepted by the “Big Apple Film Festival in New York. Nicholas’s next project is the lead in a film “The Tale of True Blue”, and will also be in the film “Boys of Summer”. He also has film projects in New York, Los Angeles, Michigan, and Phoenix. Nicholas summed up his acting career thus far with these words:

6)      When you eat all the good food around and sweets to follow this can rob the body of water.  The Solution to pollution is dilution. To prevent this dehydration drink lots of good quality water (Evan, Fuji) ½ your body weight in ounces per day to keep hydrated through the seasons.  For example 150lbs person is equal to approximately 3 liters of water.

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It is generally practiced seated on the floor over a mat and cushion, with crossed legs. Traditionally it was done in lotus or half-lotus position, but this is hardly necessary. Nowadays most practitioners sit like this:

Here we talk about happiness as a choice. What about right now? What if you could make yourself happy in the present moment not depending on any external factors? Your happiness is created internally, which is really determined by, what goes on in the world within you. Your happiness is determined by your thoughts and emotions – and especially your attitudes.What if no one else but you can create your own happiness? It starts with self-awareness. Observe your core beliefs. Consider how your mind affects your emotional wellbeing. Pay attention to your own thought processes and be aware of your emotions.

During your daily activities, just be aware of what you are doing in the ordinary sense. For instance, “now I’m washing dishes,” “now I’m typing,” “now I’m walking,” “now I’m driving,” “now I’m talking,” “now I’m cutting vegetables for dinner,” and so on. You don’t have to verbalize it. Just swing your attention back to whatever is happening right here in the present. Focus on the general activity at hand rather than getting lost in memories or fantasizing about the future. Throughout the day keep bringing your mind back to the present, asking yourself, “What is happening right now?” or “What am I doing now, this very moment?” At times, if you find it helpful, you can label your activities with a mental note.

The effects of garlic have been widely known for centuries, but only recently taken seriously by modern science. In studies, this mysterious and potent food has been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and even prevent cancer. With its anti-fungal property, skin fungus issues will surely improve. (eczema, athlete’s foot, candida)

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How to work with it Try counting your breaths, or repeating a word or phrase (such as “peace” or “one”) silently to yourself. “The practice of meditation is not about suppressing thought, but surpassing it. Observing your breath is one way to approach this,” says Victor Davich, author of 8-Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind, Change Your Life (Perigee, July 2004). You may want to try a tape or CD of a guided meditation to quiet your mind and develop your focus).

It is clear from the above findings that mindfulness meditation practice is a viable treatment option for pain, relief and depression. This should not be surprising, considering the existence of MBSR and MBCT programs, although the pain relief findings show just how wide-ranging the benefits of mindfulness meditation are.

Businesses that have graduated from the GSBI program have gone on to collectively serve or benefit millions of people.

So how does George specifically come to doubt his planned course of action? Each of the diversions he encounters force him to deal with life in the moment at hand—neither the past nor the future, only the present. In these instances, George evaluates, and reevaluates, his beliefs, the foundation upon which we all create through the law of attraction. His beliefs are thus shaped, or changed, to suit the prevailing circumstances. And given the joy that each of these newly created distractions provides, it becomes ever easier for George to forget about offing himself. In those episodes of enlightenment, those moments of clarity, the past and future dissolve like the firefly’s flickers, leaving only the radiance of the present—the only materialization that can be experienced and enjoyed in that instant, and the only one that even matters at the time, no matter how transient it might be.

David Howitt, founder and CEO of Meriwether Group, is an accomplished entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience providing financial, strategic, and brand counsel to both early stage and Fortune 100 companies. He has provided guidance to Oregon Chai, Stumptown Coffee, Adidas, ABC Carpet & Home, and many others. He is the author of Heed Your Call: Integrating Myth, Science, Spirituality and Business. www.meriwethergroup.com

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Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics (2017) by Dan Harris and Jeff Warren (with Carlye Adler) is a companion book to 10% Happier, Harris’s 2014 best seller about embracing mindfulness meditation. In 2004, Harris, who is now a co-anchor for Nightline, had a panic attack on Good Morning America in front of more than five million viewers. Purchase this in-depth analysis to learn more.

Tania Stewart, a “natural born” medium from Brazil, has offered her service as an unconscious trance medium since childhood. She worked for a year as a volunteer at the ‘Casa’ in Brazil, assisting the renowned John of God with his spiritual work. Tania practices her own unique form of “holistic spiritual therapy,” a synthesis of her years of study and work as a spiritual counselor, pranic healing practitioner, and Reiki (level III) master.

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Have I mentioned raw animal products? In my research travels, I have learned from Dr. Stanley Bass and others. Check out a video interview by Paul Nison on another long time raw vegan foodist is no longer.

3-minute Mindful Breathing Meditation: This is a guided meditation focusing on mindful breathing. At just three minutes, it can help people who do not have much time for meditation in their daily schedule. It can also serve as an introduction to mindfulness meditation for people who feel like they might burn it out by committing to a longer introduction.

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As headlines in the paper warned me of environmental dangers, I began to pay attention. What was in the food? Wasn’t organics a left-leaning thing? And what about the plastics and the baby bottles and the vaccines? Should I worry? Doesn’t our system protect us from these dangers?

The Omega Institute is welcoming Pema Chödrön to its Rhinebeck Campus May 17-19, and since the in-person event sold out, the organization is offering live video streaming for only $59 to those who sign up by April 30.

There is no golden standard approach to reflective meditation like TM or mindfulness meditation. The only primary guideline for reflective meditation is that you keep your thoughts bound to the predetermined theme or question. To begin this form of meditation, simply use steps 1-5 from the TM technique as stated above.

Thursday night classes are located at the Jyoti-Bihanga Meditation Loft in Normal Heights, 3351 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116. Entry to the loft is at the 2nd door down Felton Street behind the restaurant. Text  for more information.

What is taught in the eight weeks: The practice of MBSR involves relatively intensive formal practices involving focussing on the breath and body through meditation and gentle body stretching and movements to develop awareness of thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and habitual tendencies that typically cause unhappiness.  Informal practices are also taught to establish mindfulness into daily lives. There will also be group discussions and brief lectures on stress physiology. Home assignments, handouts and mindfulness audio files will provided.


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Now, in 2017, Kabat-Zinn vibrates with an urgent belief that meditation is the “radical act of love and sanity” we need in the age of Trump, accelerating climate change and disasters such as the Grenfell Tower fire.

Hay House, Inc.Seva? What does that mean? Why have I heard that word more frequently in the last year? Could it be from the rising economic catastrophe? The lack of ethics in multi-national corporations who only care about making more money in this quarter then five years from now? Just to boost their exorbitant bonuses! The minimum wage is less than the living wage yet white collar criminals get bailouts from governments to keep their Manhattan penthouses while their clients get foreclosed and booted out of their modest homes.

Find out what you want this universe to deliver to you. And don’t be afraid to sound greedy or selfish or unrealistic. Don’t restrain yourself from having oversized fantasies, because you’ll find important pieces of yourself hidden amongst those dreams. You’ll find out what drives you. What type of human you truly are.

The five-step process outlined in Love Your Body, Love Your Life, is a process designed to help people move from disliking their bodies and themselves, whatever the reason may be, to acceptance, and then to love. My work is not about helping people change their appearance per se. For people who want to lose weight or improve their health, this may very well come about as a by-product of loving and accepting themselves, but it is not the point of the work. The point of the work is to help people love and accept what is, and from that place of love and acceptance, anything is possible.

200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training with Rolf Gates LOCATION: Edward Health & Fitness Center Woodridge, IL DATES: The 200hr Teacher Training Certification Deepak Chopra • Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Rolf Gates … Retrieve Full Source

My final point is that balance is achieved not only over a single lifetime but over many lifetimes. It may simply be that someone doesn’t achieve the financial success they desire in this lifetime because it is not their lifetime to do so. Sure, anyone who reaches the highest levels of conscious creation can undoubetdly create whatever life they want, but that’s not likely to apply to anyone who is going through the Centerpointe programme or attending BigMind workshops.

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5. Drink to Good Health!

But the challenge is this. Where are we headed? It is probably not a good place as environmental destruction and degenerative disease takes over. Really, it is degeneration on all levels, all around us.

This suggests that our environment, positive or negative, will affect our health, and that it’s a personal choice as to how healthy we want to be. Our personal boundaries are important to protect our environment from what we may absorb, such as someone else’s anger or negative energies.

To ensure that global warming does not become a more serious problem everyone needs to ensure they are doing their bit for the environment. So how can you help? Clear Environment, a highly environmentally concious office clearance company have written five quick ways for you to help save the environment (and your money) every single day.

When mindfulness and insight are strong you may not recognize what you are eating. This experience is a revelation. Instead of green beans or rice on the plate, you see only color. Rather than meat or cheese, you taste an unnamed burst of sensation. This experience is difficult to describe, but if it happens you will immediately understand what we are talking about. “MBSR is a very powerful program, not because of what Han Ee can teach you in class. It’s about you, and what you can experience and find about yourself in the 8 weeks. 8 weeks is a journey of both the good and the bad. There will be good experience and bad experience, but all is about yourself. Really recommend this program to all.” – Lim D. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged posture. Cover your left nostril and inhale through the right. Then, cover the right and exhale through the left. Inhale again through the left and exhale through the right again. Then repeat this cycle. Metta is a Pali word that means kindness, benevolence, and good will. This practice comes from the Buddhist traditions, especially the Theravada and Tibetan lineages. “Compassion is a contemporary scientific field that demonstrates the efficacy of metta and related meditative practices. 6)  Elevate Others – This is all about raising the conversation in our heads, with the other people involved, and about the whole situation.  We can and do have impact on other people.  We’re able to elevate the conversation with others when we focus on being real and vulnerable (i.e. honest about how we really feel) and also focus on appreciating and empowering those we’re engaged with (i.e. acknowledging them and being grateful for who they are).  We can lift up the people around us and in the process lift ourselves up and create the higher level solutions we all truly want.
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Gaiam.com, Inc

The second method is a shortcut. You find at least one, put preferably several, people who have done what you want to do. In your case, there are MILLIONS of people who have made a lot of money and who figured out how to have their finances work pretty well (or even very well). Lots of them have written books or created trainings about this subject. Many are happy to mentor people (as I am doing for you right now). Find out 1) how they think regarding making money, and 2) how they act.

Genetically manipulating plants with material from animals for the purpose of improving hardiness, productivity and drought tolerance, symbolizes the progress of intensive farming techniques.  Whether you applaud, are repulsed or simply dont give a damn, depends how you view the situation.  Interestingly, our views on this may well be significantly influenced by the severity of our disconnection from nature. With this in mind, please forgive my crude, finger painting view of nature that follows:

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/psychology-articles/brain-exercise-that-boosts-your-psychic-intuition-480076.html

2. Silence Your Inner Critic- Realize right now that no one is perfect. Admit your flaws and choose to work on the ones you can change. Your self-criticism starts during childhood and continues into adulthood and overcoming this starts with practicing positive self-talk and affirmation. Stop the negative self-talk. Look into the mirror and affirm everyday I am beautiful, I am loved, and I am ready to take on the world. Practice self love and accept the things you cannot change. Don’t get sucked into believing the media’s portrayal of the perfect woman. Be proud of who you are and stop wishing you were someone else. Eventually you will actually start to believe. http://www.mainfest-your-success.com/confidence-and-self-esteem.html

Now, one of my functions on this program was Producer of enticing advertising hype to promote the network’s cause, so I wrote a warm and fuzzy heartfelt blurb, submitted it to the series Executives and awaited approval.  Moments later, the script was returned revised as follows:  Coming Up Next: A Young Canadian heroine BATTLES HOMELESSNESS. I was stunned. Were they really asking me to further this child’s loving cause with a combat analogy!?

be real clear on intention. being really clear was a huge challenge for me. And I thought my biggest intention was to heal on every level, to be in an integrated state. i didn’t realize until I shifted out of it to the degree i’d been doing it, that my biggest intention was to fill myself. And the only way i knew how to do this was from without. that intention, that i was not clear on affected my entire life. it was also fear based as i did not know how to fill myself with me in a more positive connection. I was terrified of being with me deeply. But in doing so, with support of frequencies that helped me make more positive connections, i began filling me more up with me and coming more present. This journey takes a lot of courage. i’d imagine it must be a real priority or people don’t do it. It is well worth it. For some, it is both better and harder, but the better is well worth it.

Whether you are new to meditation or are a veteran, there are always ways you can improve your meditation experience. Every time you meditate it is a new adventure, a new journey and a new connection to your spiritual self and the Divine.

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Here’s a simple guide to reconnect in simple ways to lead a more positive, uplifting, spiritually focused life. Use these simple steps to experience a more spiritual connection on different levels everyday.

Everyone can freely provide its own values ​​about the meaning of meditation for life. Therefore, only by practicing meditation in life, people can experience the benefits of a meditation journey. There are many meanings of meditate, including the following:

The Shiva meditation technique, which happens to be developed by Lord Shiva, provides you with peace and happiness. It comes with many other benefits as well. Here’s all you need to know about the Shiva meditation and its benefits.

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Sharon Salzberg, a student of Buddhism since 1971, has been leading meditation retreats worldwide since 1974. Influenced by her more than twenty-five years of study with Burmese, Indian, and Tibetan teachers, she teaches intensive awareness practice (vipassana or insight meditation) and the profound cultivation of lovingkindness and compassion (the Brahma Viharas). She is a cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society and The Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, both in Massachusetts. Salzberg is the author of several books including The Kindness Handbook, Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience, Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, A Heart as Wide as the World,  and the New York Times bestseller Real Happiness. She has also authored several Sounds True audio and interactive learning kit works including Insight Meditation (with Joseph Goldstein), Unplug, and Lovingkindness Meditation.

So instead of telling myself a thousand more reasons why I should meditate, I’m going to work with my fear on an emotional level. I know how to tame a fear. Here’s how, if you’d like to follow along with a fear of your own:

Sometimes the best indicator might be you…people are different. I have heard my father say that he was told to avoid a certain food but his blood sugar monitor registered in the safe zone. To say the least, I could hear his confusion. Now I will present this information to him, to see if the GL sheds some light on it.

Groups such as the World Organization of the Scouts Movement, with 28 million members in 160 countries, committed to plant 65,000 trees, while blue helmets in Timor-Leste, Côte D’Ivoire, Darfur, Lebanon, Haiti, Congo, Georgia, Liberia and Western Sahara also joined the campaign on World Environment Day.

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During vipassana practice meditators should try to ignore the content of thoughts completely. It doesn’t matter whether a thought is good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant; the conventional meaning is irrelevant in meditation. The attitude is to look upon all thoughts as general instances of “thinking,” without paying attention to the details that differentiate one thought from another. All thoughts (indeed, all objects) have equal value in vipassana practice.

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Always start by offering yourself love first. When you truly love yourself, you love others. For when you know how to love yourself, your heart becomes full. And your love begins to flower – it begins to bloom. You can begin to offer it, without regard for whether it gets returned or not. Your love might be returned; it might be reflected back to you. It might be rejected and denied because of someone else’s closed heart. But it does not matter. None of that matters. Because the love lives you; the love gives you. Your life becomes an expression of love and is complete in-and-of itself.

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Five categories of affirmations support you in manifesting powerful change. These five categories or types of affirmations have emerged from my consulting work with clients and workshop affirmationparticipants. You  may work with  affirmations in every  category concurrently,  or you may focus on a  different category each  day or each week. It is  important that  affirmations you select  resonate with you, that  is, that they feel natural  and appropriate. In order to experience this resonance, you may need to change words in the ones listed here as examples, or let these inspire you to create ones you prefer, or develop your own from scratch.

Step Two is to Identify and Detach from Negative Thoughts. This step is about becoming aware of the thoughts that run through your mind on a regular basis, discovering that they are not your own, that they were given to you from outside. Then you can employ specific tools and techniques to help you detach from these negative thoughts so that they no longer control and influence your life and your well-being.

Then one night as Sally lay in her big comfy bed, just settling in to think thoughtful thoughts and dream dreamy dreams she heard a very strange sound.  It was coming from her closet!  What could it be?  The big wooden door began to shimmy and shake, creak and vibrate as though it were coming alive. Slowly, Sally got up out of her big comfy bed and even more slowly made her way over to the closet door and even more slowly yet, placed her now shaking hand on the latch. It had been a very long time since Sally had put any memories in there.  She thought it was better to forget the past that way she would never have to face the shadow side of her emotions.

You’ll drive yourself mad trying to chase what happened, so don’t try for it, it’ll come a differnt way when you’re not trying for it. also you don’t need to be celibate or vegan, it makes no difference. But fasting sometimes and sleeping less sometimes will help a lot.

You can practice mindfulness meditation on your own anytime and anywhere. But listening to basic guided meditations can also be helpful, especially when getting started. Instructions from an experienced teacher can help remind us to come back to the present moment, let go of distracting thoughts and not be so hard on ourselves.

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Bill, you not only responded from your TRUE HEART and GAVE ME YOUR PERSONAL CONCERN AND EXTRA EFFORT (I feel you genuinely respond from YOUR HEART), my “issue” was actually shared and appreciated by many of your readers who did gloriously offer their thoughts in reply. I actuacaly got as much from their replies as I did from you, Bill. I hope this kind of very substantially helpful feedback community continues.

Hay House, Inc.There are also a number of clinical studies which strongly support the use of vitamin and mineral supplementation in the treatment of autism, and have demonstrated significant improvement.

This is very common. I see it all the time, and I used to do it, too. Quite a lot of people are living on autopilot, and feel split off from themselves. When I speak in front of groups, I often ask the group what they want or need from me, what problems they are having, what isn’t working. The most common answer is a version of what you said in your post: they know what to do, but somehow can’t get themselves to do it. Or, they just don’t really believe that “doing it” is going to work anyway, so why bother.

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El profesor ha tenido inmensa importancia en el pasado, porque sabía. Él había ya pasado todos los exámenes, había acumulado conocimientos.  Pero la situación ha cambiado y éste es uno de los problemas, que las situaciones cambian pero nuestras respuestas permanecen tal como era antes.  Ahora la explosión de conocimiento es tan vasta, tan tremenda, tan rápida, que no puedes escribir un gran libro sobre un tema científico, porque cuando lo termines, estará anticuado; nuevos datos, nuevos descubrimientos lo harán inoperante.  O sea, que ahora la ciencia tiene que depender de los artículos, de los periódicos, no de los libros.

Por convertiros en bárbaros, en asesinos; y como has sido un gran asesino, tu país te entrega esta medalla. Y llamamos ci­vilizados a estos países, donde los asesinos de masas son re­conocidos, apreciados… eso sí, si alguien mata a una persona va a la cárcel, una acción así no puede tolerarse. Cuando toda la sociedad se vuelve loca, estalla la guerra; todo se pone a un lado, se permite que los hombres muestren su verdadera natu­raleza. Por eso todo el mundo se siente feliz cuando hay una guerra. Debería ser de otro modo, pero no; no sentís porque ahora se os permite ser animales. Siempre quisisteis serlo. Vuestra cultura, vuestra etiqueta, vuestros modales son meros modos pulidos tras los que esconder el animal. Este hombre dijo:

Chuang Tse dice que si niegas lo inútil, el mundo no tendrá propósito alguno. Si niegas lo inútil, lo juguetón, la alegría, no podrá existir trabajo o deber alguno. Esto es difícil de compren­der porque todo nuestro énfasis está puesto en lo útil.

Desconecta todo lo que hay; entonces estarás dentro de ti. Por primera vez, el anfitrión está a solas y no hay huéspedes. A veces es muy bueno estar a solas y sin huéspedes porque puedes ver tu calidad de anfitrión más de cerca, más atentamente. Los huéspe­des crean confusión, los huéspedes hacen ruido, llegan y recla­man tu atención. Los huéspedes dicen: «Haz esto, necesitamos agua caliente, ¿dónde está el desayuno?, ¿dónde está mi cama?, ¡hay chinches!», te exigen mil y una cosas y el anfitrión tiene que ocuparse de los huéspedes: «Sí, por supuesto, ¡tienes que hacer­te cargo de toda esa gente!».

La muerte y la vida son dos polaridades de una misma energía, del mismo fenómeno, el flujo y el reflujo, el día y la noche, el verano y el invierno. No están separados y no son opuestos ni contrarios. Son complementarios. La muerte no es el fin de la vida; de hecho es una culminación de una vida, la cresta de la vida, el clímax, el gran final. Y una vez conoces tu vida y su proceso, entonces comprendes lo que es la muerte.

Maitri Bhavana es una de las meditaciones más penetrantes. No debes tener miedo a entrar en un tipo de autohipnosis porque no lo es. En realidad, es un tipo de deshipnosis. Parece una hipno­sis porque se trata del proceso inverso. Es como si vinieras a ver­me desde tu casa, caminando un largo trecho, y para regresar a tu casa volvieses a hacer el mismo camino a la inversa. La única diferencia es que ahora estás de espaldas a mi casa. El camino es el mismo, tú eres el mismo, pero cuando venías tu cara miraba hacia mi casa y ahora estás de espaldas a mi casa.

Cuando usan las antenas de HAARP, están dirigiendo su máximo poder hacia la ionósfera que de una u otra manera nos afectaPero qué tiene que ver esto con la muerte de Diana? pues que este grupo de conciencia global lleva de manera interesante records de eventos de trascendencia mundial y lastimosamente como arrancaron en 1998, no hay registro estadístico de cómo estuvo afectada la ionósfera con la muerte de la princesa pero sí hay otros eventos como el matrimonio del ex marido de Diana… el padre del príncipe William.En este fotograma por ejemplo podemos ver uno de los eventos importantes que estuvieron lugar ligados a la familia real de Inglaterra como fué el matrimonio ficticio o ceremonia que realizaron 7 años, 7 meses y 7 dias después de la muerte de Diana. En él podemos ver cómo a medida que avanzaba la ceremonia, las mediciones que indican que todos estaban conectándose de cierta manera a nivel de conciencia, igualmente iban en escalada hasta el punto central de la ceremonia y que se mantuvo durante horasEn comparación con la boda real, podemos ver un interesante ejemplo comparativo entre el huracán Katrina ocurrido hace 12 años precisamente el 28 de agosto (como ocurrió este año el huracán Harvey y el divorcio de Diana), y la 4ta conmemoración de las víctimas del 9/11, donde se ve un impacto mayor a nivel ionosférico que la angustia que pudo llevar Katrina.

Y una persona que realmente quiere conocer las alturas también ha de conocer las profundidades, de otro modo no podría conocerlas. La sima es la otra cara de la altura. Cuanto más alto es el pico de la montaña, más profundo es el valle. Si quieres conocer al árbol también has de saber qué son las raíces. El árbol asciende y las raíces descienden, y entre estos dos movimientos existe el árbol. Entre el movimiento ascendente y el movimiento descendente. Esta es la tensión que le da vida al árbol.

El hermano mayor podía ver ambos puntos de vista. Por una parte, el vagabundo educado no había hablado a este hombre, su hermano no había gesticulado para él. Por otra parte, el tonto de su hermano no entendió los gestos de aquél. No se tocaron; entre ellos había habido un abismo, sin puente.

La iluminación es como un accidente. Pero no me malinter­pretes, porque cuando digo que la iluminación es como un ac­cidente, no estoy diciendo que no hagas nada por ella. No es éste el sentido. Si no haces nada por ella, ni siquiera el acciden­te sucederá. Éste ocurre únicamente a quienes han estado ha­ciendo mucho por él; pero nunca sucede como resultado de sus actos. Éste es el problema: nunca sucede como resultado de sus actos; nunca sucede sin sus actos. Estos actos no son la causa de que suceda, sólo son la causa que crea en ellos la situación para que se vuelvan propensos a sufrir accidentes, esto es todo.

Pensaban que era un santo, pero no era santo tal como ellos lo entendían. Era un santo, pero no un santo que puede ser medido por ti. Tus reglas no pueden aplicarse aquí. Ten­drás que abandonar tus medidas y mirar; sólo entonces el san­to, el auténtico santo, se te revelará.

La muerte es una orgánica, integral de la vida y es muy amistosa con ella. Sin ella la vida no puede existir. La vida existe debido a la muerte, la muerte le da un trasfondo. La muerte es, en efecto, un proceso de renovación. Y la muerte sucede a cada instante. En el instante en que inhalas y en el instante en que exhalas, ambas se dan. Al inspirar, la vida entra; al expirar, viene la muerte. Por eso al nacer un niño lo primero que hace es inspirar; entonces la vida empieza. Y cuando un viejo muere, lo último que hace es exhalar; entonces la vida se va. El exhalar es la muerte, el inspirar es la vida. Son como las dos ruedas de una carreta. Vives tanto debido a que inspiras como a que expiras. El exhalar es parte del inhalar. No. puedes inhalar si dejas de exhalar. No puedes vivir si dejas de morir.

Así que la mente, por su propia naturaleza es vieja, y nun­ca nace nada original de ella. La mente no puede ser original, sólo puede ser repetitiva. La mente va repitiendo. Puede repe­tir algo de mil maneras diferentes, incluso con palabras nue­vas, pero sigue siendo lo mismo. La mente no puede conocer, no puede ir al encuentro de lo fresco, lo joven, lo nuevo. Siempre que te encuentras con lo fresco, lo joven, lo nuevo, tienes que prescindir de la mente, porque sólo entonces tus ojos no están llenos del pasado, del polvo del pasado; enton­ces tu espejo puede reflejar lo que está aquí ahora.

Elección de pareja De nuevo en el borde de la cama, mis ojos vidriosos repasan cada recuerdo como si leyeran un libro abierto. De nuevo en el mismo punto, con el mismo lastre que sobrecarga el interior de mi cuerpo. … Sigue leyendo →

El segundo instituto sería para la meditación, porque sólo con desprogramarse no es suficiente.  La desprogramación saca la basura que hay en ti y es difícil estar vacío; comenzarás a acumular porquería nuevamente.  No te las puedes arreglar por ti mismo para aprender a vivir dichosamente con tu vacío, pero ése es el arte de la meditación.

Otra cosa que hay que recordar: tu ser es vida, y ninguna escritura puede estar viva. Las escrituras están muertas irre­misiblemente. Las escrituras son cadáveres, y estás pregun­tando a los muertos acerca de tu vida. Ellos no pueden res­ponderte. Krishna no te ayudará mucho, ni Jesús -excepto si te conviertes en un Krishna, o en un Jesús-. Los muertos no pueden dar respuestas sobre la vida. Y si piensas que vas a en­contrar la respuesta, te verás más y más lastrado por las res­puestas, y la respuesta seguirá siéndote desconocida. Esto es lo que sucede a un hombre que está estudiando, que es un pen­sador, que es un filósofo. Se ve lastrado por sus propios es­fuerzos, palabras y palabras y palabras, y está perdido. Y la respuesta estaba ahí desde el principio. Sólo se necesitaba un giro.

Impulsado por esta teoría, Silva inició un proceso detallado de investigación y experimentación, empezando con sus hijos. Los entrenó para que ingresen a niveles de frecuencia cerebral conocidos como Alfa y Teta —niveles de relajación profunda que la mayoría de personas experimentan al meditar o en sueños ligeros— y con esto, lograron mejorar significativamente sus notas en el colegio. Silva también encontró un aumento en el funcionamiento intuitivo de sus hijos.

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Meditation has been of interest to a wide variety of modern Jews. In modern Jewish practice, one of the best known meditative practices is called “hitbodedut” (התבודדות, alternatively transliterated as “hisbodedus”), and is explained in Kabbalistic, Hasidic, and Mussar writings, especially the Hasidic method of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav. The word derives from the Hebrew word “boded” (בודד), meaning the state of being alone.[111] Another Hasidic system is the Habad method of “hisbonenus”, related to the Sephirah of “Binah”, Hebrew for understanding.[112] This practice is the analytical reflective process of making oneself understand a mystical concept well, that follows and internalises its study in Hasidic writings.

Have you ever put yourself in some situation throughout your lifetime where you dishonoured your own being? How many times have you allowed others to be disrespectful, verbally or physically abusive, controlling, or stayed in a situation to the point where your spirit’s depleted? Perhaps it’s a boss, a family member, a spouse, or a friend that we stay in these relationships with and continue to comprise our own heart, but whatever the situation, during these times many people tend to feel it deeply in their soul that something is just not right, and yet still they continue to stay in environments that ignore their own hearts calling, and usually it’s out of fear.

I’m going to give you this analogy which will help explain why it’s essential for each person to understand their unique Metabolic Type.  Think of a car.  We all understand that a car needs gas to run, oil for the engine and coolant to keep the car from overheating. If you don’t put the right mixture of gas, oil and coolant in your car, it will start to have mechanical issues like over heating, engine not function properly, car acting up and just overall causing the car to break down.

Various postures are taken up in some meditation techniques. Sitting, supine, and standing postures are used. Popular in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism are the full-lotus, half-lotus, Burmese, Seiza, and kneeling positions. Meditation is sometimes done while walking, known as kinhin, or while doing a simple task mindfully, known as samu.

Based on the back story of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, the film focuses on how the event came together, thanks in part to the efforts of an unlikely young entrepreneur, Elliot Teichberg (Demetri Martin). Elliot secured the hosting rights for the town of White Lake, NY, when the nearby community of Wallkill passed up the chance to hold the three-day concert, partly out of logistical concerns and partly out of fears it would be overrun by unruly hippies. However, Elliot saw this opportunity as a means to help his community and to boost business at the rundown “resort” he ran with his eccentric, miserly parents (Imelda Staunton, Henry Goodman). Little did he know he was helping to birth the phenomenon that would characterize “the Woodstock generation.”

If you’re just getting started this should get you going in the right direction. Want more tips on how to get started? Here’s the article that goes with the YouTube video above: How to Meditate: 5-Minute Mastery.

Visits to temples, penance, compassion and charity gain you but a sesame seed of credit. It is hearkening to His accepting and adoring Him that obtains emancipation by bathing in the shrine of soul. All virtues are Yours, O Lord! I have none; Without good deeds one can’t even meditate.[83]

Though both terms appear in the Sutta Pitaka[note 4], Gombrich and Brooks argue that the distinction as two separate paths originates in the earliest interpretations of the Sutta Pitaka,[13] not in the suttas themselves.[29][note 5] According to Gombrich, the distinction between vipassanā and samatha did not originate in the suttas, but in the interpretation of the suttas.[13][note 6] Various traditions disagree which techniques belong to which pole.[31]

We are all stronger than we think or than we are willing to admit, or understand. You have a personal power that has be given to you to tap into. Use it and honor it. Connect with it through meditation, awareness and being present. Releasing that inner power will allow you to accomplish great things with your business.

I work for UPS. I was wondering if we can have you visit our site as part of our Wellness committee. UPS is huge on self awareness and healthy lifestyles. Can you email me if you are interested and please advise on how to reach you to arrange for such visit.

When you end your meditation it’s important to ground yourself. You may want to stomp your feet on the ground. Have a snack or drink some tea. Do something that gets you back into your body before going back to your daily routine.

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Our tears were of joy, and relief, remembering the journey it took to get to that exact moment and feeling grateful for seeing such a magical and spiritual place in this world. We felt so high with nature and content with ourselves. I cried such tears of an enormous joy and gratitude for being alive, and for saying yes to a stranger to embark on an unforgettable journey; one that will stay with me forever, and one that uplifts my soul every time I close my eyes and remember.


External events are not the real causes of sorrow. They are just the branches. The root lies within us. The purpose of vipassana practice is to eliminate the root cause of suffering, not merely to make us feel good temporarily. But in order to pull out the root it will help to know how it came to be established. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”216″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”144″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:23:”height=’85’ width=’128′”;s:4:”file”;s:29:”2009/07/Family-photos-008.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:1:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:29:”Family-photos-008-150×144.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”144″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:3:”3.4″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:5:”SP350″;s:7:”caption”;s:22:”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA”;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:0:””;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:13:”13.1999998093″;s:3:”iso”;s:3:”200″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:15:”0.0166666675359″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} If your focus is a deeper transformation and spiritual development, however, then mindfulness meditation may be just an initial step for you. From here you can then move into Vipassana, Zazen, or other types of meditation. “We tend to place a high amount of expectations on ourselves, others or life and general to be more, better or different. This mantra reminds us that everything in the moment is enough and helps us avoid suffering from expectation hangovers.” —Christine Hassler, life coach, author, and speaker I love inspiring people. I have been fortunate enough to have had the time and guidance in my life to help me find some of those answers, and it’s important to me to be able to share what I have learned on my own journey.  Once the 90 seconds have passed start saying to your brain “I am not going to hook into this again because I do not like how it makes me feel.” I have said to myself sometimes “just STOP IT! I don’t want this negativity in my head! GO AWAY”. And if necessary on really persistent loops, I have even stomped my feet and said “NO!” Sounds crazy? It isn’t! It just means that for extra effect you sometimes have to add a physical component to your response – much like slapping a hand on a table will get your attention faster, so too will adding a physical component to the response you are telling your brain. Know what you want, believe in what you want, and set goals to achieve your desires. If you say I can’t you won’t. Recognize that challenges will arise and you will face obstacles the key is to accept, learn and keep your eye on that prize. Life is all about lessons and if you listen to the whispers you will be one step closer to your dream. Whoa. What just happened? Does 2009 at all resemble what we thought we knew twelve months ago? To carry out his mission, our hero leaves his London home and travels to the remote New England island of Martha’s Vineyard, where Lang is residing between engagements while on a U.S. speaking tour. The idyllic maritime setting proves to be anything but, however; security is so tight, in fact, that it makes Ft. Knox look like easy pickings by comparison. What’s more, our hero is seriously muzzled in terms of how he can go about his work. He can’t help but wonder why such extreme precautions are necessary for the simple rewriting of a manuscript, but as he becomes further involved in the process, he begins to see that there is much more going on than he ever imagined. He quickly finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigue centering on war crimes allegations against Lang, accusations that ultimately involve a lucrative defense contractor, a former British defense minister (Robert Pugh), a mysterious university professor (Tom Wilkinson), the father of a decreased soldier (David Rintoul) and even the former PM’s wife (Olivia Williams). By now, it would seem that going with one’s gut would have been far more prudent after all. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”624″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”354″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:23:”height=’72’ width=’128′”;s:4:”file”;s:25:”2009/10/marciatwitter.JPG”;s:5:”sizes”;a:2:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:25:”marciatwitter-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}s:6:”medium”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:25:”marciatwitter-300×170.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”300″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”170″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} Amanda believes we all have a vision of the woman we would like to become and her goal is to inspire you to make that vision a reality. With a desire to redefine the meaning of beauty, Amanda teaches women how to reveal their inner diva. Her workshops propel women to uncover and express their authentic selves, giving them the confidence to put their best self forward. As an image professional, Amanda provides services for individuals and corporations through coaching, personalized consultations, presentations, seminars and workshops. www.bdimageservices.com Living in harmony is a goal that has always seemed to elude us as a species. The time has come now, as we begin a new year and a new decade, to set aside excuses about our failure to effectively pursue this goal, and “Avatar” provides a plethora of reasons for why we should do so. May we all come away from watching it with the resolve we need to get the job done. Numerology can be applied to daily life to increase the flow of abundance.  For example:  try placing a small piece of paper with a number “8” in your wallet along with a large number “8” on or near the place where you keep your monthly bills.  Utilizing the number 8 in this way places the Universe on notice that you are ready for an income boost.  It is also advised to get your own numerology chart done, or at the very least get acquainted with your life path number and the challenge numbers to your life path. Then, take a look at the numbers in your life, such as your home address number, that is all the digits added together.  It could be that you are living in a home that is a challenge to you and if you work out of your home, this could be directly impacting your abundance in the negative.  It is also important to note that each letter of the alphabet represents a number (in the Pythagorean system, among others) and therefore any business name has its own numerology.  If you work for a place or own your own business that equals a challenge to you this could also be a constant disappointment in the money department. Practice achievement and boost your self confidence today. Wear a smile, and hold your head high. Look other people in the eye when you speak to them, and they will respect you for what you have to say. Self confidence can be developed, and can take your life and business to even greater heights.

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Thanks for your time in answering my questions! If you’re in the SLC area of Utah, you’re lucky to have Susan as a potential therapist. Find more info about her practice, her classes, and her pregnancy/pelvic health workshops here: www.alignintegrationandmovement.com

“I believe this (article) is a gentle reminder from Spirit to me…I am definitely a work in progress my friend…a spiritual being having a human experience…you are the instrument that Spirit is using, to help get these messages out to the universe.” ~ Deborah a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”590″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”400″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:23:”height=’86’ width=’128′”;s:4:”file”;s:18:”2010/03/wakeup.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:2:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:18:”wakeup-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}s:6:”medium”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:18:”wakeup-300×203.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”300″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”203″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} Because the healing capacity doesn’t have a voice, the healing capacity doesn’t get even. For instance, when you eat hamburgers and fries, and/or indulge with lots of unhealthy foods including sugars from desserts or just plain overeating, the body doesn’t say “great I will teach you a lesson,” and turn over and sleep from its healing capacity or turn its back on you. Use this season as an opportunity to practice seeing and experiencing everything in your life as a gift. Are you wanting to experience joy and love? Give joy and love to everyone you meet. Are you longing to experience happiness?  Create happiness in the world around you. You will come to discover that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. Freely give; freely receive. Source: http://www.variety.com/index.asp?layout=festivals&jump=review&reviewid=VE1117935795

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Vince, for instance, is a public corrections officer who secretly wants to be an actor and is clandestinely taking classes in the subject (under the cover story of hanging out with his poker buddies); as a family man, he’s reluctant to admit this aspiration out of fear of appearing irresponsible. Vivian, meanwhile, who is supposedly home on break from college, uses this seemingly plausible ruse to conceal what she’s really doing: taking some time off from her job at a gentlemen’s club, where she uses her “dancing” skills to raise money to replace a lost scholarship. And Vince Jr., the randy teen that he is, quietly surfs online to fulfill his fetish of finding big beautiful women whom he can feed to their (and his) heart’s content. But those secrets are nothing compared to what’s about to come.

I can’t speak highly enough about “A Serious Man.” It’s by far the best picture I’ve screened thus far this year. It’s striking in every respect, and it’s a movie that could be examined from a multitude of perspectives, far more than I could possibly discuss here. So my advice regarding this movie is simple—rush to see it.

I sat under a tree, along a bubbling brook, and watched as it made its last decent before meeting the great lake. Visualizing its vast journey from the sky … over waterfalls, over rocks, around bends, twisting, churning, and finally arriving with these characteristics – adaptability, flow, incredible strength, remarkable softness, integrity, to be alive. The inspirational voice of nature… a way of life.

Food drives, clothing drives, penny drives, quilt drives, coat drives, and more. There are so many ways to help. What are some creative ways your child can come up with to gather resources together and offer them to those less-fortunate?

Our goal with “Let`s start a conscious parenting movement” is to reach out a hand to those who are afraid and to those of the parents who are living an enlightened life with their children, and to those who needs support. The old ways of parenting are not working – they never have.

jonathaneditorJonathan Green is a professional Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic for over 30 years. He works alongside many of the UK’s top Psychics and Mediums. Currently he has done work for Sally Morgan – Psychic to the Stars, Russell Grant, and the well know TV program Psychic Television.

Temples In India has become a favorite spot of tourist destinations. Followers and tourist visit these places from offshore. To reach these holy places one can use trains or buses as medium of communication. Many magnificent temples have made their entry in the list of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.temple

I’m thankful that my Catholic roots instilled my belief that there is much more to us than flesh and bone and that we wouldn’t exist without our Spirit, however most of what I was taught just never rang true. I’ve always seen the Bible as a series of stories, which helped us from going too far astray. We were not there to actually hear the spoken words, so how could any one be absolutely certain they are true? Even when I was a church-going Catholic I couldn’t see taking the Bible as “Bible” when there was one text for us and a variety of different versions for the multitude of other Christian faiths! It all comes down to what we believe and belief is subjective. Taking us back to the formulation of Personal TRUTH. So here goes.

It will probably come as no surprise that this is also the first year that I have used Holosync, and that it is one of the factors behind the biggest step forward in personal and spiritual growth I think I’ve experienced in this lifetime. Not just money but also my relationships with my family and partner have changed beyond belief. I’ve let go of more old beliefs and belief systems than I can count, and not necessarily replaced them with new For me this is down to developing the ability to ‘witness’ and see my career and other situations as outside events, and possibly as fun games to play rather than a minefield to negotiate.

The chief characteristic of this type of meditation is the generation, transformation, and circulation of inner energy. The purpose is to quieten the body and mind, unify body and spirit, find inner peace, and harmonize with the Tao. Some styles of Taoist Meditation are specifically focused on improving health and giving longevity.

Avoid looking for experiences or signs of progress or failure with your meditation because that hinders meditation. Just be confident that after some time you will start to notice the benefits of meditating during your day. You may be happier, feeling more at ease and calmer, and getting along better with others. You may start noticing these benefits soon, or it may take up to six months of meditating regularly before you start to notice these benefits. So just get in the habit of meditating regularly and then stick with it. And be patient with yourself – if you stop meditating for a day or two, just go back and start meditating again.


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AC-harvest hay shepherds 4[/caption] Spiritual Cinema CircleFrom a law of attraction/conscious creation standpoint, this picture is an excellent exploration into what we choose to manifest and how those intents become materialized. Since this philosophy maintains that we have an infinite range of options open to us at any time, the only true limitations we have are the choices we make, based on the beliefs we hold. In that regard, this movie shows us how we can employ that principle in our lives, for better or worse, thereby clearly illustrating how (and why) we end up with what we get. Jump up ^ The Pāli and Sanskrit word bhāvanā literally means “development” as in “mental development.” For the association of this term with “meditation,” see Epstein (1995), p. 105; and, Fischer-Schreiber et al. (1991), p. 20. As an example from a well-known discourse of the Pali Canon, in “The Greater Exhortation to Rahula” (Maha-Rahulovada Sutta, MN 62), Ven. Sariputta tells Ven. Rahula (in Pali, based on VRI, n.d.): ānāpānassatiṃ, rāhula, bhāvanaṃ bhāvehi. Thanissaro (2006) translates this as: “Rahula, develop the meditation [bhāvana] of mindfulness of in-&-out breathing.” (Square-bracketed Pali word included based on Thanissaro, 2006, end note.) The tide is finally turning in Gemini’s favour. The instabilities and disruptions of the last several years will start to lift. The old is falling away. Don’t look back. You will find new friends who will align with you. The main vulnerability will be a tendency to overindulge! The quality of your principles will determine the quality of your associates. Connect with Rose-Anne on Twitter.

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Se crea la codicia, se crea el miedo. Y entonces el niño pasa a través de muchas experiencias en las que es castigado, en las que es premiado. Poco a poco, crea un carácter alrede­dor de su consciencia. Carácter significa crear hábitos que la sociedad considera buenos y destruir hábitos que la sociedad considera malos -esto es carácter-. Y este carácter es una ar­madura, porque si no lo creas la sociedad te destruirá. La so­ciedad no te permitirá existir. Para existir, para sobrevivir, tie­nes que confeccionar un carácter, pues de otro modo acabarás en la cárcel, castigado.

Por otro lado, las lágrimas también tienen la importante función de ser lubricantes. Las lágrimas humedecen nuestros ojos e hidratan las membranas y tejidos que los rodean, y de esta manera podemos ver bien.

Pero Chuang Tse dice: La religión comienza sólo cuando has comprendido la futilidad de todo hacer y te has desplazado al extremo opuesto del no hacer, de la inactividad, del volverse pasivo, del volverse inútil.

Una vez decides ser un discípulo, entras en otro mundo, en un mundo totalmente distinto, del corazón, del amor, de la confianza. Entonces es un juego. No eres serio, pero sí eres muy sincero. Nunca confundas seriedad con sinceridad. La sinceridad es muy juguetona, nunca es seria. Es auténtica, verdadera, pero nunca seria. La sinceridad no tiene una cara alargada; está hirviendo de alegría, radiando de gozo interior.

Cuando corres en una pista sabes a dónde vas, qué ocurre. Todo se convierte en una mera repetición, ¿Quién planea? Si la mente planea, la mente es siempre del pasado. La vida no puede planearse porque a través del planear estás cometiendo suicidio.

El objeto visual puede ser el que desees, incluso a muchas personas les agrada mirar la llama de una vela. Otros posibles objetos son los cristales, las flores y las imágenes o estatuas de divinidades como Buda.

Así que, poco a poco, también tuvo que abandonar las pa­labras  interiores solo así se hace posible escuchar. Enton­ces entras en una dimensión totalmente diferente, de escucha, de pasividad, de receptividad. Te conviertes en una matriz. Entonces puedes recibir la verdad, porque no estás hablando, porque no eres agresivo. En ese instante sólo Dios está traba­jando y tú le permites que lo haga. Entonces Kierkegaard se volvió absolutamente silencioso; y dejó de ir a la iglesia. Alguien preguntó: «¿Por qué? ¿Por qué has dejado de ir a la iglesia?». Él dijo: «Ahora he aprendido lo que significa la iglesia; sólo significa estar callado y escuchar. Esto “puede” ha­cerse en todas partes, y es mejor hacerlo en otra parte, porque mucha gente va allí, a la, iglesia a hablar. Me molestan. Es me­jor bajo un árbol. Es mejor bajo el cielo».

2. Paga tus deudas. Algo que da tranquilidad a tu vida y a tu espíritu es saber que no le debes nada a nadie, tener unas finanzas sanas le dará paz a tu vida, paga siempre a tiempo y no permitas que los intereses se vuelvan un monstruo que te persiga.

Una persona inmoral defenderá siempre su carácter. Inten­tará demostrar que es un hombre de carácter, pero esto de­muestra que no tiene carácter. Si no eres deshonesto y alguien dice que eres deshonesto, dirás: «¿Ah, sí? Quizás, puede ser, ¿quién sabe?». Dirás: «Observaré de nuevo. Tengo que obser­var de nuevo mi interior. Acaso tengas razón».

Norman Cousins decía frecuentemente a sus alumnos de la Facultad de Medicina: “El centro de control de sus vidas es su actitud”. Las actitudes y afirmaciones negativas conducen a la enfermedad y a los sentimientos derrotistas. Las actitudes positivas conducen a la esperanza, al amor y a la diversión. ¡Ánimo!  Dr. Cesar Lozano

Cuando un buda se sienta, se sienta en la existencia como si la’ existencia entera se hubiese vuelto a convertir en el vientre de su madre. No hay enemistad. Ha alcanzado su naturaleza original. Ha llegado a conocer lo esencial de sí mismo. Ahora puedes ma­tarle incluso, pero no podrás destruir su compasión. Aunque se esté muriendo, seguirá lleno de compasión hacia ti. Puedes ma­tarle pero no puedes destruir su confianza. Ahora sabe que la confianza es algo tan esencial que si la pierdes, lo has perdido todo. Si no pierdes la confianza y has perdido todo lo demás, entonces no habrás perdido nada. A un buda puedes quitárselo todo, pero no puedes quitarle la confianza.

· espacio de meditación en grupo: si meditamos con alguien en casa o en el parque, o frente al mar, la meditación se hace más rica 1) porque hay alguien más a quien no interrumpir (por tanto, por educación, seguiremos quietos el tiempo que nos hayamos marcado, siendo así perseverantes) y 2) porque la calma y el silencio compartidos enriquecen a las mentes que en ese instante lo practican.

CRECER ON-LINE UN PROCESO PARA PERSONAS CON GANAS DE VIVIR Hay personas que sueñan con hacer grandes cosas. Otras están despiertas y las hacen. Índice MI CREENCIAS 3 QUÉ SON LAS CREENCIAS 3 CÓMO CAMBIAR

Poco a poco como una marea ascendente, la realización va concretando lo Abstracto, asimilando y expresando en términos de su naturaleza cosas que pertenecen a otra esfera. EL tiempo no sólo va aumentando nuestros conocimientos, Evolución acrecienta lass capacidades, la Iniciación, que es la Evolución forzada, aporta facultades anticipándose a estación normal y llevando la conciencia del Adepto a una expansión que le permite vastas captaciones, muchísimo más allá de las que puede alcanzar la mente humana común.

8 c) Las posibles causas internas de insomnio son: Enfermedades reumáticas, musculares o de las articulaciones que generan dolor de manera periódica o constante. Enfermedades endocrinas o metabólicas como el aumento de la función tiroidea que provoca un aumento de la actividad metabólica general y por tanto ansiedad e inquietud. Enfermedades respiratorias como el asma donde es frecuente que los ataques se produzcan por la noche, o la insuficiencia respiratoria crónica con dificultad para respirar y tos frecuente. Enfermedades digestivas como el reflujo gastroesofágico que provoca despertar del sueño con sensación de ardor de estómago. Enfermedades neurológicas como la enfermedad de Alzheimer donde es frecuente la presencia de deterioro del ritmo de sueño-vigilia, periodos de insomnio, agitación nocturna y somnolencia diurna. Los accidentes cerebrovasculares entre cuyas secuelas se encuentra también la alteración del ritmo del sueño, insomnio y agitación nocturna. La enfermedad de Parkinson que frecuentemente produce insomnio de inicio y fragmentación del sueño. Las cefaleas y migrañas que también pueden aparecer durante el sueño especialmente en la denominada cefalea en racimo. Enfermedades psiquiátricas. Casi todos los trastornos psiquiátricos más frecuentes se acompañan de alteración del sueño, incluso en ocasiones son el primer signo que nos señala su aparición. En la depresión puede producirse un despertar precoz e imposibilidad para volverse a dormir. Los trastornos de ansiedad, en los cuales el problema suele estar en la dificultad para conciliar el sueño. La esquizofrenia, donde pueden observarse periodos de vigilia con muy pocas horas de sueño. La manía, en la que característicamente existe una disminución de la necesidad de horas de sueño sin que exista repercusión en forma de cansancio o somnolencia. Otros problemas psicológicos como la ansiedad o estrés, preocupaciones excesivas, acontecimientos vitales estresantes también pueden influir en la calidad del sueño. El consumo de drogas como la heroína, cocaína, anfetaminas, éxtasis, etc., afecta al Sistema Nervioso Central y por lo tanto pueden alterar el sueño. Otras sustancias, socialmente más extendidas y que también alteran el sueño son las Xantinas (café, té, cacao, colas). El consumo excesivo de estas últimas o incluso su uso moderado en personas sensibles puede dificultar especialmente la conciliación del sueño. La nicotina, en los grandes fumadores, puede dificultar el inicio del sueño y puede generar despertares durante la noche debido a la abstinencia de unas horas. El alcohol, aunque posee cierto efecto sedante inicial, dificulta que el sueño llegue a fases profundas y por lo tanto que sea reparador. Son muchos los medicamentos que pueden ocasionar alteraciones del sueño y por lo tanto hay que tenerlos en cuenta cuando se busca la causa de un posible insomnio. Grupos farmacológicos como los corticoides, las teofilinas, los sustitutivos tiroideos, anti cancerígenos, diuréticos, etc. pueden provocar insomnio. 8

Pearl ha dicho que toda la sociedad está loca y que los ni­ños caen en manos de muchos locos. Llegan inocentes, pero in­mediatamente nos ocupamos de ellos y los convertimos en lo­cos. Algunos de ellos huyen por la puerta de servicio: son criminales. Y otros huyen por la puerta principal: son sabios.

Tus sacerdotes no son más que loros y sus plegarias son para tener poder, prestigio, dinero. Son políticos disfrazados; hacen política en el nombre de Dios, la política de los números. Hay ahora setecientos millones de católicos. Naturalmente el Papa es el hombre religioso más poderoso del mundo.

Por esto el otro camino es moverse hacia adentro, no luchar contra este no ser alguien, no tratar de llenar este vacío sino com­prenderlo y llegar a ser uno con él. Sé el bote vacío y todos los mares serán tuyos. Entonces te podrás mover hacia lo desconoci­do, no habrá obstáculos para este bote, nadie podrá bloquear su camino. No se requieren mapas. Este bote se desplazará en el in­finito y ahora la meta estará en todas partes. Pero uno tiene que moverse hacia adentro.

La muerte ya había sucedido en el momento en que te encarnaste en el cuerpo. En el instante en que entraste en el vientre, la muerte ya había sucedido. Tu reloj, el reloj de tu vida solamente puede marcar setenta, ochenta años, depende de cientos de factores. Pero tu reloj solamente puede llegar hasta ahí. No importa cómo vivas tu vida. La muerte llegará. La muerte no puede evitarse.

En este Plano Sublime—el cielo como lo llamarían otros; yo los llamo los planos superiores— no te sientes arrepentido de estar allí. Quiero que sepas que no hay un lugar más vivaz y hermoso que éste, porque es lo inimaginable imaginado. Y nunca hubo un estado de ser que estuviera tan completamente libre de las cargas del tiempo lento y la masa lenta. Tampoco hubo un lugar en donde la belleza física no fuera lo más importante, porque allí podías asumir la apariencia que querías y entonces ya no era importante. Aquí sí es importante; allí no, porque es cambiable, de modo que todos están libres de ese aspecto y flotando más cerca de Dios. Estás en un estado sombreado por el reino dorado, un estado donde el día o la noche pueden ser eternos. Hay multitudes allí, y es como si hubiera espacio suficiente para todos lo hay. Es un lugar merecido; el lugar de descanso antes de la batalla siguiente.

Dices, “Los sueños son irreales, pero he oído y leído que la madre de Mahavira vio nueve elefantes blancos en sueños antes del nacimiento de Mahavira”. Lo que lees es un sueño, lo que oyes es un sueño. Cualquier cosa que hayas oído sobre Mahavira no tiene nada que ver con Mahavira. Es tu sueño.

Existen cinco cuerpos o kosas, algunos mucho más sutiles que otros y que se encuentran localizados dentro de la envoltura (la piel).  Piensa en las clásicas muñecas rusas donde una está metida dentro de la otra; justo así es nuestro cuerpo.

Documento que contiene las enseñanzas de la filosofía hermética, también conocidos como los siete principios del hermetismo. Preceptos y enseñanzas fundamentales del antiguo Egipto Escrito en los albores del siglo XX, su autoría se debe a un grupo anónimo de personas … Sigue leyendo →

Y llegada la mañana del cuarto día, cuando se dirigieron al palacio para el examen final, el científico ni siquiera era capaz de andar. Estaba tan cansado por sus experimentos, como si toda su vida se le hubiera escapado. Estaba muerto de cansan­cio, como si en cualquier momento fuera a caer dormido. Los ojos le pesaban y su mente estaba turbia. Casi se había vuelto loco.

No siempre existe una certeza sobre lo que hay que hacer. Te encuentras muy confundido. Deja que sea así, pero descubre una salida para tu confusión. Es muy fácil y cómodo escuchar a los demás porque te pueden suministrar dogmas sin vida, te pueden dar mandamientos: no hagas esto, haz lo otro. Y están muy seguros de sus mandamientos. La certeza no es lo que se ha de buscar. La comprensión es lo que se ha de buscar. Si buscas la certeza serás víctima de alguna trampa. No busques la certeza, busca el comprender. La certeza se te puede dar fácilmente, cualquiera puede dártela, pero a la hora del análisis final serás un perdedor. Habrás desperdiciado tu vida tan sólo para permanecer en la seguridad y en la certeza; y la vida no es una certeza, la vida no es segura.                             .

Amas a una persona. A través del amor magnificas a la persona, se convierte en un dios. Entonces el amor desapare­ce; inmediatamente empiezas a odiar, y haces exactamente lo contrario. Nadie se para en el medio. La persona se encoge bajo tu odio, se convierte en un diablo. ¿Hay alguna manera de quedarse entre Dios y el diablo sin ir hasta lo opuesto? La mente se siente muy cómoda yendo de una cosa hasta su con­traria. No hay problema, tú has estado haciéndolo: dudas de una persona, luego puedes creer en ella; crees en una persona, luego puedes dudar de ella.

Técnicas ninja de meditación energética. Los guerreros ninja eran los asesinos y expertos del espionaje del Japón feudal. A los ninja se les asocia con frecuencia con un tipo de meditación energética conocida como

33 mentación inadecuada mientras se amamanta o una lactancia prolongada sin la alimentación adecuada puede agotar las reservas de grasa de los pechos y exacerbar este efecto. El adelgazamiento rápido también disminuye la provisión de leche. La experiencia de producir leche, amamantar a un bebé y sentir «bajar» la leche en reacción a los llantos del niño, o en reacción a los propios pensamientos sobre el bebé, es una experiencia que nos conecta a todas las mujeres de todas partes. La partera que me asistió en el parto de Kate me contó que muchas veces sentía el reflejo de «bajar la leche» cuando oía llorar a un bebé o se daba cuenta de la necesidad de un niño, incluso después de que sus hijos ya estaban en la universidad. Yo todavía noto también de vez en cuando esa sensación de hormigueo en los pechos, sobre todo cuando siento mucha compasión o cariño por algo o alguien; es la forma que tiene mi cuerpo de decirme que tengo amor para dar a una persona o situación. Muchas mujeres experimentan esto. (También se ha demostrado que cuando se siente compasión, amor o aprecio aumentan los niveles de la hormona prolactina, necesaria para producir leche.) Cuando confiamos en los fabricantes de fórmulas más que en nuestra capacidad de nutrir a nuestro bebé, perdemos la oportunidad de recuperar un aspecto de nuestro poder femenino. Pensar que la leche de fórmula para bebés es tan buena como la leche materna es creer que treinta años de tecnología son superiores a tres millones de años de evolución de la naturaleza. Incontables mujeres han recuperado la confianza en su cuerpo al amamantar a sus hijos, aun cuando al principio no estuvieran seguras de poder hacerlo. Es un acto de poder femenino y lo considero feminismo en su forma más pura. Los recién nacidos que son tratados con afecto son muy hermosos. He visto en sus ojos almas muy viejas y sabias en cuerpos pequeñísimos recién salidos de Dios. En mi consulta escuché la siguiente y verdadera historia: Después de que una pareja tuvo su segundo hijo, el primero, de cuatro años, deseaba pasar un rato a solas con el bebé. Ellos se resistieron un poco, pensando que ese deseo podía estar causado por la rivalidad entre hermanos. Pero el pequeño de cuatro años continuó insistiendo. Finalmente le permitieron quedarse un rato a solas con el bebé. En silencio escucharon detrás de la puerta y le oyeron preguntarle al bebé: «Por favor, dime cómo es Dios. Estoy comenzando a olvidarlo». Ser madre en el sistema adictivo: El trabajo más difícil del mundo Lo único que parece eterno y natural en la maternidad es la ambivalencia. JANE LAZARE Algunas mujeres dicen que la época más gratificante de su maternidad fue cuando sus bebés eran pequeños. Otras encuentran agotador este periodo. Para mí, tener hijas pequeñas fue, sin excepción, la parte más difícil de mi vida, un tiempo que no me atrevería a repetir a no ser que tuviera dos amadas niñeras, hermanas o amigas que vivieran conmigo para ayudarme en la crianza. (Pensaría distinto sobre esto si mis circunstancias hubieran sido otras.) La escritora Lynn Andrews escribió una vez que hay dos tipos de madres: las Madres Tierra y las Madres Arco Iris Creativo. Las madres Tierra cuidan y alimentan a sus hijos, y se encuentran muy bien haciendo eso. Nuestra sociedad recompensa a este tipo de mujer llamándola «buena madre». Por su parte, las madres Arco Iris Creativo estimulan a sus hijos sin tenerles necesariamente las comidas en la mesa a su hora. Yo sé sin la menor duda que soy una madre Arco Iris Creativo. Una vez leí el libro de cocina Laurel s Kitchen [Cocina de Laurel] y fantaseaba con lo maravilloso que sería hacer pan diariamente y disfrutar siendo lo que Laurel llama «Guardadora de las Llaves», y crear ese importantísimo espacio hogareño y sustentador. Pero eso no es lo que yo soy, y tratar de ser algo que no soy finalmente nos haría un pésimo servicio a mí y a mis hijas. A mí me encanta estar sola; me encanta leer; me gusta el silencio, la música y escribir. Mi alma se alimenta con largas horas de tiempo creativo ininterrumpido. Los niños pequeños necesitan un tipo de energía muy diferente, un tipo de energía que yo no poseo en abundancia. Cuando mis hijas eran pequeñas me di cuenta de lo difícil que es para las mujeres hacer algo por ellas mismas teniendo niños pequeños a su alrededor. Los hijos consiguen y mantienen nuestra atención por todos los medios posibles. Son fenomenales chupadores de energía. (Y no los critico por eso, porque es normal. Cuando son pequeños están desarrollando un yo sano. Sin embargo, nuestra cultura espera que las madres solas satisfagamos toda la necesidad de atención de nuestros hijos.)

Reglas de juego: Los seis sombreros establecen unas ciertas reglas para el «juego» de pensar, que son relativamente fáciles de aprender y de enseñar y que nos alejan de la costumbre típicamente occidental de la argumentación y la dialéctica y nos acerca a un tipo de pensamiento más creativo orientado a producir propuestas más que a ver quién tiene la razón.

Esto estaba bien en la época de Hipócrates, porque de cada diez niños que nacían, solo uno llegaba a la edad adulta. Nueve morirían, y esa era la situación. La población del mundo entero en la época de Gautama Buda era tan reducida que no puedes ni hacerte una idea. Solo había doscientos millones de habitantes. En la India, ahora mismo, hay casi mil millones de personas. En el mundo hay más de cinco mil millones de personas. De dos­cientos millones de personas hemos pasado, en veinticinco si­glos, a más de cinco mil millones de personas en la misma tierra. Y la ciencia médica ha avanzado muchísimo.