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“An open mind creates the avenue to learn and not to judge, to listen so that you can hear something that you haven’t heard before. Each of us has choices to make in this adventure called life…it is only yours to make.” When mindfulness and insight are strong they will be able, so to speak, to cut off the mental stream at a very early level. To see things as they are “at that moment” means to see them as they are prior to the act of naming them. Strong mindfulness can stop the mental flow at the point of receiving a bare phenomenon, before the mind tags the object with a name. This will be a complicated month for most Taureans. There will be a need for anger management. The way to succeed will be to keep your expectations at a minimum and your efforts strong. Your priorities will be confused and difficult to sort out. If you want something too much, it is a sure sign that stressful consequences will soon follow. In a meditation retreat with Sarah McLean, you’ll discover the secrets to how and why meditation works, and whether you are new at it or are a seasoned meditator, you’ll learn a sustainable practice of meditatio. For those wanting to live a holistic lifestyle, practicing yoga and using organic beauty products are almost no-brainers; after all, both are good for your body and the planet. But yoga and organic beauty have more in common than you might think—so if your daily mat habit is leaving your skin ultra sensitive, adding gentle but effective organic products into your daily routine can help perfect your complexion while helping you maintain your holistic lifestyle. Here’s how. Like Charles I am a Holosync student and just starting course 2 of your on-line program, which I have to say is brilliant. I have read 80+ books over the last 2 years, on all things spiritual/personel growth etc and have developed this ‘passion’ to try and understand this whole subject. Sunfood Nutrition Your Source for Superfoods Since After a few breaths, invariably, the mind will wander again. Don’t beat yourself up about this. It’s natural. What’s important is how we respond when it happens. Simply acknowledge whatever it is you were thinking of — without ascribing too much judgment to it, without letting it carry you away — and take a moment to come back to the present, and resume your meditation. Pick an object or situation.  Something simple to start.  Maybe a good parking spot or green lights all the way to work tomorrow.  Once you can see how this works with basic stuff.  You can WISH BIGGER.  Think of it this way, you have to go on a first date before you get married. Of the many people with whom I’ve spoken, there was only one who did not plan his challenge before birth. Yet, like everyone else, he did choose it. In Bob’s case, he made his choice shortly after birth, when an accident occurred in the hospital. 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And then choose not to react, but to respond with compassion. That does not mean you must be a victim – not at all! But what if you started practising accepting that “their stuff” is their stuff, and your stuff is your stuff and that more often than not, you are being hit with “their stuff” that in turn is a product of both biology and environment. And just say to yourself “in this moment, I am choosing to walk away from my typical response”. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, say the word “yam,” which is the vibration associated with the heart chakra. As you do this, imagine a glowing green energy radiating from your chest and into your palms. Forgiveness can play an integral part in freeing up energy to allow you to focus on achieving what you set out to achieve. It will allow you truly cut ties with any bonds from your past and focus on creating your future and living in the present. I’m glad you liked the article. I’m sorry to say that mindfulness meditation is not really about getting rid of anything. It is about shifting our relationship with whatever does arise. Through mindfulness-awareness meditation, many people find that they discover greater perspective about their thoughts–negative and positive–and don’t “buy into” them as much. We might see that our thoughts are just thoughts, not reality. Meditation can help us become friendlier to ourselves. Beyond that, seeking out a therapist can also be helpful to those who struggle with negative thoughts, fear, and depression. Jung contended that the reason the world is in such bad condition is directly related to the fragmented nature of our “selves” and the repression of our shadow sides. A major repressed aspect of ourselves, he found, is our guilt. Although we are not conscious of it, we are in fact guilty of the “offenses” we are committing against ourselves and the planet at large. In other words, the conditions for human life on this planet are being compromised, whether we are aware of it or not. featurepetsdna Today we’re going to talk about the sexy side of things, we’ll talk about feeling better about our bodies, allowing ourselves to open up, cultivating greater love in the bedroom, and how to spice things up for the big “O”. P.S. I am about to hit the Facebook Friend Limit of 5000 friends. It would be great to connect & learn more about YOU so I invite you link with me here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marcia-Johnson/108904942429 on my facebook page. I have created about 30 groups, pages & applications so I have a lot to share with you, I will do my very best to Inspire and Motivate YOU to live your full potential. Thank YOU… Feel free to share with me, more about YOU! I will respond…