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This exercise is similar to walking (and rising-falling) in that you watch the body’s physical movement. By focusing on a different part of the body, however, you give mindfulness a larger repertoire of objects, just as a weightlifter trains different muscles in rotation.

‘I wake up bursting with energy and excited about life. Once I have my lemon water, I practice my yoga.  I put on my work out clothes and go for a 5 km run around the neighbourhood.  The sun is shinning and birds are chirping.  After my run, I do a workout which includes my favourite, lunges. Feeling great afterwards, I prepare and consume a fruit smoothie high in antioxidants and protein, while I read my book and relax. I pack for a hike which is with a good friend.  The forest trail provides much fresh air and at the lake I take a swim to refresh and get grounded.  Before dinner, I walk through the garden to pick greens for a large salad I eat outside in the backyard. The evening is relaxing as I read and the sunset.  I fall sound asleep for several hours until the next morning.’

He has a platform to build on. Mindfulness courses ultimately derived from his work are now being rolled out in the UK to school pupils, convicts, civil servants and even politicians. It is prescribed on the NHS in some areas to prevent recurrent depression, with 2,256 people completing eight-week courses last year. The course reduces the likelihood of relapse by almost a third, according to an analysis of nine trials. In the US, the NBA basketball champions, Golden State Warriors, are the latest poster boys for the practice after their coach, Steve Kerr, made mindfulness one of the team’s core values.

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Whatever the sensation is, just note it. If you need to move to relieve real pain, do so. But try not to react — labeling the experience good or bad — even if it’s unpleasant. Instead, just acknowledge what it is you’re feeling, and continue with the body scan. And of course, if you realize your mind has wandered, simply note the thought, and return your attention to the body.

This brilliant book allowed me to uncover my true essence, giving me full permission to be myself. Style Statement is one of most thought out books I have every come across and it makes complete sense. When the spirit and the look and feel of your life are connected to your true nature the world responds accordingly. http://www.stylestatement.com/

Your idea 0f who you are, on the other hand, is very limited–even if you have created a hugely complex and expansive idea of who you are. Because that idea is created by the mind, it just cannot contain all the relationships involved (which are infinite). You are a happening that is infinite and multidimensional, and you are happening all at once, shifting and changing in every moment–way to much for any mental construct to catch hold of. You are, literally, infinite. (Yes, I know, you don’t feel that way.)

Let’s come back to the person that has to wake up early to get his coffee. Unfortunately this person is not using the “changing your way of thinking” secret properly. I know I told you that he is doing it but he’s not using it in the right way. And here’s why, from the start he is complaining and giving excuses why doing this is not fun. And because of this, the odds are he is going to quit waking up early and he is going to keep on arriving late at work (and maybe even get fired).

I have practiced vipassana on my own and four different times i went to the top of an access road of a mountain in winter to sit in the car. I did this for several days at a time over a two week period. Once i got snowed in.

  • Being clear about your business direction. Do you have a strategic plan for your company? Establishing the direction for your business for the next year, 3, and 5 years or more are important in your overall plan. A plan that discusses your markets, direction of your company, vision and a solid direction of the financial status of your business.
  • We asked Tina how she felt about our message to the world, about conscious parenting. The reason for us asking her this question was that we are posting many pictures in order to activate feelings in our readers. The pictures are warm, and the intention is to create a longing for those with children, but who has forgotten their natural instincts.

    There are some practical steps that on a micro level we can do to keep that confidence strong and move our business forward to living the life we want and boost our confidence regardless of what on a macro level is happening out there, that will make it feel as easy as hitting the easy button.

    SO beautifully written! You brought me back there so sweetly! I am “Fancy meeting you here!” I am in Minnesota now as I read this to my cousin and long to share this space with special people in my life. Thank you for describing it so well! “The womb of Kaua’i” phrase brought tears to my eyes because it is truly a loving embrace she holds us in if we are open to receiving it from her.

    “I would like to thank the Academy for showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics. … Thank you so much to my amazing husband, Sidney. Thank you for showing me that sometimes you have to forgo doing what’s popular in order to do what’s right. And baby, you were so right.” – MoNique, best supporting actress.

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    * Being willing to exceed our personal limitations is often crucial to achieving hoped-for aims, a proposition put to the test in envelope-pushing offerings like “What Dreams May Come” (1998), “Phenomenon” (1996), “K-PAX” (2001), “The Lathe of Heaven” (1980), “Brainstorm” (1983), “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004) and “Pleasantville” (1998).

    It’s not an easy thing to do since your social life is probably wrapped up in it as well. I found that physical exercise was a great diversion. When you begin to enjoy jogging or just walking, you’ll find that a clear head in the morning really adds the frosting on the cake.

    Source: http://www.republik.asia/2009/07/national-park-comodo-island-tours.html

    Beyond the inflammation stage, the body goes to ulceration where the tissues are destroyed providing an outlet for toxins.  The pain intensifies.  Usually more drugging and surgery are the outcome.  The next stage is induration which means hardening or scarring of tissues.  Atherosclerosis is a form of induration.

    Dis-ease begins with toxins and chemicals, and nutritional deficiencies.  Both interfere with the vital energy (everyone understands that everything is made up of energy) and the elimination processes. An accumulation causes the body to have a build up amount of toxins, also known as toxemia.  There is the toxin theory which states that toxemia is the basic source of all diseases (John Tilden).

    Jill Willard, a Santa Monica, CA-based intuitive whose clients have included such celebrities as Gwyneth Paltrow and Patricia Arquette, has also trained corporate executives at firms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Time in how to awaken and use their intuition. She is co-founder of the IM Meditations series and the author of Intuitive Being. www.jillwillard.com

    3. Stay Conscious: I can’t say enough about practicing mindfulness when eating. Seriously, what is the point of eating if you are not even tasting it. One bite at a time! Roll it around on your tongue, chew it masterfully. Engage all your sense in the true pleasure of nourishing your body.

    The truth is that change must begin with everyone of us. If we waited for someone else to take that first step and to make a difference, then nothing would ever get done. All change starts with individuals who have ideas and who act on those ideas.

    There’s another important topic here that is good for women to know. When we live with certain types of men, our own being starts become like them – due to a simple principle that women receive and men give. This goes much deeper though. One of the re-occurring topics of relationships is women’s emotionality. It is as if men don’t have any emotions at all, they are peaceful and stable, while women have a constant storm of emotions. Both partners play an important role in all relationship situations. Women are by nature more sensitive and also more receptive. Many women have surely noticed how they are calm and balanced when living alone. Then they meet a man, spend some time together and suddenly it’s as if she’s another woman. How so? There is of course personal development in relationships and we push each other’s buttons, but there is more to this.

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    On one hand it is astonishing to find that how fast a technique can dramatially alter the brain wave pattern. On the other hand, fundamentally your are still in a state of thought during TM. In fact, the brain pattern is similar to the daydreaming state.

    So, with that said, reflecting back on your life, how many times have you repeated the same life lesson over again? Even though things in life may show up in a different package …deep down it is the same lesson showing up again and again until we GET it!  And then when we think that “get it” ..it shows up again to show us how important the lesson is in the first place. 

    Groups such as the World Organization of the Scouts Movement, with 28 million members in 160 countries, committed to plant 65,000 trees, while blue helmets in Timor-Leste, Côte D’Ivoire, Darfur, Lebanon, Haiti, Congo, Georgia, Liberia and Western Sahara also joined the campaign on World Environment Day.

    Imagine watching a feature film that is entertaining (with big Hollywood stars in it), and shows you the way to discovering your life’s purpose! The movie is called The Shift, and it stars Dr. Wayne Dyer and Portia DeRossi.

    “Dude, Where’s My Car” was an Ashton Kutcher movie about two guys who lose their car after a night of hard partying. I know that I am the guy who tells you to go try stuff to make your life better however I am not suggesting you try to emulate this movie. This is not one of those situations but does provide a funny opening. Here are some of the beginning lines from the movie (not Oscar material):

    Biography Business Cookbooks, Food & Wine Diet, Health & Fitness Fiction Graphic Novels & Comics History Mystery & Crime Religion Romance Science Fiction & Fantasy Self-Help & Relationships See More >

    You have the power to wield your thoughts and actions in accordance with a higher law. A higher purpose. You and you alone have the ultimate choice of how you will respond to the circumstances and people that you encounter along your journey to ultimate realization. To ultimate truth. To ultimate power.

    Special Focus: Those of you born between Feb. 13 and 19 will run into mixed signals and confused options. You can see the dream and want to push forward, but the time is not right. Not everyone around you is reliable. Be patient. Wait for the summer to launch your plans. In the meantime, don’t talk about your special dreams or plans.

    To ensure that global warming does not become a more serious problem everyone needs to ensure they are doing their bit for the environment. So how can you help? Clear Environment, a highly environmentally concious office clearance company have written five quick ways for you to help save the environment (and your money) every single day.

    Like any practice, you have to want to do it in order to achieve results. It can be hard to start a meditation practice because it seems so foreign from what we’re taught to do. But I have good news: Meditating is much simpler than we make it out to be. Beginning a meditation practice requires only your slight willingness. Your desire to experience something new is all you need to get on a new path. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”323″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”500″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:22:”height=’96’ width=’62′”;s:4:”file”;s:38:”2009/09/1558746986.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:2:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:38:”1558746986.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}s:6:”medium”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:38:”1558746986.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_-193×300.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”193″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”300″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} It’s quite remarkable how something so seemingly unremarkable as a concert could have such tremendous influence. But Woodstock helped galvanize the mindset and worldview of a new generation, one that preached love, peace, individuality and social justice, values sometimes scarce in prior generations. And all it took was everyone who attended contributing a little of their own energy and consciousness to the creative mix. Such modest offerings, from ordinary, everyday folks, might not have amounted to much individually, but, collectively, they combined to produce a powerful, synergistic groundswell, the effect of which, as one concertgoer (Paul Dano) put it, was “like ants making thunder.” It was a massive co-creation, illustrating the law of attraction writ large. And what a marvel it was! While observing the abdominal movements, other phenomena will sometimes intrude—thoughts, sensations of itching, pain, numbness, emotions, sounds, and so forth. In the following sections we’ll discuss how to deal with some of these objects. a:6:{s:5:”width”;s:3:”300″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”236″;s:14:”hwstring_small”;s:23:”height=’96’ width=’122′”;s:4:”file”;s:29:”2009/08/davidnewmanfamily.jpg”;s:5:”sizes”;a:1:{s:9:”thumbnail”;a:3:{s:4:”file”;s:29:”davidnewmanfamily-150×150.jpg”;s:5:”width”;s:3:”150″;s:6:”height”;s:3:”150″;}}s:10:”image_meta”;a:10:{s:8:”aperture”;s:1:”0″;s:6:”credit”;s:0:””;s:6:”camera”;s:0:””;s:7:”caption”;s:0:””;s:17:”created_timestamp”;s:1:”0″;s:9:”copyright”;s:0:””;s:12:”focal_length”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”iso”;s:1:”0″;s:13:”shutter_speed”;s:1:”0″;s:5:”title”;s:0:””;}} Meditation is the practice, the tool, which allows you to step outside of your mind so that your mind can begin to heal itself. Negative Body Obsession is truly a problem or a disease of the mind. It is based on delusional beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. Meditation is what allows you to see accurately what is happening so that the mind can begin to heal itself of this affliction and delusion. You will succeed through spontaneous initiative and action. You will lose through too much indulgence. This is basically a good month for you but you are inclined to make poor choices and waste money, especially during the first half of the month. Do what you are inspired to do but try not to spend more money than you have. But I digress. One of the main things I SUSPECT (again, an educated intuitive guess here) is that, like most people, you are wanting a different result but without actually changing what you are doing. For instance, to get a different result financially… With a few tweaks, Buddhist practices of mindfulness meditation fit right into this American tradition. Since the 1970s, Americans have used quiet, awareness-based contemplative practices to calm and focus their minds. Much of this is thanks to Jon Kabat-Zinn, the creator of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an eight-week course. Kabat-Zinn studied mindfulness meditation under the Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh, but he has emphasized the psychological and neurological benefits of mindfulness practices. His MBSR program is presented as a therapeutic regimen, not a spiritual practice. Linda R. Kundell, a professional singer, has coached hundreds of speakers from many walks of life through her Techniques for Public Speaking program. She has conducted public speaking courses at the 92nd Street Y, the American Museum of Natural History and Action Against Hunger. Linda runs Kundell Communications, a public relations firm.

    Time should be spent with the pets to make them run, jump and do mild exercises to keep them fit. The valuable time spent with the pet can be very relaxing to both the pet and the owner.

    My question is in regards to closing the eyes while meditating. I would like to meditate on my drive to work, can a meditation be modified so I can keep my eyes open? I would prefer to always follow the guided meditations to a “T” but sometimes the alone time in my car is all I get during the day! Sat nam. When a meditator is aware of a thought early enough, he realizes, “The thought was not in existence before; it appeared just now and disappeared at once. I had previously imagined thought to be permanent because I had not carefully observed it. Now that I have watched it, and seen it disappearing, I know it truly as it is, impermanent” (Mahasi Sayadaw, The Great Discourse on Not-Self, pp. 115—6). [redirect url='http://meditationmadeeasy.info/breatheeasymeditation/bump' sec='5']

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    He noted that industry initially fought results of various studies that suggested there were only inconsequential links between lead-based paint and children’s behaviour and that pattern appears to be repeating itself for companies producing plastics using bisphenol A.

    Some of those places have been full of wonderment and magic and others have been filled with despair and suffering. In both places you’ve chosen to be there. You and you alone have directed the course of your life’s sails.

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    But mindfulness, Kabat-Zinn figures, must now be harnessed in a bigger way than so far seen, to do nothing less than challenge the way the world is run. This latest mission is why he has flown into London to speak to parliamentarians from 15 countries about how to act more wisely. Robyn O’Brien is not the most likely candidate for an antiestablishment crusade. A Houston native from a conservative family, this MBA and married mother of four was not someone who gave much thought to corrupt government agencies and chemicals in our food. Until the day her youngest daughter had a violent allergic reaction to eggs, and everything changed.  Please don’t misunderstand: you don’t need to observe these various sensations individually, in detail. When practicing the exercise, don’t try to examine them one by one. Look at the whole thing at once, in one fell swoop. Notice the feel of the entire sitting posture in the present moment. Then do it again in the next present moment. The meditator is aware of the whole posture each time with the aim of understanding that this is all there is to “sitting”—only a momentary group of sensations, nothing more. It is not stable. It is constantly changing. (Again, however, if it is difficult to be aware of the entire posture at once you may focus on a smaller area. Eventually you will be able to “see” the whole posture.)

    3) Remember our interconnectedness – The way the Na’vi live in harmony with their land and all living creators is one of the most profound and awe-inspiring elements of Avatar. There is a deep respect and appreciation for all living creators and for all elements of nature that the Na’vi truly embody. A great example of this is how the Na’vi warriors bond with their Banshees (the four-winged creatures they fly around on). Once they bond – which they do both physically and energetically – they are bonded for life and work together as one. The first few scenes in the film where we see the Na’vi warriors connect with their Banshees literally took my breath away and had a visceral impact on me as I sat in the theater.

    Albeit it is a “revolution” in dog walking, Walk Your Dog With Love actually is just revisiting a 10,000 year old practice—that of leading an animal from the front. Horses, oxen, camels, even elephants are led from the front; they always have been. This is what gives their handlers control.

    – Sit comfortably on a cushion or a chair. Don’t slouch, but your back doesn’t need to be ramrod-straight either. At first, you may want to try sitting against a wall to support your back. Use extra pillows under your knees or anywhere else to make you comfortable.

    You’re right, The Course does use lots of Christian and also predominantly male terminology (Son of God etc). I would not get too put off by the terminology as the message is a good one. Think of ‘Primal Energy’, ‘Spirit’, ‘true essence’ or just pure LOVE when they use the word God if it helps. Jesus just being a means of showing how that ‘spirit’ can manifest in a human who is free from ego….like other spiritual humans (Buddha for example).

    1) Notice your relationship to time, your schedule, and your commitments. How do you relate to time? How do you feel about your schedule? Do you feel victimized by your commitments at home, at work, and in general? The more honest you can be with yourself about how you feel about the things you have to do in life, the more able to are to alter it (if that’s something you would like to do). Most of us have an odd or disempowered relationship to time. Just listen to some of the weird things we say, “Time flies.” “I never have enough time to do what I want to do.” “Where did the time go?” These and other statements, thoughts, and beliefs put us in the role of victim as it relates to time and our commitments.

    Then bring your hands back from the “respect” position step-by-step, ending with your palms on your knees. Except for paying respect, meals are conducted in silence during an intensive meditation retreat.

    But if you know what interests you, and take the time to learn how Twitter works, you will be surprised to see what an amazing tool it can be in terms environmental justice. It is like a microcosm of the issues across the internet ranging from animal rights, eco-friendly lifestyles, renewable energy, wildlife trafficking, climate change and global warming, industrial pollution, and more … Type in a topic that interests you in the Twitter search field and you’ll be surprised at how many tweets you’ll find about that topic.

    How do you connect with nature?   Does it matter?  Actually it does.  According to Richard Ryan, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, paying attention to the natural world not only makes you feel better, it makes you behave better.

    She wasn’t sure where the coins would go, once the jar is full. With a little encouragement from me, she decided that her classmates will all bring suggestions of different local charities or services, and the class as a whole will decide together where the money will go.

    Eric Brumett, a master ThetaHealing instructor who has treated over 11,000 clients and trained over 1,000 students, also directs the Mentoring Program at ThetaHealingNYC, a healing center and ThetaHealing school at Broadway and 26th Street, which he co-founded. ThetaHealingNYC.com

    With a deep commitment to personal and global transformation through love and empowerment, Fred works with a courageous, inspiring team to provide reliable, verifiable information to those who want to know all that is being hidden from public view. He places equal importance in giving empowering ideas on how we can powerfully work together to create a brighter future. He does this largely through several popular websites they have developed. He is a dedicated networker, interested in sharing knowledge and wisdom with any and all who are interested.

    I took a class called Effective Listening as a part of my major’s core curriculum. I know, sounds odd, but I really liked it as it explored the concepts behind listening and understanding (it’s not just did you hear what was said but also the various aspects that are attached to the message). But for one of the assignments we had to go “unplugged” and in silence. The unplugging was that we couldn’t use or force ourselves into anything technological or social media based (i.e. no tv, no radio, no phones, no computers, no alarm clocks, no social media of any source. Though, if say you were going on a walk and overheard some music that was different) and the being in silence was just that, you were silent. The first 2 hours were a real challenge as I found myself really all over the place and not sure what to do with myself, but by the end of it I felt really good. It put me in a situation were in a way, you were meditating without having to be fully still. I went for a 2 hour walk and didn’t to myself, I just reflected on where I was in the now and was doing some listening to my body (a practice too few of us are actively partaking in). I think you may like it. Pick a day, forewarn friends and family, and take the day in silence. I used the poem by Robert Frost, The Untold Want, as my guiding thought for that day; “The untold want by life and land ne’er granted, Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.”.

    satsang: a spiritual discourse with meditation-india house. meditation on the inner light and sound is the best form of meditation to experience ourselves as soul and realize god. on the health of the soul depends the health of the mind and the body.

    tears So the idea behind yoga is that your original consciousness is one of light and bliss and peace, and then your egoic mind creates all kinds of worries and fears and stresses which obscures this original blissful perception of consciousness. * When our beliefs don’t pan out as we’d like, it’s time to choose new ones and embrace change to achieve more rewarding materializations, as evidenced in pictures like the offbeat drama “The Truman Show” (1998), the gender-bending comedy “All of Me” (1984), the romantic fantasy “Peggy Sue Got Married” (1986), the never-ending saga of “Groundhog Day” (1993) and the heartwarming road trip tale “Away We Go” (2009). 3. Stay Conscious: I can’t say enough about practicing mindfulness when eating. Seriously, what is the point of eating if you are not even tasting it. One bite at a time! Roll it around on your tongue, chew it masterfully. Engage all your sense in the true pleasure of nourishing your body. featuresustaining Maria’s mission is to create a world where every person sees the beauty in themselves and in others. Her passion grew out of her own 15-year struggle with body hatred and the obsession to stay thin. Despite her academic achievements, her NBO persisted. That’s when Maria began the long journey of self-discovery that led through the gateway of self-love and acceptance. She uncovered an empowering roadmap that she has distilled into the contents of her book. Love Your Body, Love Your Life outlines a powerful five-step process designed to help people break free from Negative Body Obsession and discover the beauty already inside of them. featurepetsreiki

    For many, being Spiritual is a persona they carry. It is nothing more than their ego presenting a way of behaving that seems to match a generalised acceptance of spirituality. Some would call it a spiritual identity. And often, a person creates this spiritual identity as a means to gain a level of superiority over others, in a subtle sort of way.

    Ana Polanco is a Certified Life Coach and Organizational Consultant, committed to helping people and organizations discover and activate the next bold version of themselves. Through a lifelong commitment to human rights and economic justice, Ana has trained, mentored and organized thousands of leaders to live their values and create sustainable change in the world. Before becoming a coach, Ana led people-driven campaigns and organizing efforts through Amnesty International, Unite Here International Union and several other social change organizations. Ana is affiliated with the Alvarez Porter Group, Leadership That Works, Social Transformation Project and the Rockwood Leadership Institute. [redirect url='http://meditationmadeeasy.info/breatheeasymeditation/bump' sec='5']

    “desafío de yoga +yoga de cabra”

    ¿Por qué sucede esto? ¿Por qué todo el mundo se equivo­ca? ¿Dónde están las reglas? Tendremos que penetrar hasta el fondo, sólo entonces serás capaz de entender esta preciosa historia. Y si no puedes entenderla, es que no puedes entender a Buda, a Jesús, a Mahavira. Ellos fueron por el camino del amor, tú vas por el del dinero, y estos dos caminos nunca se encuentran. No pueden hacerlo.

    La búsqueda básicamente consiste en llegar a conocer tu interioridad. Tienes una parte externa, y ninguna parte externa existe sin una interna. La propia existencia de lo externo es prueba de la existencia del mundo interior.

    Al igual que los animales, los depredadores humanos van a por las personas más apetitosas. Sus objetivos son aquellas personas que tienen las características que envidian: la amabilidad, el carisma o fuerza de voluntad. Personas felices que han tenido la desgracia de cruzarse en su camino.

    La gente “educada” es muy astuta, lista. Saben qué decir, qué hacer, de forma que puedan explotarte. Si dicen, “Soy alguien im­portante”, todo el mundo estará en su contra. El conflicto surge porque todo el mundo piensa que él es un egoísta. De esta forma será difícil explotar a la gente porque todo el mundo estará en guardia. Si dices, “Soy un don nadie, sólo soy polvo a tus pies”, se te abrirán las puertas y podrás explotarlos. Toda etiqueta, cultura, es un tipo de astucia sofisticada, y tú la estás utilizando.

    No soy un sacerdote porque no pertenezco a religión alguna; simplemente pertenezco a la religión tal cual es. No soy un judío, no soy un hindú, no soy un cristiano, no soy un musulmán, no soy un jaino, no pertenezco a ninguna religión. Por eso no soy un sacerdote, no soy un predicador. Senci­llamente amo la pura religión.

    Este es el sabio que considera las condiciones objetivas. Claudicará. Siempre claudica, siempre dice si porque si dices no, entonces tu bote no está vacío. El no siempre proviene del ego. Por eso si un sabio dice no, debe de estar usando la terminología del sí. No dirá no abiertamente, utilizará la terminología del sí. Si un tonto quiere decir si, sentirá dificultad de no decir no. El uti­lizará la terminología del no, y si tiene que claudicar, se rendirá de mala gana. Claudicará ofendido, resistiéndose. El adiestrador de monos claudicará.

    Un discípulo y su Maestro están en gran conflicto. Surge una tremenda lucha. Y el discípulo puede ganar solamente si es muy desafortunado. Si el Maestro gana y el discípulo resulta bendecido, es muy afortunado. La lucha surge porque el discípulo ha acudido al Maestro por razones equivocadas; puede que haya ido a él buscando algún tipo de ego espiritual.

    Como puedes ver, parece una persona con cabeza, hombros, brazos, torso, caderas y piernas que se extienden hasta la tierra. Cuando se repite una palabra o frase una y otra vez, se vuelve parte de tus procesos fisiológicos – un todo con tu esencia – un aspecto integrado de quién eres. Para practicar lo que ahora llamo la meditación mántrica universal de David Simon, cierra los ojos y en silencio repite Yud, Hey, Vov, Hey una y otra vez. Cuando notes que te has alejado del mantra hacia los pensamientos de tu mente, sonidos ambientales o sensaciones de tu cuerpo físico, suavemente regrese a Yud, Hey, Vov, Hey. El mantra se pondrá más fuerte y más débil, más rápido y lento; incluso se

    Lo consiguió de una forma muy astuta. Desapareció e hizo co­rrer el rumor de que había sido asesinado, dejando pruebas para que pareciera que el asesino había sido su amigo. Cogieron al amigo con todas las pruebas: a su revólver le faltaban dos balas y había huellas digitales suyas por todo el revólver. En el lugar del crimen apareció un pañuelo con su nombre bordado… No podía demostrar su inocencia; no había ninguna forma de hacerlo; todo estaba en su contra y le iban a condenar a la pena de muer­te. Él sabía que no había asesinado a su amigo; sabía que todo era una conspiración, que su amigo no estaba muerto, y era una es­tratagema para quedarse con todo el tesoro.

    Cuando un buda se sienta, se sienta en la existencia como si la’ existencia entera se hubiese vuelto a convertir en el vientre de su madre. No hay enemistad. Ha alcanzado su naturaleza original. Ha llegado a conocer lo esencial de sí mismo. Ahora puedes ma­tarle incluso, pero no podrás destruir su compasión. Aunque se esté muriendo, seguirá lleno de compasión hacia ti. Puedes ma­tarle pero no puedes destruir su confianza. Ahora sabe que la confianza es algo tan esencial que si la pierdes, lo has perdido todo. Si no pierdes la confianza y has perdido todo lo demás, entonces no habrás perdido nada. A un buda puedes quitárselo todo, pero no puedes quitarle la confianza.

    Los miembros del Gobierno Mundial elegirán al Presidente Mundial.  Pero el Presidente Mundial no será elegido entre los miembros del Gobierno Mundial, sino entre los de afuera.  Y una cosa debería ser absolutamente cierta sobre él: no debería ser un político.  Podría ser un poeta, un pintor, un místico, un bailarín, pero no un político. Cualquier cosa excepto eso.  De esta manera destruiríamos el poder político que ha sido una total tortura en el pasado.

    En cierta ocasión el Mulla Nasrudin fue a visitar a un médico, y los médicos han aprendido el truco de los sacerdo­tes: escriben en latín y en griego, y escriben de tal forma que incluso a ellos mismos les resulta complicado leer sus escri­tos. Nadie tiene que entender lo que escriben. De modo que el Mulla Nasrudin fue a un médico y le dijo:

    Entonces, ¿qué pasa en el Plano Sublime? Bueno, después de esa agotadora revisión de la luz te vas y puedes comer durante dos o tres mil años todo lo que quieras de cualquier cosa—ya sabes: mucho vino, queso de cabra, aceitunas, carnes curadas, pavos, tú sabes, todo ese tipo de cosas—, y entonces este hermoso reino en el que te toca vivir se llama el Plano Sublime. Es el hermoso y exquisito plano dorado llamado paraíso. Y allí vas a la escuela. Y en la escuela estás estudiando esencialmente los verdaderos orígenes de tu dificultad, y los estudias del modo que la revisión de la luz te enseñó. Estás verdaderamente estudiando los amigos que tuviste, a los que les perpetraste esto, y ellos te lo perpetraron a ti —los amantes que tuviste, los hijos que tuviste, la familia que tuviste— y de eso se trata escuela. Pero nunca puedes pasar a una escuela más elevada o a una mayor sala de aprendizaje allí a menos que sepas hacer la pregunta adecuada.

    Ocurrió una vez que uno de los discípulos de Buda, un seglar —no era sannyasin pero era muy devoto de Gautama Buda— dijo: «Yo lo haré… pero solamente con una excepción. Voy a dar mi felicidad, mi meditación y todos mis tesoros internos a todo el mundo, excepto a mi vecino, porque es un hombre realmente perverso».

    El profesor ha tenido inmensa importancia en el pasado, porque sabía. Él había ya pasado todos los exámenes, había acumulado conocimientos.  Pero la situación ha cambiado y éste es uno de los problemas, que las situaciones cambian pero nuestras respuestas permanecen tal como era antes.  Ahora la explosión de conocimiento es tan vasta, tan tremenda, tan rápida, que no puedes escribir un gran libro sobre un tema científico, porque cuando lo termines, estará anticuado; nuevos datos, nuevos descubrimientos lo harán inoperante.  O sea, que ahora la ciencia tiene que depender de los artículos, de los periódicos, no de los libros.

    Mira a tu alrededor: no eres la única persona en el planeta. Sé más atento con los demás. Escucha a tu amigo, ayúdale a tu mamá, apoya a tu compañero de trabajo. Ayuda a la gente más a menudo. Puedes hacer alguna obra de caridad.

    Fueron enviados agentes secretos por todo el país para descubrir al hombre más humilde. Finalmente llegaron al pueblo de Nasruddin. El se había enterado de que el sabio había muerto, por eso se devanó los sesos pensando cuál sería la indicación para dar con un sabio. Había leído y conocía el antiguo dicho de que el más humilde es el más sabio. Concluyó, dedujo por ello, con toda lógica, que el viejo debía de haber dicho que buscasen al más humilde.

    Por esto, si te hallas confuso, por favor recuerda, no ayudes a nadie, porque tu ayuda será venenosa. Si estás desorientado no te preocupes por los demás, pues solamente crearás problemas, tu enfermedad se hará contagiosa. No aconsejes a nadie, y si tienes algo de claridad mental, no recibas consejo de alguien que está desorientado, permanece alerta, porque aquel que está confuso siempre imparte consejos. Y te lo dará sin que pagues a cambio, te lo dará generosamente.

    El ser humano tiene estados de ánimo porque tiene alma. Como tiene alma, solamente puede ser auténtico si no tiene ca­rácter. ¿A qué me refiero cuando digo «no tener carácter»? Me re­fiero a que el hombre se olvida de su pasado, no vive de acuerdo con su pasado y por eso es imprevisible. Vive momento a mo­mento, en el presente. Ve lo que hay a su alrededor y vive, mira lo que tiene alrededor y vive, siente lo que tiene alrededor y vive. No tiene ideas fijas sobre la forma de vivir, sino intuición. Su vida es una corriente constante. Es espontáneo, a eso me refiero cuando digo que un hombre no tiene carácter. Es espontáneo.

    También debería darse mucho más énfasis a cómo podemos cambiar el programa.  Aprendemos acerca de la salud, las enfermedades, la edad, la coloración.  Primero tenemos que aprender cómo cambiar los programas.  Un hombre, por ejemplo, quizá tenga la mente de un Premio Nobel, pero su cuerpo esté tal vez enfermo.  Es posible que no sea capaz de usar su mente si su cuerpo no puede apoyarle, a menos que podamos cambiar el programa.  Una vez que sepamos cómo cambiar el programa, miles de posibilidades se abrirán. Podemos dar a cada hombre y a cada mujer lo mejor de cada cosa.  No hay razón para que alguien sufra innecesariamente.  Ser retardado, inválido, ciego, horrible, todo esto será posible cambiarlo.

    Es lo más difícil del mundo —ayudar a los demás a ser ellos mismos— porque va contra tu ego. A tu ego le gustaría que los demás fuesen imitadores. Te gustaría que todo el mundo te imitase; te gustaría convertirte en el arquetipo y que todo el mundo fuese como tú. Entonces tu ego estaría muy, muy satisfecho. Te crees el original y los demás tienen que copiarte. Te conviertes en el cen­tro y todo el mundo se vuelve falso.

    Cuando odias a tu amado, a tu mujer, a tu amigo, en reali­dad estás intentando recobrar el equilibrio para poder amar de nuevo. De lo contrario, caerás de la mente. Y sin mente no hay amor, no hay odio, por lo menos el odio que tú conoces, el amor que tú conoces; ésos dejan de existir. Surge otra clase de compasión que está más allá de la dualidad, pero ésta sólo aparece cuando has caído de la cuerda, cuando has dejado de esforzarte por mantener el equilibrio sobre ella. Cuando estás perdido, tu ego está perdido; el ego es un sutil equilibrio.

    Deja que insista en ello y lo resalte porque me gustaría que mis sanyasins fueran creativos de uno u otro modo. Para mí, la creatividad tiene una tremenda importancia. Una persona que no es creativa, no es, en absoluto, una persona religiosa. No estoy diciendo que tengáis que ser Van Goghs; no podéis. No estoy diciendo que tengáis que ser Leonardo da Vincis, o Beethovens, o Mozarts; no estoy diciendo que tengáis que ser Wagners, o Picasos, o Rabindranaths, no. No estoy diciendo eso. No estoy diciendo que tengas que convertirte en un pintor, o en un poeta famoso, o que tengas que ganar el premio Nobel. Si esa es tu idea, has caído de nuevo en lo político. El premio Nobel te llega desde el exterior; es la recompensa de los tontos, no es la recompensa auténtica. La verdadera recompensa llega desde dentro. No estoy diciendo que seáis capaces; no todos tienen la capacidad de llegar a ser Picasos. Y tampoco hay necesidad de ello, porque demasiados Picasos harían del mundo un lugar monótono. Está bien que solamente haya un Picaso y está bien que nunca se repita pues sino, llegaría a ser algo aburrido.   Pero todos podéis ser creadores de una u otra forma. No importa si alguien lo llega a saber o no; carece absolutamente de importancia. Puedes hacer algo que nazca del amor; entonces será algo creativo. Puedes disfrutar mientras lo haces; entonces se convertirá en creativo.

    La invención de la imprenta y el desarrollo del papel, así como la aparición de centros de divulgación de las ideas, permitieron la aparición del escritor profesional que depende de editores y libreros principalmente y ya no del subsidio público o del mecenazgo de los nobles o de los hombres acaudalados.

    Cuando no estás en el poder pareces muy inocente, porque cuando no hay poder ¿qué puedes hacer? ¿Qué sentido tiene disi­mular? Por esto tu verdadera naturaleza se revela sólo cuando al­canzas el poder.

    “cómo la meditación +técnica de meditación sensual meditación del sueño”

    Mirándolo detenidamente Nasruddin se calmó en un instante; ese hombre era peligroso. Fue hacia él y le dijo, “Gracias, a mí también me lo parece, pero no tengo el valor de decírselo. Tú sí lo has hecho, eres un hombre valiente”.

    Esta mente unificada contempla exhaustivamente hasta el ul­timo rincón. Considera desde la muerte al nacimiento, desde el nacimiento a la muerte. Ambos polos están ante ella. Y desde es­ta visión, desde esta penetrante visión, nace la acción. Si me pre­guntas qué es el pecado, te diré: La acción que proviene de la mente fragmentada es pecado. Si me pides qué es virtud, te diré: la acción nacida de la mente total es virtud. Por eso es que el pe­cador siempre debe arrepentirse.

    La mejor para empezar es sentarse en una silla con la columna recta y en una posición comoda, luego está la clásica posición de loto o semi-loto sentada/o en el piso, en una almohada cómodamente con las piernas cruzadas o incluso se puede meditar en la posición de acostarse boca arriba.

    Al final del post vemos un video donde se le pregunta a actores y actrices qué es lo más asqueroso que han vivido en la industria pornográfica y todos coinciden en la asquerosidad del sexo anal… y que es precisamente lo que más se promociona en las películas porno, sexo anal para mujeres y para hombres y uno de los favoritos del actor Nacho Vidal.

    Mira tu miseria. ¿Eres en verdad un desgraciado? ¿Estás su­mido en un infierno tal y como muestra tu rostro? Recapacita. Dejarás de sentirte tan desgraciado inmediatamente porque nadie puede ser tan desgraciado como tú lo pareces. Es imposible. ¡Dios no lo permitiría! Es por repetición, por autohipnosis.

    Zentangle Yoga para el cerebro Zentangle Índice Muestras de Arte Zentangle. Qué es Zentangle?. Características. Beneficios. A quién va dirigido?. Quién imparte Zentangle en España? Talleres impartidos

    ¿Hay algo que permanece inmutable? Eso eres tú y eso es la divinidad. Saberlo, serlo, estar en ello, es alcanzar el samadhi. El método es la meditación, el objetivo es el samadhi. La medi­tación, dyana, es la técnica para destruir la identificación con el huésped. Y el samadhi es disolverse en el anfitrión, permanecer en el anfitrión, quedarse centrado ahí.

    X-Plain Rehabilitación Cardíaca Sumario El experimentar enfermedades del corazón debe ser el comienzo de un estilo de vida nuevo y más saludable. La rehabilitación cardiaca le ayuda de dos maneras. Primero,

    Relajación Jacobson EL LUGAR Debe tratarse de una habitación tranquila, con las cortinas echadas y las luces semiapagadas. Debe disponer de una cama, un sofá o cómodo sillón que proporcione apoyo suficiente

    Japón ha creado una isla artificial que será usada para el desarrollo industrial.  Estará flotando en el océano.  Cuando sea un éxito, Japón creará más tierra de la que Dios creó en aquellos seis días.  Hay enormes posibilidades para la ciencia, una vez que no sirva a la muerte. Puede hacer flotar ciudades en el océano, Japón ha intentado también, con gran éxito, construir ciudades subterráneas, ya que, ¿para qué seguir con la vieja idea de que se ha de vivir en la superficie? Se puede vivir en el subsuelo, es más tranquilo allí y se podría obtener el adecuado tipo de luz, el tipo de oxígeno necesario, porque todo estaría en las manos del científico.

    X-Plain Ejercicios para un corazón sano Sumario La enfermedad del corazón es la causa principal de muerte en los Estados Unidos. Casi medio millón de norteamericanos muere cada año debido a la enfermedad

    En el siglo VIII, el sri yantra llevó este arte devocional a un nuevo nivel y lo convirtió en una de las primeras representaciones geométricas no religiosas del viaje sagrado. Sri (también escrito shri y pronunciado “shrii”) significa en sánscrito “riqueza” o “abundancia”; en este caso significa “el más venerado.” Yantra es una palabra sánscrita que significa “vehículo” o “instrumento.” Entonces, sri yantra es un instrumento visual venerado que emplea la proporción matemática conocida como proporción áurea. Las proporciones científicas utilizadas para crear estructuras tales como el Partenón y la gran Pirámide de Guiza son las mismas proporciones sagradas que encontramos naturalmente en el desarrollo de las piñas de los pinos, helechos, cactus y concha de nautilo. La geometría sagrada del sri yantra representa una expresión visual pura del viaje de la existencia, que se extiende desde la unicidad cósmica (la fuente) a la multiplicidad (nuestra expresión personal del universo) y luego de regreso a la unicidad – todo esto mientras proporciona la experiencia misma de la unicidad. Es una meditación por sí sola. Utilizando lo que hoy en día se conoce como la sicología matemática, los antiguos artesanos del sri yantra aplicaron técnicas científi tales como la sucesión de Fibonacci, que es la representación matemática de la proporción sagrada. La interacción estática y dinámica que se da simultáneamente entre todos los elementos del sri yantra — cuadrados, círculos, triángulos “perfectos”, líneas, y un punto — representan el proceso de evolución (crecimiento hacia fuera de la fuente) y de la involución (el regreso desde los múltiples niveles a una única fuente) en forma de una meditación visual. Este ha sido referido como la representación visual de la vibración Om (que se dice incluye todos los tonos vibratorios del planeta) y honra el poder de las energías masculina y femenina en lugar de la fi de un dios o diosa. Debido a que es una representación visual de la vibración Om, el sri yantra está considerado como el yantra más poderoso para la meditación por el hecho de que, ante todo, es una vibración silenciosa – ¡algo que no se puede ignorar una vez conocido! Y ese enfoque silencioso en el objeto de tu atención te desconecta del resto de la actividad y lleva en un viaje hacia la unicidad, en donde se cumplirán todos tus deseos. Meditar en el sri yantra es esencialmente una interacción visual y fusión de la dualidad – el mundo manifi de la forma y fenómenos, con la no dualidad – el amorfo infi nito del mundo no manifiesto. El sri yantra está formado por nueve triángulos yuxtapuestos que rodean e irradian hacia fuera desde un punto central, creando posteriormente 43 triángulos individuales. Este punto de centrado o punto, conocido como bindu, es un punto de unión entre el mundo físico y su fuente no manifi y representa el universo en toda su abundancia. Cuatro de los triángulos grandes tienen su vértice hacia arriba y representan a Shiva o la fuerza masculina. Los otros cinco triángulos tienen su vértice hacia bajo, y representan a Shakti o la energía femenina. Por esto, el sri yantra también representa la unión de la energía divina masculina y femenina. Debido a que el sri yantra está compuesto de nueve triángulos, se lo conoce a menudo como chakra navayoni (nava signifi “nueve,” mientras yoni se refi al vientre femenino como la fuente de toda la vida, y chakra signifi “centro de energía”). Los nueve triángulos son yuxtapuestos de tal manera que forman 43 triángulos más pequeños en una red representativa de todo el cosmos o un vientre simbólico de la creación. Estos están rodeados por una fl de loto de 8 pétalos, otro loto de 16 pétalos, y un cuadrado de la tierra que semeja un templo con cuatro puertas que representan el Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste. El sri yantra también es conocido como el chakra nava porque puede ser visto como si tuviera nueve

    Nunca es demasiado tarde para decir: «¿Qué es lo que quiero? ¿Seguir con este juego o ser un ser maravilloso hasta tal punto que el poder y el amor del Espíritu Santo fluye a través de mí? ¿Qué tan práctico es eso en la vida? Bueno, enriquece el trabajo en el que estás. No debería ser un trabajo; debería ser una oportunidad, una oportunidad creada y embellecida para superarte. En tu familia tienes una oportunidad de brillar, de ser amor incondicional, de permitir la verdad en cada nivel. Con tus hijos, de quererlos incondicionalmente, de vivir una vida en la que tú eres un gigante ante sus ojos en lugar de convertirte en insignificante cuando ellos son lo suficientemente adultos para ver tu falsedad; que vivas tu vida de tal manera que sea extraordinaria, que por haber sido puestos a tu cuidado, estás ejercitando la gran dirección de enseñar a otro lo que es ser mejor, ser más grande, y asegurarte de que no hay ningún plan oculto que el niño pueda ver. Esta es una oportunidad de serlo con tu amante, con tu marido, con tu mujer.

    ¿Quién piensa en tal concepto? ¿Qué clase de ser con visión de futuro aseguraría y establecería la perspectiva de salvación, no por medio de un Cristo, sino de un conocimiento rico en experiencia que empieza con las palabras «Sabe que eres Dios. Tú eres inmensamente amado». Ello no quiere decir nada; es un comienzo. Las escuelas florecieron; el conocimiento floreció. Se habló abiertamente, porque el honor se aprendía antes que el conocimiento viniera abiertamente.

    A veces caemos en el error de comenzar a trabajar con algunas afirmaciones o decretos muy espirituales que por el momento entendemos en absoluto. No sabemos el real significado de lo que estamos diciendo o escribiendo. Suenan bonitas, muy “elevados” pero son poco entendible para la mente.

    Eso es ridículo. Ríes, pero hay una razón. Observa cómo ríe un loco: esa risa es sin razón. Por eso le llamas loco. Le pre­guntas: «¿De qué te ríes?». Si puede responder por qué, no está loco. Si no puede responder, dices que ha perdido la razón.

    Es un poco —cómo te diría—, como un pez que quiere tomar un trago de agua. ¿Qué le dirías a un pez que dice «tengo sed»? Bueno, eso es que empiezas a entender; empieza a tomar forma. Y realmente empiezas a tener una noción de esto en el Plano Sublime. Como todo lo que te rodea ya está formado, no lo ves como milagroso, pero de hecho, todo esto ha estado formando tu realidad continuamente. Así que si decimos: «¿Por qué mi vida es de esta manera?», entonces tenemos que buscar y encontrar la semilla, justo aquí (en el cerebro), que está causando que esto suceda.

    El hombre de filosofía es un hombre de lógica, no de ex­perimentos. El experimento no es la cuestión; sólo mediante la lógica, prueba y refuta. Es un hombre puro, más puro que el científico, porque éste tiene que aportar experimentos, por lo que necesita el laboratorio. El hombre de filosofía trabaja sin laboratorio, sólo con la mente, con la lógica, con matemáti­cas. Todo su laboratorio está en su mente, puede probar y re­futar únicamente con argumentos lógicos. Puede resolver cualquier problema, o puede crear cualquier tipo de problema.

    Uno de esos ejemplos es la pareja de los Beckham, cabalistas que están centrados en obtener fama, fortuna y reconocimientos de parte de la corona inglesa, el hecho de que sean cabalistas ya deja mucho al descubierto

    Antes te dije que el contenido había desaparecido, ahora quisiera decirte – pues cuanto más dispuesto y receptivo te encuentras, más cosas puedo decirte – que el continente también ha desaparecido. El continente solamente es signifi­cativo en función del contenido; sin el contenido ¿qué significado tiene el continente? Ambos, el contenido y el continente, ya no están ahí. Hay algo, algo tremendo, verdaderamente hay algo, pero no es posible nombrarlo. Sumido en el amor, lo llamas «Bhagwan» y con un profundo respeto yo también lo llamo «Bhagwan».

    Ahora los científicos aseguran que más pronto o más tarde su­ministraremos a cada niño un ordenador que le pueda caber en el bolsillo. No importará que almacene muchas matemáticas en su cabeza, bastará con apretar el botón y la computadora lo hará. Tu mente es un ordenador natural. ¿Por qué sentirse constantemente agobiado por él? Cuando no lo necesites, déjalo de lado. Pero cre­es que lo necesitas porque tienes que hacer algo de provecho. ¿Quién te dirá a ti qué es lo inútil y qué es lo provechoso? La men­te está constantemente eligiendo: esto es de provecho, haz esto; es­to no es de provecho, no lo hagas. La mente es tu director. La men­te representa lo útil. La meditación representa lo inútil.

    Restablece y fortalece el fluido energético. Evita el robo y la falta de energía. Bloqueos en el Chackra raíz. Evita pérdida de energética por el Chackra corona. Permite que exista diálogo intimo (sexual) en la pareja. Cuando existen conflictos relacionados con sangre (en la mujer puede verse algún tema con la menstruación). Tic nervioso. Somáticos. Avance. Movilidad. Caminar.

    Un hombre comprensivo nunca está feliz ni triste; no siente angustia ni placer: y ése es el placer. Simplemente existe, sin ningu­na proyección. Nada puede hacerlo más feliz, y nada puede hacerlo más infeliz. Está simple­mente en un estado de profunda satisfacción por primera vez (nada lo molesta), y puede ver qué es la existencia.

    Ningún Papa dicta mandamiento alguno respecto a que esa gente deba tener libertad sobre sus cuerpos.  Y, ¿qué les queda de sus cuerpos?  A algunos les faltan las piernas, a algunos les faltan las manos; alguien a quién el corazón  no le funciona tiene una batería funcionando en lugar del corazón, alguien a quien no le funcionan los riñones tiene unos aparatos que están haciendo el trabajo de esos riñones.  Pero, ¿cuál es el propósito de esa gente?  ¿Qué harán incluso si se les continúa manteniendo de este modo?

    Puede dedicarle 2 o 3 minutos a relajarse, a desearles el éxito a las personas que usted quiere, a llegar con una sonrisa al trabajo y esto hará que con el tiempo sea un hábito positivo en su vida, le aportara muchos beneficios porque la actitud positiva es contagiosa y contagia a los demás

    Se dice que las deidades del cielo se turbaron; sólo en muy escasas ocasiones ocurre que alguien alcanza un vacío tan total. Toda la existencia se regocijó, por esto las deidades acudieron. Se inclinaron ante Buda y dijeron “Debes decir algo, debes expresar lo que has alcanzado”. Se dice que Buda rió y dijo: “No he alcanzado nada, más bien, a causa de esta mente, que siempre anda deseosa de alcanzar algo, lo estaba perdiendo todo. No he alcanzado nada, esto no es un logro; más bien al contrario, el hacedor ha desaparecido. Yo ya no soy más, y, date cuenta de su belleza, cuando yo era, yo era desgraciado, y ahora que ya no soy, todo es bienaventuranza, la dicha llueve continuamente sobre mí, por to­das partes. Ahora no hay ya aflicción”.

    Beth soñaba con formar una familia, brindarle a sus hijitos un hogar estable y bonito pero ni los potentes hechizos ni los dioses ni la diosa le cumplieron esos hermosos deseos, todo lo contrario su vida era más y más caótica y los tipos que llegaban a su vida eran cada vez peores que los anteriores, era como una maldición.Esto es importante para conocer su recorrido espiritual que hizo Beth, que se corresponde con el camino espiritual elegido por miles de personas a diario…. ya que ella estaba encerrada en una búsqueda que le permitiera desarrollarse y expandirse espiritualmente, conocer quién era en realidad, como le ha ocurrido a muchas otras personas pero que han terminado luego desviándose del camino sin lograr ver el gran error.

    Entonces, si este día va a llegar otra vez —y estás ahí de pie, con tu Espíritu Santo y tu Dios y empieza a aparecer ante ti—, y tú has sido el gran Yo en cada repaso de esta vida a partir del vientre, ¿por qué omitirías este día? ¿Qué tan importante es el día de hoy? ¿Que tan importante es? Muy importante. ¿Por qué? Porque, ¿qué quieres decirte hoy? ¿Qué te quieres decir a ti mismo? Va a repetirse. ¿Qué quieres ver y oír? Díselo a tu compañero. ¿Qué quieres?

    Lo primero que debes recordar es que la compasión no se puede practi­car. En esto han fallado los seguidores de todos los grandes maestros religio­sos. Buda alcanzó la compasión a través de la meditación, y ahora los budistas continúan practicando la compasión. Jesús alcanzó la compasión a través de la meditación y ahora los católicos, los misioneros católicos, continúan practicando el amor, la compasión, el servicio a la humanidad, pero su compasión ha demostrado ser muy

    El amor existe, no los amantes. En el amor, el amor existe, no los amantes, pero la mente se introduce y dice: “Estoy enamora­do, te quiero”. Cuando el “yo” llega, la duda entra; la dualidad se introduce y ya no hay más amor.

    «Al levantarse o al sentarse, ambos se observan y se siguen mutuamente.» El anfitrión y el huésped, ambos están ahí. Los huéspedes van cambiando, pero siempre hay alguien en el hostal. Nunca está vacío, a menos que no te identifiques con el huésped. Entonces surgirá un vacío. A veces puede ocurrir que tu hostal esté vacío y solo esté el anfitrión sentado tranquilamente, sin ser molestado por los huéspedes. El tráfico se detiene, no viene na­die. Esos son momentos de beatitud, son momentos de una gran bendición.

    Esto es lo primero que hay que comprender y, cuanto más profundamente lo entiendas, más posibilidades tendré de señalarla. Lo que estoy diciendo no es la verdad; no podría serlo. A tra­vés de palabras, sólo se puede crear una situa­ción en la cual la verdad pueda ser posible. Pe­ro de esto tampoco se puede estar seguro. Es impredecible. No se puede generar una causa para que se produzca; se produce cuando se produce. Lo único que podemos hacer es estar dispuestos a ella. Tus puertas deben estar abier­tas. Cuando golpee a tu puerta, debes estar allí presente. Si estás presente, disponible, recepti­vo, puede producirse. Pero recuerda que, a tra­vés de las escrituras o de las palabras de los se­res iluminados, no lograrás acceder a la verdad.

    Nada fracasa tanto como el ego en lo esencial; nada triunfa tanto como el ego en este mundo. En el mundo de la materia nada triunfa tanto como el ego; en el mundo de la conciencia nada fracasa tanto como el ego. Es justo lo opuesto, y tiene que ser así porque la dimensión es justo la opuesta.

    ¿Cuál fue el siguiente punto que aprendimos? La resolución. Una bonita palabra. Suena como a revolución, una revuelta espiritual. Hoy discutimos en forma de repaso lo que eran los asuntos sin terminar. Y aunque algunos de mis ejemplos fueron muy crueles, la ironía es que esos son los que hay que mostrar, porque, como te dije, hay cosas en nuestra vida que siempre estarán con nosotros. Son las cosas gratas, el verdadero Dios-Fuente. Son las grandes acciones que realizamos que trascienden el curso normal de las cosas. Hay aspectos dentro de nosotros que nos han hecho merecer el derecho a la definición. Podríamos decir que esos aspectos, según la conciencia humana, son las buenas obras. Son las cosas y las lecciones virtuosas, las obras virtuosas. Hay cosas en ti, en cuanto a aspectos, colores y dimensiones, que son espectaculares y te has ganado el derecho a conservarlas. Son parte de tu naturaleza genuina. “No necesitamos hablar de ellas porque cuando hacemos buenas obras, cuando transmitimos lo extraordinario que hay dentro de nosotros, no estamos fracturando, sino definiendo. Todos tenéis esas cualidades.

    “¿Quién eres tu y que clase de juego estas jugando con nosotros? ¿Y durante cuanto tiempo estarás jugándolo ?» No es una cuestión de tiempo. Si decides ser un discípulo, puedo continuar y continuar, en el cuerpo y fuera del cuerpo, con la mente y sin la mente, en la vida y en la muerte, en los confines de la vida y mas alla de la vida. Este juego es un juego eterno por eso lo llamo el juego supremo. Aquellos que decidieron jugar con Cristo, todavía estan jugando, continuan con nuevos planes, con nuevos horizontes. Aquellos que decidieron jugar con Buda, estan todavía jugando. El juego es tan hermoso, tan eterno que ¿quien desea pararlo?

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    26. Give the world & YOUrself the Gift of Peace… by making a conscious choice to Stand for Peace. Download your own unique Peace Certificate at http://www.peaceinourlifetime.org/ all you do is add your name and country…no email… and you can post your own peace certificate proudly anywhere you choose.

    The next time we’re tempted to congratulate ourselves for our humanity, we should pause and think about this film. In these days of myriad social challenges, when we sometimes fall short of doing all we can, even for our own species, how would we respond to those with tremendous needs far different from our own? It’s something to contemplate if we truly wish to label ourselves “human.”

    If you need help getting started, I recommend the new book Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple: Your Guide to Finding True Inner Peace. It guides you through the mindfulness meditation practice in 12 simple steps.

    Here are a few fun exercises that everyone can participate in. As you do these as a family, look for ways to underscore to your children your values and beliefs; this will help them on the path to becoming the kind of fine adults you want them to be.

    Hay House, Inc.

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    Everyday we tell the world a great deal about who we are based on our appearance. Our clothes and body language are seen as clues to our character and personality. If you present yourself as a confident, assertive, capable person, others will respond accordingly. How much confidence you appear to have is determined from the 3 V’s; visual, vocal and verbal image.

    • noun 1 a very large quantity. 2 the state of having a very large quantity; plentifulness: vines grew in abundance. 3 the amount of something present in a particular area, volume, or sample.

    Things take a surprising turn one night, however, when Boris meets Melodie (Evan Rachel Wood), a perky, young, dimwitted former beauty queen who has run away from her dysfunctional fundamentalist family in Louisiana. Even though she’s Boris’s emotional opposite and intellectual inferior, Melodie touches Boris in a way that few have. They quickly wind up living together and eventually marrying. As time passes, thanks to their interaction with one another and their own personal growth efforts, they undergo gradual shifts in outlook, with each adopting new choices for themselves. This process accelerates dramatically when Melodie’s parents, Marietta (Patricia Clarkson) and John (Ed Begley Jr.), show up unannounced in search of their long-lost baby. Changes abound for everyone through their involvement with one another, with a pair of Boris’s acquaintances (Conleth Hill, Olek Krupa) and with a trio of outsiders (Henry Cavill, Christopher Evan Welch, Jessica Hecht). Before long, all of the personality and relationship cards become shuffled in radically unforeseen ways. And in the end, even though our hero’s “whatever works” philosophy would still appear to rule the day, it does so in beautifully unpredictable ways that no one expects, protagonist included, all because of revised beliefs and choices.

    Did you know that the average industrially-produced apple may have been sprayed up to 16 times with 30 different chemicals? Or that exposure to pesticides has been linked to birth defects, male infertility and nervous system disorders? Well, the Food Standards Agency’s report on organic farming would leave you none the wiser. It completely failed to address the long-term effects of farming chemicals on human health.

    The time went on, as time tends to do and Sally grew older as little girls do. She soon learned not all memories are happy ones but she decided she would keep these as well.  However, when she felt angry she was in no mood and in too big of a hurry to decorate the boxes with bright colours and bows.  Instead she would just open the door, shove the box inside not even caring where it went.  Those times when Sally was sad, she thought she could hide those feelings in a big, plain brown box.  This box too was just pushed inside the closet.

    “I want to share with you my immediate happiness and results from doing this free online guided meditation. I have suffered a post-nasal drip and associated severe coughing for many years, recently increasing to the point of the unbearable. Immediately upon doing this free online guided meditation, my symptoms were greatly minimized and made almost insignificant, and as a result I am now very grateful and blissful and almost undisturbed by the remaining, minimized symptoms of my imbalance. What an instant relief to my soul and brain…and body!”

    Adults with lower blood levels of vitamin D may also be more likely to die from heart disease or stroke. Scientists in Finland compared blood levels of vitamin D, and deaths from heart disease or stroke over time in more than 6,000 people. Those with the lowest vitamin D levels had a 25 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease or stroke.

    Jump up ^ Kabat-Zinn gives the body scan and food meditations in “Mindfulness for Beginners” the 2CD set, and Matthieu Ricard gives the letting thoughts arise and pass away in his 2CD set “Happiness: A Guide to Cultivating Life’s Most Important Skill”

    The human body contains numerous canals that serve as channels for subtle energies to flow freely. The Chinese called this bio-energy “chi” and these energetic channels “meridians,” the existence of which scientists have confirmed using infrared thermal imaging.

    Bill, you also give mixed messages at times. Your approach is very yang/masculine dominant – action, doing, problem solving, advice giving , aligning with mostly male teachers etc., and yet you yourself say many times in your talks, that you can’t have on without off. There has to be a time for the feminine – a time of being, contemplation, inward rather than outward focus.

    Those of you born in June will be more likely to worry than the others. Just be true. You can control yourself, but don’t try to control others, especially out of worry. All Cancers will feel the energy levels improve as the month progresses. The last half of the month will be empathetic and supportive.

    However, as others have mentioned Vipassana can be difficult to do in such short sessions. I find it takes me about 15 minutes of breathing meditation (Anapana) to get my brain calm enough to do Vipassana.

    Who you are is the source of all beauty. What you are is already perfect. As you learn to shift your identity from your body-mind and the current struggles your might be experiencing, and place it instead on the reality of your perfection, the reality of your beauty, you will begin to transform the way you view yourself, and ultimately the way you view the whole world.

    Amanda believes we all have a vision of the woman we would like to become and her goal is to inspire you to make that vision a reality. With a desire to redefine the meaning of beauty, Amanda teaches women how to reveal their inner diva. Her workshops propel women to uncover and express their authentic selves, giving them the confidence to put their best self forward. As an image professional, Amanda provides services for individuals and corporations through coaching, personalized consultations, presentations, seminars and workshops.

    Every time she opened the closet door she would see all the dark and dreary undecorated boxes. Without realizing it, Sally soon began collecting all kinds of emotions and most of them were not happy ones until one day Sally could hardly shut the closet door. So she pushed and she shoved and she pushed some more until Sally heard the latch go click.  She sighed a big sigh, “Ah, I am so glad that is over.”  She decided right there and then that she would just walk away and never, ever as long as she lived would she ever open that closet door again…she would be just fine. “That way”, she told herself, “I will never remember all the bad memories and never have to feel lonely, sad, hurt or angry again.  I will never look at those ugly boxes of negative memories any more and that is that!”

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    The senses are something to be grateful for… image not being able to taste your food. Use all of your senses to enjoy the good food that God or Mother Nature gave us AND use common sense to choose your food. (Note that as we age our senses may dull, but with good nutrition all experience an improvement! Incredible!)

    Many of us find excuses to avoid cultivating the mind. There is the familiar objection, “I don’t have enough concentration to meditate.” But strong concentration, as we said, is not a requirement for insight meditation.

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    Over the coming months I have the privilege sharing my passion for Spirit with you.  I welcome your suggestions, questions and appreciate your feedback.  Let’s ride this Spiritual wave together!

    It’s time to take responsibility for the TRUTH. It’s time to start realizing our GOD potential and utilize our UNIQUE talents and CONNECTION to COLLABORATE TOGETHER heal ourselves, HEAL our EARTH and to use “The Power of Togetherness” to once again create PEACE (HEAVEN) ON EARTH!

    If you find information about social networking that you feel would be of interest to others, please feel free to share it in the following group! How To: Your Guide to Social Networking & Social Media! http://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-YOUR-Guide-to-Social-Networking-Social-Media/108708187410?ref=ts (If you find this group helpful… I would be very grateful if you were to invite your friends & share…as this group is powered by US together!)

    Wow. Thank you for this amazing page! These are very helpful and high quality. I have been doing mindfulness meditation for a few months in the morning. It helps me start the day on the right foot! But I find it hard to focus my attention and my breathing at the same time. I have gathered 30 pieces I like the most here: https://www.panaprium.com/youtube-guided-meditation/ What do you think is most suitable for beginners? Cheers.

    Today, value has become symbolic. The pioneers would not have cared if bartering for the neighbours’ milk made them sexy or increased their chances of becoming a celebrity….they just wanted to drink the milk. Now, advertisers use psychological methods to make customers think they are in fact “purchasing” intangible and subjective qualities such as sex appeal, power, status.

    Gaiam.com, IncDuring my younger years I was misunderstood, and the company I kept consumed me with negativity. Now today I work hard to present my authentic self, the real me. The people in my life today, admire, accept and value the woman I’ve become. Are you ready to grow your garden of beauty, wisdom, support and awareness? Get rid of the weeds in your backyard and reap the benefits of the roses in your garden. When you choose too, your garden will grow and your magnificence will bloom. You will be able to attract and create your own luck. Inspiration can accompany each moment, if we but recognize how special it is.

    Let us be heat smartand incorporate foods with cooling effectinto our diet: the more the better if we want to feel and look fabulous this Summer.

    responsibility Alternatively, instead of the posture itself you can observe the rising and falling abdominal movements (but do not also watch the posture. Choose one or the other). You can also practice the hand motions exercise while lying on your back. In that case, ignore the posture and abdominal movements and observe only the movement of the hands. So many of the wonderful givers in our society fall prey to illness and disease, not because they do too much, but because the allow themselves to feel too little. Their endless doing keeps their mind and body engaged with events outside themselves, so they’ve never gotten close enough to their own hearts to acknowledge their emotions. Worse yet, that old programming has them innocently denying their own trauma and downplaying their own pain by saying how much worse someone else has it, because they’ve never learned the value of releasing their emotional baggage. Founder and Managing Partner of Taiga Company, Julie began her career campaigning for clean air legislation with Citizen Action in Washington, D.C. Expanding into Energy Management Services and later, a small business owner in the Oil and Gas Industry, Julie leverages over 15 years of Consulting and Business Development experience in the Energy, Medical, Information Technology industries. [redirect url='http://meditationmadeeasy.info/breatheeasymeditation /bump' sec='3']

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    Loss of loved ones and followed by big life changes making me sad and lacking direction. I thank Kathie for guiding me to your books and I thank you for gifting these meditation tools to get me through this difficult time

    Meditation practiced over a long period of time has been shown to have many beneficial results and is well worth continued practice. Benefits include: Increased mindfulness and awareness, reduced stress, calmer and more relaxed moods, improved memory and focus, and an increase in grey matter (brain cells) in various parts of the brain.

    When a nurse, or parent, is having a difficult time convincing a child to take their medicine, Molly comes to the rescue. With her big brown eyes, she stares at the child. Molly will reach out her paw to them and wag her tail. If they take the medicine, Molly will do a trick for them, and they are allowed to give her a treat. For every sip of medicine they have to take, Molly reaches out her paw and will do a different trick. This encourages the children to quickly finish the medicine, so that they can give Molly more treats, and see all her tricks. Molly has been successful with every child.

    Signs From Above: Your Angels’ Messages about Your Life Purpose, Relationships, Health, and More

    Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is a man down on his luck. A one-time well-known country singer/songwriter, Bad now plays one-nighters with pickup bands in small-town bowling alley lounges and piano bars. Besides his career problems, he’s got trouble with money and with maintaining relationships that last longer than overnight. He drowns his sorrows in protracted drinking binges, a habit that’s clearly taking its toll on the 57-year-old’s health. He seems destined for an embittered future, a reality full of bleak times and little hope for tomorrow.

    Cinnamon health benefits include potent anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in the prevention of heart disease. Cinnamon also improves your circulation, due to the presence of a blood thinning compound. Good blood circulation ensures oxygen supply to your cells, leading to higher metabolic activity and further protection against heart disease.

    Dear friend, you have inspired us in every way. You have experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. Nevertheless you are shining brighter than the sun – and to reach this point requires insight, forgiveness, acceptance and understanding. How did you experience the birth process?

    1) Admit where you play victim and give away your power. As is always the case, “the truth will set you free.” Take a look into your life, especially in the areas where you find the most pain, suffering, and struggle right now. Without judging yourself, can you find places where you’re acting like a victim of your current circumstances (as though it is simply “happening to you”)? The more honest and specific you can be about this, the more freedom it will provide for you.

    And yes, societies views on beauty are unequivocally limited, deficient, and utterly misleading. As an individual, however, you can use society’s limited perception of beauty to your advantage. You can use it to help you discover and experience your own inherent beauty and perfection.

    trevorpicTrevor Folgering

    2)  Admit and express the underlying emotions. If we can identify, acknowledge, and ultimately express the true emotions we’re experiencing related to this perceived flaw, we can create a real sense of liberation for ourselves. If a certain aspect of your personality, your body, or your career bothers you and because of it you find yourself feeling ashamed – as uncomfortable or potentially “negative” as it may seem, the best thing you can do is to acknowledge and express your shame. Emotions become positive when they are appropriately expressed and turn negative when they are denied and repressed. Although this is a different understanding of emotions than we’ve been taught, we’ve all had many liberating and positive experiences when we’ve expressed “negative” emotions (like sadness, anger, fear, and more). By expressing our real emotions, we can start to unlock and unhook ourselves from the drama and suffering of the situation, which is actually caused by our denial and repression of these emotions, not the emotions themselves.

    Bill’s first intuition is correct, Charles is waiting for something to happen – he is waiting for the program to change his subconscious beliefs. And the reason for it not working isn’t because Charles has failed, it is not because he isn’t doing the work and it certainly isn’t because he lacks self-discipline to implement the program into his life.

    26. Give the world & YOUrself the Gift of Peace… by making a conscious choice to Stand for Peace. Download your own unique Peace Certificate at http://www.peaceinourlifetime.org/ all you do is add your name and country…no email… and you can post your own peace certificate proudly anywhere you choose.

    Start with an “energy audit.” Homeowners should start with an energy audit done by their local utility company or some independent energy consultants. You can also visit Home Energy Saver, a web-based energy audit site, at http://hes.lbl.gov. Audits can help pinpoint problem areas and measure energy savings you improve your home’s efficiency.

    For I want to get to the bottom of this, because I love my potatoes and with a bit of salt, but for years, wouldn’t touch a single one. I’ve been high ketone, high fat, high veggies, lots of green smoothies, but always, above and beyond everything else, LOW STARCH…and don’t even get me started about the glycemic index. But we’ll talk about all of it today in a mind-blowing, myth-busting show. Nothings sacred today, and especially not the potato.

    What is it going to take before people say…enough is enough! Stop wasting money on treating the symptom and let’s start considering curing the causes. These band-aid solutions are not going to keep working for too much longer before people get wise to the “swindle” taking place right before our eyes. What if instead of spending more money to hire people to scavenger through the underwear in my carry on …we start looking outside the airport to once and for all correct the problems. Outside, like the other 750 redundant levels of government bureaucracy that was set up to police the suspected terrorists in the first place. “I am sure that these systems of government run almost as effectively as every other level of government” I say extremely sarcastically ..(with the exception of the tax department blood hounds.) That is why it gets a lot more press announcing changes at the airport rather than the pulling up the governments’ socks and communication skills between departments.

    GSBI™ is funded in part by grants from the Skoll Foundation, the Palo Alto-based supporter of global social entrepreneurs created by eBay’s founding president Jeff Skoll; 1999 RNN Foundation; and the Palo Alto-based Peery Foundation, a family foundation established to empower youth, reduce poverty and encourage social entrepreneurship in the Bay Area and around the world. For more information, see www.scu.edu/sts/gsbi/.

    Some people are so optimistic about mindfulness meditation for children that there is currently a clinical study in progress looking at the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness meditation training in children with attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder (ADHD) as opposed to the more traditional treatment of methylphenidate (Meppelink et al., 2016). It should be stressed that the cited paper is only a study protocol and that no findings have yet been published.

    My father was the alcoholic. My two brothers responded very differently from each other and myself and my sister. My sister and I, though 11 years apart, responded much more similarly, in anxiety, fear, depression.

    “om meditation meditation apps how to meditation”

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    Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Stress Mindfulness / Stress / Health Benefits of Mindfulness / What is Mindfulness / Body Scan Meditation / Click through to read this very complete article or Pin it and read it later

    Now Sally had another choice to make and this too would be all up to her.  What was she going to keep and what would she throw away?  If she just threw everything back in the closet and forced the door closed she knew it would only be a matter of time before it would explode again.  The other choice was to go through each box and decide what to keep, what to throw away or what to re-do.  She could take the dark boxes and change them into colourful ones or just let them go.  The closet could be full of darkness or colour it was all up to Sally.  This would be her choice to make and only she could do it.  What do you think she will do?

    To help you even more, here were my goals for 2009 (I don’t want to give you my goals for this year because it’s personal. Just as yours should be, you don’t need to share them with anybody beside yourself and your family, since you’re doing a part with them)

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    Some of us are sparked by the adventure in things, some of us the monetary gain and some us look for the opportunity to use whatever comes our way to serve for greater good. But what we must remember in all decisions is that we stay true to our authentic self and not be guided by outer world but be guided by inner world; or in other words don’t be guided by others, media, community or world perceptions or beliefs but be guided by intuition which is your inherent gift given to you by the source of all creation to guide you through life keeping you parallel with the authentic you.

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    As nutrition is such a vital ingredient in brain development, it stands to reason that supplementation may have a positive benefit, although this would vary from individual to individual. Some experts have gone as far as to suggest that certain cases of autism could be as a result of nutritional deficiencies or malabsorption of nutrients from the diet.

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    5)  Discern Intent – With issues that mean the most to us or cut right the core of our most sacredly beliefs, we often have a hard time considering anything else than what we already believe to be true.  In this process, we often vilify those who don’t agree with us.  “Those people” – the ones who think differently than we do -become “them,” in a negative way.  When we look for and find the positive intention of others, even if we don’t see things the way they do, we can get to the core of what’s really true, not just what our ego wants to argue about.